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  • November
    I stand so close to you,
    Bundled in the chill of your touch.
    Although physical, intellect storms above the horizon.
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Alone 1 Away 1 Home 1 Lost 1 Place 1 Cold 1 Touch 1 Emotion 1 Horizon 1 Stand 1

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  • Tyroneblic: photo credit:google/ pinterest pin by nora macphail
  • Tyroneblic: cardboard cut out photo credit: google/ pinterest pin by red bubble
  • Tyroneblic: dinner for eno (a tale of thirst) photo credit: google/ pinterest
  • Noweeeeed: you've crossed my mind many nights. sometimes i just lay there, holding you tight in mind. wandering your body with my hands. filling my fingers with the skin i've dreamt so much about. the things you keep hidden. unraveled in empty sheets, blankets. ---kewayne wadley ---
  • Doinabadescu: impromptu: weekend - by kewayne wadley
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