You came into my life un expected
It feels like enchanted
I found happiness
Just the thought of your existence

I love talking to you
Because you get me out of the blue
You are not aware
You're the answer to my prayer

When I met you
I started praying for you
When I get to know you better I realized,
That all my life it was all about you I uttered from above

I feel happy talking to you
I felt empty if I gone a day without talking to you
Everytime you just 'seen' my messages
I have this uncontrollable aches

I know I'm not the girl you're looking for
But I swear it's worth waiting for,
Now your pushing me away
My heart's bruised by the way

I will try to be fine
I will try to smile
I will try to be who I am before you emerged in my life, in my dreams and in my thoughts
But just so you know this shattered heart can never be restored