My mind is challenged by the chatter of the ants,
they scurry around in search of their master,
perturbing me and driving me mad.
They use their special communication forms,
that which I have unfortunately come to understand.
These ants have been with me through the years,
some new, some old, some acquaintance, some friends.
They have shaped my psyche, corrupted my thoughts, changing me,
from the innocent ant I was, into the soldier I am now.

Four long days, many breaks throughout.
We toiled and worked all these days,
some more productive than others.
We were rewarded by our masters for our toiling,
according to what harvest we reaped in.
I brought in lots of fruit, my efforts awarded following day one and two.
Day three was catastrophic, the ants who shaped me,
were queer and the end of the day,
another ant took my light, as he had brought fruit than I had.
Now, in this fourth day, I am determined to bring a new type of fruit,
the kind that is sweet and savory.
~Jory T. James