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todaykatyp: Katy Perry IS the moment.

busyforbullshit: Welcome to the Katy Perry's Fashion Week

Shannonrocks98b: ❥ 「 I Have Nothing ( Whitney Houston ) 」 「 I Kissed A Girl ( Katy Perry ) 」 *

resilient777: me waiting for new Katy Perry music be like:

jaeisoverit: y’all be letting 16-yr-old white barbz convince you that there’s something wrong with a rapper who actually raps. nicki is a rapper. she’s not katy perry or gaga. the fact that we gotta remind y’all every time she’s drops a rap song is crazy.

arikpcat: if i was katy perry’s social media manager…

AngelaD58972149: Katy Perry has made a "pact" with Orlando Bloom to stay sober for three months

stephanis8769: My first Katy Perry song I ever heard was I kissed a girl

kpislevitating: Katy Perry literally had her own fashion week in New York

people: Katy Perry Says She's Been Sober for 5 Weeks amid 3-Month 'Pact' with Orlando Bloom: 'I Can't Cave!'

katyperryinfoo: Katy Perry arriving at The View studio in NYC

perrysafeplace: katy perry, the ultimate it girl

106WCOD: Katy Perry & her fiancé Orlando Bloom are taking a break from drinking.

autumnasasadboy: Katy Perry - Smile ft. Diddy

katysbldo: Katy Perry is shocked

pinayhope: iHeartRadio Mother’s Day National Flyaway with Katy Perry

wereflashin: such a summer song

katysmilezone: Katy Perry for About You.

dilfrrie: this is how i found out katy perry was on tour

katysmilezone: Katy Perry for About You.

jclairewhite: Honestly there’s a lot you can say about Katy Perry but she’s married to Orlando bloom…so

katysmilezone: Katy Perry for About You.

katyperryinfoo: “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry received 826k streams on Spotify yesterday it's biggest Tuesday update of the year

TBContests: iHeartRadio Mother’s Day National Flyaway with Katy Perry

cVraiRadio: Firework - Katy Perry

billboard: Katy Perry revealed that she’s currently attempting a three-month sobriety pact with fiancé Orlando Bloom.

ThePopTingz: Katy Perry has surpassed 25 billion views on her YouTube channel. She is the third female soloist to reach the mark, with only 5 albums.

NewsForShakira: Taylor Swift (28.4B), Shakira (26.3B) and Katy Perry (25B) are the only female artists in history to surpass 25 billion views on YouTube as a lead artist.

patomiedosi: I don't rly care now because I'm a grown ass man but being a teenage girl and being besties with someone who looks like the gem fusion of Elle Fanning and Katy Perry was not easy

DivaReport: Katy Perry MTV Unplugged Official CD/DVD Cover

100ontheWRIST: Kill Bill Remix ft. Katy Perry??

ACSial: One of my favorite Katy Perry songs and videos. She managed to make that camouflage makeup look good. Random factoid: that armoured vehicle is the AAVP-7A1, which (correct me if I'm wrong) is put together with an exotic method called friction stir welding.

lukasperry: the fact that everyone is there for Katy Perry and no one showed up for the other two judges… she’s always the main event

AboutMusicYT: Katy Perry is gorgeous in New York.

katyfiles: katy perry the hottest woman alive

katyperryinfoo: Katy Perry's "Play" lost the "Fav Residency" category at the 2023 iHeart Awards

lbbhty: katy perry signing the declaration of independence (1945)

katyfiles: katy perry really ate with this look

isxxla: If I buy some Katy perry tickets, you think she will sing teenage dream? Porque si no, pues no alv

AboutMusicYT: Katy Perry's outfits in New York.

todaykatyp: Katy Perry talking with fans this morning in New York.

gabsriptide: someone has to edit baylay to "just eat" by katy perry (yes the grub hub song-) cus i can't and i'm not a big enough fan yet (she's growing on me) so like i give the idea to whoever reads this lol

katyfiles: katy perry the real hot girl

PopBase: Katy Perry looks gorgeous out in New York.

PopBase: Katy Perry in New York.

PopCulture2000s: katy perry is a popstar

todaykatyp: Katy Perry in New York City this afternoon (27).

Favlyrics_: This is the part of me, That you're never gonna ever take away from me, no -Part of Me/Katy Perry

DeepTalksWithA1: A young Katy Perry once said They're not looking for a story that tells them who they are. They already know who they are. They're here because they want a glimpse of who they could be. They looked loving, Before turning to talk to Lily Allen


01_idk_: adele rihanna katy Perry billie etc

katysharleys: Katy Perry at the iHeartRadio Music Awards.

perrysafeplace: there's something about katy perry in 2023

alexdahlen2: when california gurls by katy perry plays at frats in arizona, i feel superior asf for those 3 minutes and 54 seconds

todaykatyp: Katy Perry in a new Tik Tok posted by Chris Olsen today.

emo2014bot: Our Last Night - Katy Perry - "Dark Horse" Cover

todaykatyp: Katy Perry looks absolutely gorgeous in new photos with Chris Olsen.

perry_charts: “Hot N Cold” by Katy Perry has now surpassed 600 Million streams on Spotify • Her 9th song to reach this mark

katyiscoming2: Katy Perry is so timeless

perrysafeplace: ladies and gentlemen, katy perry

PKPGallery: Katy Perry x Vogue Magazine: My Life in Looks PT-BR subtitles

perrysafeplace: katy perry, the woman that you are

katyfiles: katy perry in corset is my favorite genre

customcollabs: katy perry x regard

torpip25: Went to see & Juliet on broadway today. They sing some Katy Perry songs throughout the show. I look over and see Katy Perry singing and laughing along.

Perrinfinity97: Katy Perry dressed as a burger will remain forever iconic

bIackfedora: Shows que vi ao vivo: High school musical Beyoncé Cine Mcfly Hori+ (sim a banda do fiuk) Katy perry Maria gadu Reversônica (sdds) Aerosmith Make me alive (namorei o antigo baixista) Bruno mars Capital inicial Harry styles Louis tomlinson The rose Nct 127 Super junior

OE3: 04:27: "When I'm Gone" von Alesso feat. Katy Perry

GavinGWhiz: From my blog back in July when the trend was at its peak:

goatryxn: katy perry has a bunch of em • bon appetite • swish swish • 365 • harley’s in hawaii • never really over

KatyNation20: Katy perry serving New look for American Idol.

katyperryinfoo: katy perry will be on Good Morning America This Tuesday (28)

todaykatyp: New video of Katy Perry watching the show “Juliet” this afternoon in New York.

AboutMusicYT: Katy Perry soars on Spotify with new peaks, getting almsot 10 MILLION streams yesterday. - Teenage Dream had it's biggest day on Spotify (4.2M) as well.

erty_music: Katy perry/roar

katycatsUni: YouTube Charts — Most viewed videos in the past 24 hours (English): 36. Katy Perry — Roar (+3) +713,206 views 38. Katy Perry — Dark Horse (=) 705,695 views

tellmetimes: Katy Perry says her team had to spend 'so much extra money’ color-correcting her ‘California Gurls’ music video because her spray tan got too orange

gab___c: First Concert: Katy Perry Last Concert: Judas Priest Best Concert: Coldplay Worst Concert: J Balvin FEP/ Zoé Cordillera Loudest Concert: Sepultura/ Pantera Seen the Most: Coldplay Most Surprising: C. Tangana Next Concert: Daniela Spalla Wish I Could Have Seen: Alice in Chains

Puk_XOXO: Katy Perry - Chained To The Rhythm (Official) ft. Skip Marley

TheWitnessedBoy: Having your biggest streaming day on a non album-release day is such a big deal! Cuz you don't understand It's not about the numbers it's about the organic growth & increasing consuming demand with 0 promo/new music in 1.5yrs. The katy perry renaissance is upon us TRUST & BELIEVE

singersbot: Rap God by Katy Perry featuring Shakira

isaaccruzcampos: Tienen que ver este video: Katy Perry - Roar, Firework (Live at The Women's T20 World Cup 2020)

cryptoGao1: This was one of the most productive months for $THETA $TFUEL. So far in March they have accomplished: -2023-2024 new roadmap -InfStones partnership -ABSCBN partnership -Hackathon -More Katy perry NFT’s

lovekatysvibe: Katy Perry's Most Streamed Songs of all time ( Spotify + YouTube )

cryaboutdaniel: i have never heard someone describe a dck in a more poetic way than katy perry in peacock

LahBagen: Las Vegas Wake Up - Last Friday Night (Katy Perry cover)

JakalaJanae_: Bruh i used to love me some Katy Perry fr

LahBagen: Topsy Turvy - Last Friday Night (Katy Perry cover)

LahBagen: Woe, Is Me - Last Friday Night (Katy Perry cover)

ChefReemy: Katy Perry ft Juicy J - Dark Horse

actioncookbook: KATY PERRY: do you ever feel like a plastic bag ME: yes KATY PERRY: drifting through the wind ME: oh, no, I am being stored under the sink with several dozen other bags for reasons that are unclear

cryptoGao1: This was one of the most productive months for $THETA $TFUEL. So far in March they have accomplished: -2023-2024 new roadmap -InfStones partnership -ABSCBN partnership -Hackathon -More Katy perry NFT’s While there’s FUD around, THETA continues innovating

AboutMusicYT: Katy Perry teases an upcoming Vogue cover in a new video. - 'We might see another cover in the future that is a little bit more'.

katySBXLIXperry: katy perry mothering

singersbot: Hold On We're Going Home by Lupe Fiasco featuring Katy Perry

PerrysNostalgia: Nevertheless, KATY PERRY PLEASE COME BACK

radiocalabriafm: KATY PERRY - TEENAGE DREAM

lovelylunaxo: never settling until someone makes me feel like teenage dream by Katy Perry

____gabe__: some of these people streaming these lives are acting like there’s a table in front of them where katy perry, luke bryan and lionel richie are sitting.

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