Lines On Seeing A Lock Of Milton's Hair Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Chief of organic NumbersA
Old Scholar of the SpheresB
Thy spirit never slumbersB
But rolls about our earsB
For ever and for everC
O what a mad endeavourC
Worketh heD
Who to thy sacred and ennobled hearseB
Would offer a burnt sacrifice of verseB
And MelodyD
How heavenward thou soundedstD
Live Temple of sweet noiseB
And discord unconfoundedstD
Giving delight new joysB
And Pleasure nobler pinionsB
O where are thy DominionsB
Lend thine earE
To a young delian oath aye by thy soulF
By all that from thy mortal Lips did rollF
And by the Kernel of thine earthly LoveG
Beauty in things on earth and things aboveG
When every childish fashionH
Has vanish'd from my rhymeI
Will I grey gone in passionH
Give to an after timeI
Hymning and harmonyD
Of thee and of thy Words and of thy LifeJ
But vain is now the bruning and the strifeJ
Pangs are in vain until I grow high rifeJ
With Old PhilosophyD
And mad with glimpses at futurityD
For many years my offerings must be hush'dD
When I do speak I'll think upon this hourC
Because I feel my forehead hot and flush'dD
Even at the simplest vassal of thy PowerC
A Lock of thy bright hairK
Sudden it cameL
And I was startled when I heard thy nameL
Coupled so unawareK
Yet at the moment temperate was my bloodD
Methought I had beheld it from the floodD

John Keats


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