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  • November
    I stand so close to you,
    Bundled in the chill of your touch.
    Although physical, intellect storms above the horizon.
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Alone 1 Away 1 Home 1 Lost 1 Place 1 Cold 1 Touch 1 Emotion 1 Horizon 1 Stand 1

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Xenales: i think you might like this book – "listening to songs at midnight" by kewayne wadley. start reading it for free:
_24hiphop: exclusive interview with poet kewayne wadley
24hiphop__: exclusive interview with poet kewayne wadley
Hpaeoati: 3/5 2.08.22 "red joysticks" by kewayne wadley 2.08.22 "i wrote a good omelet" by nikki giovanni 2.01.22 "red velvet" by nikky finney 12.07.21 " instead of depressio" by andrea gibson 12.07.21 "a litany for survival" by audre lorde:
Enlovisla: poem by kewayne wadley, anywhere there's peace :)
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