Sonnet 09 Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Lady that in the prime of earliest youthB
Wisely hath shun'd the broad way and the greenC
And with those few art eminently seenC
That labour up the Hill of heav'nly TruthB
The better part with Mary and with RuthB
Chosen thou hast and they that overweenC
And at thy growing vertues fret their spleenC
No anger find in thee but pity and ruthB
Thy care is fixt and zealously attendsA
To fill thy odorous Lamp with deeds of lightD
And Hope that reaps not shame Therefore be sureE
Thou when the Bridegroom with his feastfull friendsA
Passes to bliss at the mid hour of nightD
Hast gain'd thy entrance Virgin wise and pureE

John Milton


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