Summer In Calcutta Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


What is this drink butA
The April sun squeezedB
Like an orange inC
My glass I sip theD
Fire I drink and drinkE
Again I am drunkF
Yes but on the goldG
of suns What nobleH
venom now flows throughI
my veins and fills myJ
mind with unhurriedK
laughter My worriesL
doze Wee bubblesringF
my glass like a bridesM
nervous smile and meetN
my lips Dear forgiveO
this moments lull inC
wanting you the blurP
in memory HowQ
brief the term of myJ
devotion how briefR
your reign when i withS
glass in hand drink drinkF
and drink again thisT
Juice of April sunsU

Kamala Das


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