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Elsa Barker (1869–1954) was an American novelist, short-story writer and poet. She became best known for Letters from a Living Dead Man (1914), War Letters from the Living Dead Man (1915), and Last Letters From the Living Dead Man (1919), books containing what she said were messages from a dead man produced through automatic writing.


Barker was born in 1869 in Leicester, Vermont to Albert G. and Louise Marie Barker, both of whom died while she was young. Her earliest work was as a shorthand reporter, teacher, and newspaper writer. She was an editor of the Consolidated Encyclopedia Library in 1901, was a lecturer for the New York Board of Education in 1904-1905, and was on the editorial staff of Hamptons magazine in 1909-1910. She also authored a "labor...
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Elsa Barker Poems

  • When I Am Dead And Sister To The Dust
    When I am dead and sister to the dust;
    When no more avidly I drink the wine
    Of human love; when the pale Proserpine
    Has covered me with poppies, and cold rust...
  • The Frozen Grail
    (To Peary and his men, before the last expedition)

    Why sing the legends of the Holy Grail,...
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Cold 2 Faith 2 Human 2 World 2 Space 1 Dust 1 White 1 Wild 1 Soul 1 Wind 1

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Englishjaun: lifetime of service: mt barker ambulance volunteers elsa drage and neil crofts celebrate 50 years with st john
Jaunnews: lifetime of service: mt barker ambulance volunteers elsa drage and neil crofts celebrate 50 years with st john
Xrraa01: only in the stillness of detachment can the soul yield up her secrets. elsa barker
Lizak: "watch for the high tides of yourself and flow up with them; when the inevitable low tides come, either rest or meditate. you cannot escape rhythm. you transcend it by working with it." - elsa barker
Ninafosati: 5/5 credits 1 kent barker, “mulkey theater, calendon” 2l adriana diaz, “sisters of clouds” 1994 2r sir frank bernard dicksee, “portrait of elsa” 1927 3l charles f. grammer, “untitled” c1975 3r denis sarazhin, “a memory worth keeping” c2015 below leah dorion, “snow dancers” 2006
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