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Jonathan Safran Foer Books, Jonathan Safran Foer poetry book Hiroshi Sugimoto Authors: Hiroshi Sugimoto, Jonathan Safran Foer
Published Date: 2015
Categories: Photography
"The Long Never" is a special-edition book containing 65 artworks by Hiroshi Sugimoto (born 1948). Composed of photographs from five series--"Meteorites," "Dioramas," " Pre-Photographic Time Recording Devices," "Lightning Fields" and "Seascapes"--the sequence of images in this book conjures a natural history of the planet, perhaps even one untouched by humans. The black-and-white photographs are hand-tipped onto the pages of the book, which is wrapped in silk cloth. Celebrated author Jonathan Safran Foer has written an original story for the volume. Foer's text sits on the page underneath each artwork, so the reader must lift up each photograph in order to read the story. "The Long Never" is limited to an edition of 360 copies. It is housed in a custom-made brushed aluminum slipcase. Each copy contains a colophon with the number of the edition and is signed by Sugimoto.

Jonathan Safran Foer Books, Jonathan Safran Foer poetry book Tree of Codes Authors: Jonathan Safran Foer
Published Date: 2010
Categories: Fiction
A masterful work of storytelling, a unique sculptural object created through a collaborative process between Visual Editions and author. A curiosity with the die-cut technique was combined with the pages' physical relationship to one another and how this could somehow be developed to work with a meaningful narrative. This led to Jonathan deciding to use an existing piece of text and cut a new story out of it - his favourite book, The Street of Crocodiles by Bruno Schulz. Writing, cutting and proto-typing has created a new story cut from the words of an old favourite.

Jonathan Safran Foer Books, Jonathan Safran Foer poetry book The Company We Keep Authors: Jonathan Holmes
Publisher: Cruciform Press
Published Date: 2014-09-01
Categories: Religion
Friendship. This one word can mean a hundred different things to each person. We all want friends, but often struggle to develop meaningful friendships. Does the Bible speak to and present a vision and theology of biblical friendship? Is there anything unique about biblical friendship?

Jonathan Safran Foer Books, Jonathan Safran Foer poetry book The Moves that Matter Authors: Jonathan Rowson
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Published Date: 2019-11-14
Categories: Body, Mind & Spirit
Jonathan Rowson's competitive success as a chess Grandmaster and work as an applied philosopher have given him a unique perspective on why the great game is more important than ever for understanding the conflicts and uncertainties of the modern world. In sixty-four witty and addictive vignettes, Rowson takes us on an exhilarating tour of the game of life, from the psychology of gang violence, to the aesthetics of cyborgs, the beauty of technical details, and the endgame of death. Chess emerges as a singularly powerful metaphor for the thrills and set-backs that invest our daily lives with meaning and complexity.

Jonathan Safran Foer Books, Jonathan Safran Foer poetry book The Food Movement, Culture, and Religion Authors: Jonathan Schorsch
Publisher: Springer
Published Date: 2017-12-12
Categories: Social Science
This book explores the cultural and religious politics of the contemporary food movement, starting from the example of Jewish foodies, their zeal for pig (forbidden by Jewish law), and their talk about why ignoring traditional precepts around food is desirable. Focusing on the work of Michael Pollan, Jonathan Schorsch questions the modernist, materialist, and rationalist worldview of many foodies and discusses their lack of attention to culture, tradition, and religion.

Jonathan Safran Foer Books, Jonathan Safran Foer poetry book The Routledge Companion on Architecture, Literature and The City Authors: Jonathan Charley
Publisher: Routledge
Published Date: 2018-09-03
Categories: Architecture
This Companion breaks new ground in our knowledge and understanding of the diverse relationships between literature, architecture, and the city, which together form a field of interdisciplinary research that is one of the most innovative and exciting to have emerged in recent years. Bringing together a wide variety of contributors, not only writers, architectural and literary scholars, and social scientists, but graphic novelists and artists, the book offers contemporary essays on everything from science fiction and the crime novel, to poetry, comics and oral history. It is structured into two sections: History, Narrative and Genre, and Strategy, Language and Form. Including over ninety illustrations, the book is a must read for academics and students.

Jonathan Safran Foer Books, Jonathan Safran Foer poetry book New American Haggadah Authors: Jonathan Safran Foer
Publisher: Little, Brown
Published Date: 2014-03-04
Categories: Religion
Jonathan Safran Foer's and Nathan Englander's spectacular Haggadah-now in paperback. Upon hardcover publication, NEW AMERICAN HAGGADAH was praised as a momentous re-envisioning through prayer, song, and ritual of one of our oldest, most timeless, and sacred stories-Moses leading the ancient Israelites out of slavery in Egypt to wander the desert for 40 years before reaching the Promised Land. Featuring a new translation of the traditional text by Nathan Englander and provocative essays by a collection of major Jewish writers and thinkers, it was received not only as a religious document but a magnificent literary and artistic achievement. Now, after two years of patience, those readers who asked for a paperback edition have gotten their wish.

Jonathan Safran Foer Books, Jonathan Safran Foer poetry book Foucault and Theology Authors: Jonathan Tran
Publisher: A&C Black
Published Date: 2011-06-16
Categories: Religion
Near the end of his life, Michel Foucault turned his attention to the early church Fathers. He did so not for anything like a return to God but rather because he found in those sources alternatives for re-imaging the self. And though Foucault never seriously entertained Christianity beyond theorizing its aesthetic style one might argue that Christian practices like confession or Eucharist share family resemblances to Foucaultian sensibilities. This book will explain how to do theology in light of Foucault, or more precisely, to read Foucault as if God mattered. Therefore, it will seek to articulate practices like confession, prayer, and so on as techniques for the self, situate "the church as politics" within present constellations of power, disclose theological knowledges as modes of critical intervention, or what Foucault called archaeology, and conceptualize Christian existence in time through mnemonic practices of genealogy.

Jonathan Safran Foer Books, Jonathan Safran Foer poetry book Here I Am Authors: Jonathan Safran Foer
Publisher: Picador
Published Date: 2017-02-07
Categories: Fiction
"God asked Abraham to sacrifice his beloved son Isaac, and Abraham replied obediently, "Here I am." This is the story of a fracturing family in a moment of crisis. Over the course of three weeks in present-day Washington, D.C., three sons watch their parents' marriage falter and their family home fall apart. Meanwhile, a large catastrophe is engulfing another part of the world: a massive earthquake devastates the Middle East, sparking a pan-Arab invasion of Israel. With global upheaval in the background and domestic collapse in the foreground, Jonathan Safran Foer asks us: What is the true meaning of home? Can one man ever reconcile the conflicting duties of his many roles husband, father, son? And how much of life can a person ultimately bear?"--.

Jonathan Safran Foer Books, Jonathan Safran Foer poetry book Everything Is Illuminated Authors: Jonathan Safran Foer
Published Date: 2015
Categories: Fiction
Hilarious, energetic, and profoundly touching, a debut novel follows a young writer as he travels to the farmlands of eastern Europe, where he embarks on a quest to find Augustine, the woman who saved his grandfather from the Nazis, and, guided by his young Ukrainian translator, he discovers an unexpected past that will resonate far into the future. Excerpt in The New Yorker.

Jonathan Safran Foer Books, Jonathan Safran Foer poetry book Eating Animals Authors: Jonathan Safran Foer
Publisher: Back Bay Books
Published Date: 2010-09-01
Categories: Social Science
Like many young Americans, Jonathan Safran Foer spent much of his teenage and college years oscillating between enthusiastic carnivore and occasional vegetarian. As he became a husband, and then a father, the moral dimensions of eating became increasingly important to him. Faced with the prospect of being unable to explain why we eat some animals and not others, Foer set out to explore the origins of many eating traditions and the fictions involved with creating them. Traveling to the darkest corners of our dining habits, Foer raises the unspoken question behind every fish we eat, every chicken we fry, and every burger we grill. Part memoir and part investigative report, Eating Animals is a book that, in the words of the Los Angeles Times, places Jonathan Safran Foer "at the table with our greatest philosophers."

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