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KenSmith: aka Ken Smith: All these wars, so few Americans sent to fight them.

kinogirl: THE HERMIT OF TREIG (2022) like amiable aging subject Ken Smith, living happily off-grid for decades in rugged Scottish highlands wilderness, Lizzie MacKenzie’s lovely low-key doc portrait ambles, relishing nature+our hero’s ways, while considering declining health’s thorniness

YungJa49er: Guys I’d love Trey Lance to work with/would like if the 49ers brought in: Pep Hamilton, Ken Dorsey, Jordan Palmer, Alex Smith, Steve Young, George Whitfield… Honorable mention- Nick Mullens when he retires. Dude has a good football mind.

BroderickPepys: Plus, Ken Griffin��s crypto play, Terry Smith on mayonnaise, and UK fund outflows

CareySm93493385: Plus, Ken Griffins crypto play, Terry Smith on mayonnaise, and UK fund outflows

banko_smith: Three GOP men, Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick and Ken Paxton have made abortion decisions that affect the health of women. Texas heartbeat law will kill many women. These men have no business making decisions about a woman’s reproductive system.

ChanningDierse1: Plus, Ken Griffins crypto play, Terry Smith on mayonnaise, and UK fund outflows

Commpharmacy: Upsher-Smith Laboratories, LLC and NCPA are pleased to announce that Khanh-Long (Ken) Thai, PharmD, owner and operator of 986 Degrees Corporation, is the winner of the 2022 Willard B. Simmons Independent Pharmacist of the Year award.

JimSuva: The Cruisin' Tigers were represented by Ken Smith. Eric Carlson, Julie and me. We had a great time at the Oaks at Bartlett’s 1st Annual Car Show.

gbellseattle: Jason Myers nails a 56-yard field goal to up the Seahawks' lead at Detroit to 17-9 early 2Q. Credit Geno Smith for getting those 3 points despite the holding flag on Ken Walker. Smith scrambled with no one open on 2nd and 25, got the 13 yds Myers needed to get the field goal

BradyHenderson: That was a tough run by Ken Walker III to pick up that short-yardage first down on second effort. Looked like Geno Smith changed the play at the line of scrimmage.

BradyHenderson: Rashaad Penny and Seattle's run game came alive today. It was mostly Geno Smith scrambles in the first half, but Penny finished with a line that looked like the end of last season: 151 yards and two long TD runs on only 17 carries. Ken Walker III added 29 yards on eight carries.

HorseTourneys: Tim Smith and Ken Seeman are the latest pair to qualify to January's first leg of the 2023 Tourney Triple, the Flo-Cal Faceoff.

RochelleMGarza: My name is Rochelle Garza. As an attorney, I've fought Trump, Kavanaugh, and indicted Ken Paxton before - and won. Now, I'm running to be YOUR Texas Attorney General to hold those in power accountable to Texans. Of the people. By the people. For the people. ¡Uneté!

davewiner: Ken Smith: Never can tell.

RichardHanania: "Noah Smith last year noticed the crackdown on business and asked whether perhaps Xi simply isn’t very competent. But it may be simply a matter of him not caring all that much about economic growth. If you assume his priorities are maintaining control...he looks like a genius."

dick_nixon: Ken Clarke, Paddy Ashdown, John Smith -- they were in Westminster a thousand years, and people of all sorts of politics respected them, enjoyed sitting with them. The word you hear most about Kwarteng is "asshole," and Truss is "insane."

JulieHo83758993: Plus, Ken Griffins crypto play, Terry Smith on mayonnaise, and UK fund outflows

KylerRichard7: Plus, Ken Griffins crypto play, Terry Smith on mayonnaise, and UK fund outflows

KarlyKelley5: Plus, Ken Griffins crypto play, Terry Smith on mayonnaise, and UK fund outflows

ZainBolton: Plus, Ken Griffins crypto play, Terry Smith on mayonnaise, and UK fund outflows

AndyHerren: Julie constantly pushing her religious beliefs on people who clearly don’t share them makes me so uncomfy.

ken_doll_smith: SMU fans wearing purple at the game lmfaooooo

bottom_text42: Ken'ichi Suzuki is perhaps best known for his work as series director on Jojo Parts 1-3 and current chief director on Part 6, so his appearance storyboarding the new Heraoaca OP is a surprise, moreso that it's visually the best OP since OP4

ken_doll_smith: He was hotter with a gap in his teeth

BritComPod: Daniel Peacock is a familiar face from the Comic Strip films. He appeared - alongside Ken Jones, Liz Smith and a youthful David Thewliss - as a slightly sadistic park keeper in 1987's rightly forgotten Valentine Park. He was born on 2nd October 1958.

Travis_Sawchik: Smith was so close to the dream initially after signing. He was flown into Cleveland. Took BP with the team. Met Ken Griffey Jr., his idol, who wished him well. How could he not chase it? "I thought it was the beginning of this wonderful career," Smith said.

EgbertDorothy1: Plus, Ken Griffins crypto play, Terry Smith on mayonnaise, and UK fund outflows

OkVentureForum: Don' miss next month's OVF Power lunch, our pitch presenter is Brent Smith of Firefly Energy Services. Register to attend or to watch via Zoom at

HilaryB38981035: Plus, Ken Griffins crypto play, Terry Smith on mayonnaise, and UK fund outflows

NataleeReed1: Plus, Ken Griffins crypto play, Terry Smith on mayonnaise, and UK fund outflows

PedroCo52813485: Plus, Ken Griffins crypto play, Terry Smith on mayonnaise, and UK fund outflows

SebastianCowpe1: Plus, Ken Griffins crypto play, Terry Smith on mayonnaise, and UK fund outflows

Tiffany66865306: Plus, Ken Griffins crypto play, Terry Smith on mayonnaise, and UK fund outflows

VivienBrowne3: Plus, Ken Griffins crypto play, Terry Smith on mayonnaise, and UK fund outflows

Vincent15548898: Plus, Ken Griffins crypto play, Terry Smith on mayonnaise, and UK fund outflows

TinaBel50851940: Plus, Ken Griffins crypto play, Terry Smith on mayonnaise, and UK fund outflows

davewiner: Ken Smith: First grandchild.

PierrePoilievre: 120 crimes over 14 years. That was the criminal record of the murderer from the recent killings in Saskatchewan. The victims from the James Smith Cree Nation & Weldon, SK suffered terrible violence because of a broken criminal justice system. This must never happen again.

BloorMeroy: Plus, Ken Griffin��s crypto play, Terry Smith on mayonnaise, and UK fund outflows

TravisDiesAgain: Goichi Suda interview with GNN -NMH4 might happen if fans are vocal "like Tom Cruise" -Suda's favorite game is Hotline Miami -Favorite movie is Paris, Texas -Most listened album is The Smith's "The Queen Is Dead" -Most listened single is "Perfect Kiss" by New Order

RochelleMGarza: My name is Rochelle Garza. I'm a civil rights attorney, fronteriza, mom & the Democratic nominee for Texas Attorney General. Polls show us w/n striking distance of beating criminally-indicted Ken Paxton. With your support, we can win this. RT & follow to grow our movement.

JacksonDistrict: Tuckerman Bulldog Tennis STATE BOUND!!! Brandon Smith and Jaxson Gates 1st place doubles. Jared Michael and Ethan Simmons Runner-up doubles. Kade Keton runner-up singles. Carley Boyd and Katie Clark runners-up doubles. Coach Ken Brown Coach of the year received a team trophy

LunaSmithArt: Complex Void by Luna Smith

LunaSmithArt: Gem stones by Luna Smith from Nott art collection (unique 15 incredible paintings - contact me for more details)

CBCKW891: Artist Emma Rain Smith talks about a new exhibit at the Ken Seiling Waterloo Region Museum that looks at murals painted in the 1950s through an Indigenous lens.

Highpointpubs: Highpoint is pleased to announce publication of the Integral Life Press title, When the Buddha Needs Therapy by Keith Martin-Smith. “This is a terrific book, fully embracing a truly integral perspective.” – Ken Wilber, author, The Integral Vision

cyprex011: Ken brags to his wealthy friends like Fred Smith and others about how he owns a Deputy AG in CO, how he has multiple FBI field offices under his thumb, and how powerful his company is and how he even has control over the Governor of TN. It's all about feeling powerful for him.

SecondCaptains: Ken was rattled by all the drama and goals in the nations league this week.

ChickVala: Plus, Ken Griffins crypto play, Terry Smith on mayonnaise, and UK fund outflows

BrandonRittiman: Asked outside court if we'd see them back at another one of these, Smith said "no sir." Three months later, in September 2020, the Zogg Fire killed four people: Feyla Mcleod (8,) her mom Alaina (46,) and Karin King (79) burned to death. Ken Vossen (52) died in hospital.

Christo08828851: Plus, Ken Griffins crypto play, Terry Smith on mayonnaise, and UK fund outflows

BlackKnight10k: Who fled better? Russians fleeing from Russia because they invaded Ukraine, Texas AG Ken Paxton fleeing a subpoena and making his wife drive like they're in a white bronco, or Josh Hawley fleeing the capitol from the same insurrectionists he gave a fist pump to?

davewiner: Ken Smith: Tabbed rivers + linkblogs.

AvatarDomy2: Hurricane Ian intensifying in the Gulf of Mexico (with Lightning) Credit NOAA/Dakota Smith

sharon_smith_1: Ken Thompson really did launch his "trusting trust" trojan attack in real life

FAKENHLBOT1: Per Ken Holland, it has been confirmed that Givani Smith has been accused of sleeping in a team video session, per Steve Simmons.

kutaythebass: Ken Smith...

ChrisShannon23: Gary, Big Ken and P Smith gotta be salivating at this news

SWhyno: NHL waivers today: Coyotes' J-S Dea, Michael Carcone Kings' Austin Wagner Isles' Richard Panik and Ken Appleby Avalanche's Charles Hudon, Jonas Johansson, Spencer Smallman, Andreas Englund, Joshua Jacobs and Brad Hunt Rangers' CJ Smith and Turner Elson

coverdale_ken: Cousins has not had a great game, but just imagine if Irv Smith caught it and Justin Jefferson ran the proper route (both…

Juice4DaThirsty: Malika Andrews got me defending Stephen A Smith & I’ll never forgive her for this..

BillyJoelEmbiid: What would Stephen a smith say about this bat flip from the new Ken Burns?

proximucito: Just missing out on the Ken Allen Smith Ground. Fuming Canal Side would miss out

npenzenstadler: JUST IN: — Survivors of the mass shooting at the Highland Park Fourth of July Parade have sued Smith & Wesson, online gun distributor Bud’s Gun Shop, Illinois gun retailer Red Dot Arms, the shooter, and the shooter’s father.

BostonGlobe: The gun-maker Smith & Wesson illegally targeted young men at risk of violence with ads for firearms — including the 22-year-old gunman accused of opening fire on an Independence Day parade in suburban Chicago, according to several lawsuits filed Wednesday.

Srhariton: Bump Worsley, Jacques Plante, Ken Dryden, Patrick Roy, Dominic Hasek, Marin Bordure, Grant Fuhr, Mike Vernon, Rogie Vachon, Bernie Parent, Glen Hall, Billy Smith

gilmcgowan: The British government was taken over by a cabal of hardcore libertarian ideologues … and they promptly crashed the economy. Why should Albertans care? Because Danielle Smith is a proponent of the same kind of insanity. Smith is dangerous in so many ways!

andreagrimes: I guess I'd be interested to know why Mr. Blue Lives Matter decided to flee his home rather than call the police to protect his family from this "stranger" who had directly identified himself to Angela Paxton and waited for an hour for Ken to come outside

TristanSnell: BREAKING: Texas AG Ken Paxton (R) fled from his home to avoid being served with a subpoena, literally running away from a process server. His wife drove the getaway car.

That_Pat_Smith: Love to hear about Ken Paxton running like one of the common thugs he's probably made a career out of campaigning on prosecuting. You can run but you can't hide, Ken.

Gil_streetlight: "Ask Ken Smith.. Jeremy just work on your own schedule"

DonLew87: Texas AG Ken Paxton fled his home to avoid being served a subpoena. Paxton was also indicted on felony fraud charges 7 years ago and is yet to stand trial.

yoopersmith: First attempt at business learned the "skin in the game" lesson; no big DOD budget? HUH? w/ Ken Tucker

Ken_Murunga: Emile smith Rowe looks horrendous

JasonLisk: 10 teams in a 16-game season have had less than 2000 net passing yards. Six of those were in 1978 and 1979. The most recent was the 2005 49ers, with a rookie Alex Smith and games also started by Ken Dorsey, Tim Rattay, and Cody Pickett.

lasvegasweekly: In 1989, Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland met while working at a Smith’s in southeast Las Vegas. The young men shared a passion for techno, and together they began playing DJ sets of those electronic beats at long-defunct UNLV area bars.

ethanweinst: Seattle Seahawks Geno Smith: 19.9 Points Rashad Penny: 7.9 Points Ken Walker: 6.3 Points Deejay Dallas: 5.8 Points DK Metcalf: 17.4 Points Tyler Lockett: 16.6 Points Will Dissly: 12.4 Points Noah Fant: 6.4 Points

DUD6887: Lost one of our oldest and dearest family friends today, a vet and bronze star recipient. Retired with 40 yrs public service. Hunter, trapper, father, husband, and friend. He was truly one of the good ones. RIP Ken Smith, until we meet again.

eegammings: only weariness is the state Maggie Smith was a status update about how Ken Waldichuk was hard

GhostTesla: Ken Walker III gets his first NFL TD today. Dameon Pierce seizes the workhorse role in Lovie Smith's return to Chicago. Isaiah Likely 5 catches and a TD.

Curtis_Crabtree: Looks like Ken Walker went the wrong way on the second down snap, leading to a broken play and a three-yard loss for Geno Smith.

CorbinSmithNFL: That's the second time Ken Walker III has not ran the right assignment out of the backfield in as many weeks and crossed up Geno Smith. That can't happen.

WUTangKids: “I’d like to think I’m not too much of psychopath” - Ken Dorsey

gbellseattle: Geno Smith checkdown throw to RB Ken Walker on 3rd and 20, 5-yard throw, 5-yard route, draws boos from the Seahawks crowd. The holding penalty on Damien Lewis ruined that drive. Dickson punts, Seattle still down 27-23 with 10:48 left

Rosepeggyann: so many bvhs connections coaches, and legacy kids in this game! Other side pf the ball ryan schneider's kid jack, and ken smith's boy jack, etc!!

HjerpeFan: Best Cardinals Players of All-Time: 1. Stan Musial 2. Rogers Hornsby -- Gap -- 3. Bob Gibson 4. Albert Pujols 5. Scott Rolen 6. Ken Boyer 7. Lou Brock 8. Yadier Molina 9. Enos Slaughter 10. Ted Simmons 11. Dizzy Dean 12. Ozzie Smith 13. Willie McGee 14. Mark McGwire

LongbarrowPress: We are entering the capital of a lesser empire where the plans of our masters surface betimes — pins on a map at the Ministry of Natural Calamities, and the statistics like crisp new folding money. ‘Beyond hope and the Lea River’, Ken Smith

Kennedy_School: As the debate on pretrial electronic monitoring heats up, new research by HKS’s Sandra Susan Smith examines its effect on individuals

JohnIbbitson: Justin Trudeau singing Bohemian Rhapsody in a bar was not offensive. Dale Smith’s tweet was not offensive. Could we please all grow up?

TrustedLODawn: Congratulations to Kristopher Smith and his family on a wonderful closing. Just look at those big smiles. Special thanks to Realtor Ken Brant for his assistance in making the Smith family become reality. We certainly appreciate you!!

DwayneZackamore: it's hard for me to put them into order but it's ken griffey jr, kevin garnett, randy moss, ichiro, and dominik hasek with honorable mentions to ozzie smith and barry sanders

OleTimeHardball: 1983 St. Louis Cardinals Tom Herr, Keith Hernandez, Ozzie Smith, and Ken Oberkfell

AltusProperties: Celebrating 10+ years at Altus Properties! The dedication shown by these long-time teammates embodies Altus' our core values. Cheers to Meg Dickbernd, Jeff Hawkins, Sarah Mansholt, Craig Markway, Ed Wilson, Lefty Ekoumlidis, and Ken Smith.

VIANAZIZFRCOGUK: Speaking with JAPPA, Cap Max, Ken Smith, Hajer Bb and Toteel Toteel

IAmSteveHarvey: Expect great things to happen to you, even in the midst of trouble.

gbellseattle: The 1 deep shot Geno Smith, Seahawks took at 49ers: Double pass back from RB Ken Walker 2Q down 13-0. 49-yd pass to DK Metcalf, to SF 14. But RT Abe Lucas (top of screen) was engaged pass blocking then drifted 2 more yds, got the illegally downfield penalty. Letter-of-law call

JoelOsteen: They may have walked away, said things that damaged your reputation, but God’s not going to let you stay down, mistreated, shortchanged. No, get ready. Payback is coming. He is a just God.


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