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Katharine Lee Bates (August 12, 1859 – March 28, 1929) was a prolific American writer, college professor, scholar, and social activist. Although she published volumes of poetry, travel books, essays, children's books, books for young adults, and editions of many earlier writers' works, today Bates is primarily remembered as the author of "America the Beautiful". While on the Wellesley College faculty, Bates mentored many young poets (including some, like Robert Frost, not enrolled at Wellesley) and helped establish American literature as a field for college study by creating an early course on the genre and writing a textbook for the field (the first woman to do the latter). Some late 20th-century scholars have asserted that Bates was a lesbian who live for 25 years with long-t...
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Katharine Lee Bates Poems

  • The Great Twin Brethren
    The battle will not cease
    Till once again on those white steeds ye ride,
    O heaven-descended Twins,
    Before humanity's bewildered host. ...
  • Three Steps
    THREE steps there are our human life must climb.
    The first is Force.
    The savage struggled to it from the slime
    And still it is our last, ashamed recourse. ...
  • The Submarine That Sank The
    SPINDRIFT white shall her victims stand
    On the ivory quay, untrod
    By living feet, when she nears Ghoststrand,
    To point her out to God. ...
  • The Morning Paper
    Humanity disgraced!
    Time's dearest toil effaced!
    Poison gases and flame ...
  • How Long?
    How long, O Prince of Peace, how long? We sicken of the shame
    Of this wild war that wraps the world, a roaring dragon-flame
    Fed on earth's glorious youth, high hearts all passionate to cope
    â??O Chivalry of Hope!â?? ...
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  • Debnath_bulbul: america the beautiful lyrics “america the beautiful” was written by katharine lee bates. oh beautiful for heroes proved...
  • Pdsongbot: america the beautiful music: samuel augustus ward, 1882 lyrics: katharine lee bates, 1895
  • Manxistminx: i chose to base it off the front range in colorado - an awe-inspiring sight that spurred katharine lee bates to write "america the beautiful". blue spacious skies, purple mountain majesties, and amber waves of grain, arranged in a republican tricolor.
  • Manxistminx: (i want to note that this isn't perfect - "america the beautiful" has unfortunate references in the second stanza to "pilgrim feet...a thoroughfare for freedom beat across the wilderness." katharine lee bates seems to have thought of herself as a global citizen, so i hope...
  • Wirelessstory: goody santa claus on a sleigh ride by katharine lee bates
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kathy bates : you need to have what her personality was and more interesting facts that don't envolve her fame

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