Who is Hassan Kibwana

Hassan Kibwana ( kb )draws from his life story and experiences in his poems. He is known for his uncompromising devotion to what is at hand and his commitment to the development and progression of nurturing talents around him....
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Hassan Kibwana Poems

  • If That's To Love
    Was busy looking out for you
    To notice you didn't need me too

    Cried myself to sleep ...
  • Far From The View
    Out in the woods
    Under the stars, the moon
    By the shores, far from view
    One`s lost the view ...
  • An Innocent Gavel
    A target for another aim
    Hesitation, mercy
    Pull, cruelty
    Whom and what i have no clue ...
  • The Life That Was
    To the life that was
    A lie with comfort
    To the days gone
    Days to come ...
  • Father In Name
    I spoke, left unheard
    Nagged, embarrassed and disappointed
    Such i did not know
    Lessened ...
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