Joseph Brodsky Poems

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    From Martial
    Now is windy and the waves are cresting over Fall is soon to come to change the place entirely.
  • 2.  
    As you pour yourself a scotch
    Crush a roach or check your watch As your hands adjust your tie people die
  • 3.  
    There is a meadow in Sweden
    where I lie smitten, eyes stained with clouds'
  • 4.  
    I was but what you'd brush
    with your palm, what your leaning brow would hunch to in evening's
  • 5.  
    The stone-built villages of England.
    A cathedral bottled in a pub window. Cows dispersed across fields.
  • 6.  
    I said fate plays a game without a score,
    and who needs fish if you've got caviar? The triumph of the Gothic style would come to pass
  • 7.  
    Citizen, enemy, mama's boy, sucker, utter
    garbage, panhandler, swine, refujew, verrucht; a scalp so often scalded with boiling water
  • 8.  
    It's not that the Muse feels like clamming up,
    it's more like high time for the lad's last nap. And the scarf-waving lass who wished him the best
  • 9.  
    1. E. Larionova
    E. Larionova. Brunette. A colonel's and a typist's daughter. Looked
  • 10.  
    The fire and the page, the hewed hairs and the swords,
    The grains and the millstone, the whispers and the clatter -- God saves all that -- especially the words
  • 11.  
    The perilous yellow sun follows with its slant eyes
    masts of the shuddered grove steaming up to capsize in the frozen straits of Epiphany. February has fewer
  • 12.  
    A list of some observation. In a corner, it's warm.
    A glance leaves an imprint on anything it's dwelt on. Water is glass's most public form.
  • 13.  
    As though the mercury's under its tongue, it won't
    talk. As though with the mercury in its sphincter, immobile, by a leaf-coated pond
  • 14.  
    A hotel in whose ledgers departures are more prominent than arrivals.
    With wet Koh-i-noors the October rain strokes what's left of the naked brain.
  • 15.  
    sat on the sofa
    and I sat near. The handkerchief could be yours,
  • 16.  
    Everything has its limit, including sorrow.
    A windowpane stalls a stare. Nor does a grill abandona leaf. One may rattle the keys, gurgle down a swallow.
  • 17.  
    There is a meadow in Sweden

  • 18.  
    ...and when "the future" is uttered, swarms of mice
    rush out of the Russian language and gnaw a pieceof ripened memory which is twice
  • 19.  
    About a year has passed. I've returned to the place of the battle,
    to its birds that have learned their unfolding of wings from a subtle
  • 20.  
    In such an inexplicable blue,
    Upon the stonework to embark, The little ship of glowing hue
  • 21.  
    Darling, you think it's love, it's just a midnight journey.
    Best are the dales and rivers removed by force, as from the next compartment throttles "Oh, stop it, Bernie,"
  • 22.  
    Twice I awoke this night, and went
    to the window. The streetlamps were a fragment of a sentence spoken in sleep,
  • 23.  
    Here's a girl from a dangerous town
    She crops her dark hair short so that less of her has to frown
  • 24.  
    All the huskies are eaten. There is no space
    left in the diary, And the beads of quick words scatter over his spouse's sepia-shaded face
  • 25.  
    My dear Telemachus,
    The Trojan War is over now; I don't recall who won it.
  • 26.  
    All his life he was building something, inventing something.
    Now, for a Cretan queen, an artificial heifer,so as to cuckold the king. Then a labyrinth, the time for
  • 27.  
    I have braved, for want of wild beasts, steel cages,
    carved my term and nickname on bunks and rafters,lived by the sea, flashed aces in an oasis,
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Total 28 poems written by Joseph Brodsky

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Had dropp'd his loaded quiver.
"Lie hid," she cried, "ye venom'd darts,
Where mortal eye may shun you;
Lie hid -- the stain of manly hearts,
That bled for me, is on you."

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