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WitnessQi: we can't let Katy Perry down this time

ChartsArtists: Katy Perry stream on Spotify: 15,310,967,342 Teenage Dream: 4,914,848,306 PRISM: 3,243,470,946 One Of The Boys: 1,531,117,409 Smile: 1,434,988,880 Witness: 1,391,363,008 Remixes: 404,467,322 Others: 2,390,711,471

acmdrmks: Eskimo Callboy - California Girls (Katy Perry cover)

BrottaSaalna: Peak Katy Perry is THE definition of pop.

ChartsArtists: Views of Katy Perry on YouTube: 26,277,227,251 Channel: 24,959,815,484 Videos: 1,091,157,719 Audios: 6,004,822 Lyrics: 119,489,028 Lives: 416,740 Topics: 97,903,941 Others: 2,439,517

kgleeb: never forget that katy perry is a gleek

upinflaymes: she has the potential to be the next dua lipa or katy perry & im so serious.

katycatsUni: YouTube Charts — Most viewed videos in the past 24 hours (English): 28. Katy Perry — Roar (+8) +809,418 views 30. Katy Perry — Dark Horse (+7) 806,796 views

ChartsArtists: Katy Perry Stream (Spotify + YouTube): 41,588,194,593 YouTube: 26,277,227,251 Spotify: 15,310,967,342

perry_charts: Katy Perry has now surpassed Beyonce in monthly listeners on Spotify • Making her the 12th Female Artist with the most Monthly Listeners

katySBXLIXperry: no one has ever topped katy perry’s record since then like she was that massive hit maker

DouglasMdo20006: Katy Perry - Swish Swish

autumnasasadboy: (a thread) celebrities covering katy perry songs:

darianabrande: Female artists with the most songs surpassing 1 billion on-demand streams in the US: • Cardi B: 9 • Rihanna: 6 • Ariana Grande: 4 • Nicki Minaj: 4 • Billie Eilish: 3 • Adele: 3 • Katy Perry: 3 • Taylor Swift: 3 • SZA: 3 • Halsey: 3 • Dua Lipa: 3

petrino_michael: Katy Perry’s music is really easily remixed and I mean this as an absolute compliment

travelfarnow: Wait — watching Katy Perry’s breakdown on American Idol over the insane school shootings in this country was the most politically conscious that show has ever been. Wow. Shed some tears for Trey, too, what a voice and what a heart.

GreeshmaMegha: Katy Perry for Covergirl

eggthoor: 100. This video of Katy Perry having breakfast

britreacts: kim pouring a cocktail whilst listening to california girls by katy perry

dumbledrip: The moustache girl amazon prime commercial has been played literally every commercial break since march madness started, and I’m starting to lose my mind At least the katy perry skipthedishes song goes hard

toddmichaelme: “Thinking Of You” by Katy Perry has an abruptly off and bad bridge towards the end. Really blows its load in that banger of a chorus.

helicopterevil: I love Katy Perry

cryaboutdaniel: katy perry was on a mission to prove everyone she is a vocalist and she succeeded

TheWorldOfKP: Katy Perry's most listened songs yesterday Friday 03/17 1-Dark Horse — +825,155 2-Last Friday Night — +776,864 3-The One That Got Away — +739,752 4-Hot N Cold — +657,754 5-I Kissed A Girl — +612,582 6-Roar — +598,449 7-Firework — +545,832 8-California Gurls — +500,848 9-Harleys…

katyfiles: katy perry is perfectly fine

katty_kp6: and when Katy Perry was looking for a witness and we abandoned her

katyfiles: thinking of katy perry singing someone like you by adele

katyfiles: katy perry literally created THE ANTHEM when she made firework

BotStatsForBots: Katy Perry bought a dinosaur bones for Mike Tyson

TheWitnessedBoy: Despite no new releases from her in over 450 days, katy perry still manages to get 8 songs each with +500K streams daily & almost 52M monthly listeners!! If she plays her cards right this next era she'll have her long awaited comeback cuz the audience are obv SEATED

TheChromaticano: My neighbour is listening to Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande and now to Katy Perry... is he...?

tyler_cov: Katy Perry OWNED pop music at a certain point in her career and I feel like people forget that/never acknowledge it.

katty_kp6: which Katy Perry album/era had the biggest impact on you?

swftxcx: katy perry / teenage dream (2010)

todaykatyp: Five years ago today, Katy Perry performed at the biggest solo show of her career, in São Paulo, Brazil. — The concert sold over 40,000 tickets.

allmusiclyrics7: “when i'm gone, i'm never really gone, you think you're moving on, but it won't be for long you'll see” - Katy Perry & Alesso

BATTLEOFMOTHS: Artists that supported Melanie Martinez's upcoming album “PORTALS”: Katy Perry Madison Beer Bella Poarch Meghan Trainor KERLI Beach Bunny Chlöe

volamsam: 2008, she turned 50, rent was due, 4 kids to feed, marriage falling apart, Gaga, Katy Perry & Rihanna were emerging. She knew she had to come back with a hit.

KARTIERBARDI: I just remembered by the end of the year Cardi B will become the female artist with the MOST diamond songs surpassing Katy Perry. This is Cardi B’s year.

AboutMusicYT: Post unpopular opinions on Katy Perry:

PopCulture2000s: it was at every party like katy perry was rulling our lives at one point

FROZEN_2DISNEY_: Prism (Katy Perry) vs. Bad bunny entire discography | Billboard HOT 100 Chart Battle all at once :

RadioOlbiaWeb: Adesso in onda Katy Perry - Firework

mattxiv: this is from a katy perry music video and the male actor is named matt dallas. he is married to a man

wikdplaylist: Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) by Katy Perry

StoryNews241: Celebrities spotted in Australia: Why they're visiting | Nicole Kidman, Anya Taylor-Joy, Jacob Elordi and Katy Perry

t3ckedd: katy perry being a michelle yeoh fan is my fave thing atm

TwinkEnabler: Can’t stand Katy Perry but someone had to say it out loud

zoesontag: Omg katy perry lived out teenage dream for years. Easy money

eggthoor: 6. Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus kiss

TheWorldOfKP: Artist — Katy Perry Song — Harleys In Hawaii Year — 2019 Album — Smile

LahBagen: Las Vegas Wake Up - Last Friday Night (Katy Perry cover)

JeffroRadioChi: Are you hearing Chained To The Rhythm by Katy Perry & Skip Marley on Jeffro Radio? If not, DL our free app & listen at

LahBagen: Topsy Turvy - Last Friday Night (Katy Perry cover)

WoodyWindham: Now Playing on iWoody Radio: Katy Perry & Juicy J - Dark Horse

LahBagen: Woe, Is Me - Last Friday Night (Katy Perry cover)

Cseto714: S:“So the chip on my debit card is damaged do i transfer money from it to pay off my—“ T: “Wait i need to ask you a serious question.” S: “That was a serious questio-“ T: “Katy Perry or Vanessa Hudgens?”

eggthoor: 21. Katy Perry feud with nuns

eggthoor: 62. Katy perry throwing pizza at a club

escuchamosfm: California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dogg) - Katy Perry-Teenage Dream

BotStatsForBots: Katy Perry thinks that their body is inhabited by ghosts

MSquire1: The Super Mario Bros. Movie Final Trailer but with Katy Perry's Firework (This is a new trend I guess lol)

Musicstradio20: When I'm Gone - ALESSO & KATY PERRY

ourhermitage: David Guetta has to chose between Katy Perry, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga - The Hot Desk

eggthoor: 111. Katy Perry crowd surfing

eggthoor: 11. when 365 by katy perry got leaked and her fans sang it to her before it even got released…

tyrellhampton12: Teenage Dream isn’t a Katy Perry song, she was a vessel for God in that recording studio. Why he chose her I don’t know but it’s not my place to question it

katyfiles: katy perry for cosmopolitan magazine, 2010.

katyfiles: katy perry for teenage dream mv.

3FMradiomusic: Now Playing: 'ROAR' by 'KATY PERRY'

Sababaj81898346: I’m going to do tarot on cardi b and Katy perry and Miley Cyrus and it will be accurate readings

alexandranortn: I have reached a point of studio delirium where I am signing Katy Perry’s hit song “firework(s)?” but as a country song

catbloomm2: Exceeding expectations, Katy Perry is predicted to surpass 17B/18B streams on Spotify this year even if she doesn't release any projects this year.

TheWorldOfKP: Artista — Katy Perry Song — Never Really Over Year — 2019 Album — Smile

torisonedimple: someone pls send katy perry back to 2012 to stop halsey from revolutionizing cursive singing

tswiftfanatic29: Classic rock is so awful and boring it makes Katy Perry’s Album Witness sound like Mozart.

Mr___News: Katy Perry is coming.

piIotpen: katy perry if she was in the king’s speech

9397Network: Now playing Unconditionally by Katy Perry!

NewSongBot: starving love by katy perry ft ricegum

ABTLABinsider: Katy Perry is coming

ABTLABinsider: Katy Perry is in discussions to have a kpop act on her next album (idk whether it's a solo artist or a group).

trilld915: one of my homies said it would be hard if Beyoncé and Meg Thee Stallion chopped and screwed the “California Girls” beat by Katy Perry and made a song and called it “Texas Girls” it would be hard and he had a point ngl

1d1ot___: wwwww maybe she wanted to be like Katy Perry's stage.

ZaynM_RP: Katy Perry's on replay, she's on replay

Top_Radio_: Katy Perry - One of the Boys - I Kissed a Girl Katy Perry

redutationights: STAN LIST : TAYLOR rihanna the weeknd lorde p!nk olivia ariana blackpink stray kids melanie dua lipa katy perry ava max carly rae jepsen avril lavigne selena anne marie FAN LIST : adele ed sheeran lady gaga the 1975 meghan lana enhypen txt bts sza billie doja charlie puth mj

frncsmrln: Katy Perry call of duty

katysmilezone: Katy Perry has surpassed 44 MILLION subscribers on YouTube.

spiritsphone: But anyway, the early 2010's is where this song was born, and the references to Michael Jackson's death and to Katy Perry sort of date it, but not too badly.

Favlyrics_: Now look at me I'm sparklin' A firework, a dancin' flame You won't ever put me out again I'm glowin' -Part of Me/Katy Perry

LeTiengo: Artistas q eu escuto pra cada letra do alfabeto: ABBA Bruno Mars Camila Cabello Dua Lipa Ed Sheeran Fifth Harmony Giulia Be Harry Style Imagine Dragons Jão Katy Perry Louis Tomlinson Maroon 5 Niall Horan One Direction Post Malone Queen RBD Shawn Mendes Taylor Swift +

Musicstradio20: Katy Perry - Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection - Wide Awake Katy Perry

cVraiRadio: Dark Horse - Katy Perry

LadyGagial: Oop Katy Perry liked this❤️

Yusuf_Alaradi: Bored in lecture, writing a random essay on: “How “I Kissed A Girl” by Katy Perry caused the 2008 Economic Crisis”.

StopWebBullying: Katy Perry accused of 'mom shaming,' bullying former church singer ... - The Christian Post

singersbot: Without by Katy Perry featuring Nicki Minaj

newsoneplace: (Fox News):Katy Perry, Pat Sajak, Mayim Bialik trashed by fans: TV hosts under fire in competition shows : Hosts from "Wheel of Fortune," "Jeopardy!," "American Idol" and "The Bachelor" have faced intense scrutiny from fans ..

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