Hassan Kibwana Poems

  • 1.
    To sleep i drink
    To tears need release
    Moments is at its peak, grief

  • 2.
    Was busy looking out for you
    To notice you didn't need me too

    Cried myself to sleep
  • 3.
    Out in the woods
    Under the stars, the moon
    By the shores, far from view
    One`s lost the view
  • 4.
    A target for another aim
    Hesitation, mercy
    Pull, cruelty
    Whom and what i have no clue
  • 5.
    To the life that was
    A lie with comfort
    To the days gone
    Days to come
  • 6.
    I spoke, left unheard
    Nagged, embarrassed and disappointed
    Such i did not know
  • 7.
    I cannot get over the thought of
    Getting intimate with you
    How I would kiss your lips
    And drain your mouth
  • 8.
    A sound breeze by the lake side
    Warming cold to freezing cold
    A sensational moment for two

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