The Gadfly Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


All gentle folks who owe a grudgeB
To any living thingC
Open your ears and stay your t r udgeB
Whilst I in dudgeon singC
The Gadfly he hath stung me soreD
O may he ne'er sting youE
But we have many a horrid boreD
He may sting black and blueE
Has any here an old grey MareF
With three legs all her storeD
O put it to her Buttocks bareF
And straight she'll run on fourD
Has any here a Lawyer suitG
Take Lawyer's nose and put it to'tI
And you the end will seeI
Is there a Man in ParliamentJ
Dum b founder'd in his speechK
O let his neighbour make a rentL
And put one in his breechK
O Lowther how much better thouM
Hadst figur'd t'other dayN
When to the folks thou mad'st a bowM
And hadst no more to sayN
If lucky Gadfly had but ta'enO
His seatP
And put thee to a little painQ
To save thee from a worseR
Better than Southey it had beenS
Better than Mr DI
Better than Wordsworth too I weenS
Better than Mr VI
Forgive me pray good people allT
For deviating soU
In spirit sure I had a callT
And now I on will goU
Has any here a daughter fairF
Too fond of reading novelsV
Too apt to fall in love with careF
And charming Mister LovelsV
O put a Gadfly to that thingC
She keeps so white and pertW
I mean the finger for the ringC
And it will breed a wortW
Has any here a pious spouseV
Who seven times a dayW
Scolds as King David pray'd to chouseV
And have her holy wayW
O let a Gadfly's little stingC
Persuade her sacred tongueX
That noises are a common thingC
But that her bell has rungX
And as this is the summon boU
num of all conqueringC
I leave 'withouten wordes mo'Y
The Gadfly's little stingC

John Keats


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