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  • Duck At Haldon Ponds
    At evening watches the duck
    slow feeding the waterline.

    Praises the duck. Such a fine ...
  • In The Next Street
    thereâ??s only ever one argument: his,
    bawling out whoever punctuates
    the brief intervals his cussing
    | interrupts, something unheard, reason perhaps. ...
  • Encounter At St. Martin's
    I tell a wanderer's tale, the same
    I began long ago, a boy in a barn,
    I am always lost in it. THe place
    is always strange to me. In my pocket ...
  • The Window Of Vulnerability
    Sure today it could come in a fast plane
    named perhaps for the pilot's mother,
    the city ends in a smear in the road
    and that in a child's shoe. No one ...
  • Train
    After Max Ernst's 'Europe after the Rain'

    In the dark
    each sits alone...
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  • Kirk_laughead: if chris rock had played ken norton in a movie, that whole will smith, academy award slap thing, might have turned out entirely different...
  • Dbgyt_: "i don't give a damn about this kid from europe, if you're the phoenix suns you have to take deandre ayton" - stephen a. smith (2018)
  • Drdsampson: pray me this week as i preach a marriage conference for pastor ken smith. i am looking forward to a great time with his church learning from god’s word!
  • Benner49ers: we've survived shaun hill, jt o sullivan, tim rattay, ken dorsey, blaine gabbert, picket, dilfer, troy smith. i'm feeling spoiled right now with trey.
  • Ken_nutz: yo momma jokes>>>>wife jokes yours truly -will smith
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