A year of SORROW and PAIN!
A year wr many did not REJOYCE but shared SORROW!
A year wr a Virus wiped many of our SOCIETY!
GoodBye 2020!!

Year 2020 al you had given us is PAIN
Many did not make it till this FAR
Because you
U came and took our FAMILIES away from us
We are crossing fingers as we all hope for a CURE
A CURE that will save our SOCIETY

Goodbye 2020
Die and neva come back
The pain you leaving us with is soooo unbearable

Many people did not get a chance
A chance
To see a New Year
To be with their LOVED once
To start ova and let bygones be bygones
Some did not even get a chance to say their last words,
Because you came and destroyed our LOVED ONCE

Goodbye 2020
Helo 2021
A year we hoping for a turn around
A turn around in our lives
We pray for Jobs, Marriages, Stability and wisdom
We pray for prosperity
Nd Peace in our lives and those of our families

We pray for those families that are not getting along to
We pray for those that contracted this Virus to be
We bit FAREWELL to those we lost
We KNEEL DOWN and ask our FATHER above to please FORGIVE US and
We pray for Peace amongst ourselves
Helo 2021 and GOODBYE 2020

Wishing each and everyone a Happy New year
May 2021 be a year for you
A year that your life change
A year wr you achieve al that you will pray for tonight.

GoodBye a year of Pain
Hello a year of Prosperity