Hyperion Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


DEEP in the shady sadness of a valeB
Far sunken from the healthy breath of mornC
Far from the fiery noon and eve's one starD
Sat gray hair'd Saturn quiet as a stoneE
Still as the silence round about his lairF
Forest on forest hung above his headG
Like cloud on cloud No stir of air was thereF
Not so much life as on a summer's dayH
Robs not one light seed from the feather'd grassI
But where the dead leaf fell there did it restJ
A stream went voiceless by still deadened moreK
By reason of his fallen divinityL
Spreading a shade the Naiad 'mid her reedsM
Press'd her cold finger closer to her lipsN
Along the margin sand large foot marks wentO
No further than to where his feet had stray'dP
And slept there since Upon the sodden groundQ
His old right hand lay nerveless listless deadG
Unsceptred and his realmless eyes were closedR
While his bow'd head seem'd list'ning to the EarthS
His ancient mother for some comfort yetT
It seem'd no force could wake him from his placeU
But there came one who with a kindred handV
Touch'd his wide shoulders after bending lowW
With reverence though to one who knew it notX
She was a Goddess of the infant worldY
By her in stature the tall AmazonZ
Had stood a pigmy's height she would have ta'enA2
Achilles by the hair and bent his neckB2
Or with a finger stay'd Ixion's wheelC2
Her face was large as that of Memphian sphinxD2
Pedestal'd haply in a palace courtE2
When sages look'd to Egypt for their loreK
But oh how unlike marble was that faceU
How beautiful if sorrow had not madeP
Sorrow more beautiful than Beauty's selfF2
There was a listening fear in her regardG2
As if calamity had but begunH2
As if the vanward clouds of evil daysI2
Had spent their malice and the sullen rearJ2
Was with its stored thunder labouring upK2
One hand she press'd upon that aching spotX
Where beats the human heart as if just thereF
Though an immortal she felt cruel painL2
The other upon Saturn's bended neckB2
She laid and to the level of his earM2
Leaning with parted lips some words she spakeN2
In solemn tenor and deep organ toneE
Some mourning words which in our feeble tongueO2
Would come in these like accents O how frailB
To that large utterance of the early GodsP2
Saturn look up though wherefore poor old KingQ2
I have no comfort for thee no not oneH2
I cannot say 'O wherefore sleepest thou '-
For heaven is parted from thee and the earthS
Knows thee not thus afflicted for a GodR2
And ocean too with all its solemn noiseS2
Has from thy sceptre pass'd and all the airF
Is emptied of thine hoary majestyL
Thy thunder conscious of the new commandV
Rumbles reluctant o'er our fallen houseT2
And thy sharp lightning in unpractised handsU2
Scorches and burns our once serene domainL2
O aching time O moments big as yearsV2
All as ye pass swell out the monstrous truthW2
And press it so upon our weary griefsV2
That unbelief has not a space to breatheX2
Saturn sleep on O thoughtless why did IA
Thus violate thy slumbrous solitudeY2
Why should I ope thy melancholy eyesV2
Saturn sleep on while at thy feet I weepZ2
As when upon a tranced summer nightA3
Those green rob'd senators of mighty woodsV2
Tall oaks branch charmed by the earnest starsV2
Dream and so dream all night without a stirB3
Save from one gradual solitary gustC3
Which comes upon the silence and dies offD3
As if the ebbing air had but one waveE3
So came these words and went the while in tearsV2
She touch'd her fair large forehead to the groundQ
Just where her fallen hair might be outspreadQ
A soft and silken mat for Saturn's feetQ
One moon with alteration slow had shedQ
Her silver seasons four upon the nightQ
And still these two were postured motionlessV2
Like natural sculpture in cathedral cavernF3
The frozen God still couchant on the earthS
And the sad Goddess weeping at his feetQ
Until at length old Saturn lifted upK2
His faded eyes and saw his kingdom goneG3
And all the gloom and sorrow ofthe placeV2
And that fair kneeling Goddess and then spakeN2
As with a palsied tongue and while his beardQ
Shook horrid with such aspen maladyQ
O tender spouse of gold HyperionH2
Thea I feel thee ere I see thy faceV2
Look up and let me see our doom in itQ
Look up and tell me if this feeble shapeH3
Is Saturn's tell me if thou hear'st the voiceV2
Of Saturn tell me if this wrinkling browI3
Naked and bare of its great diademJ3
Peers like the front of Saturn Who had powerB3
To make me desolate Whence came the strengthK3
How was it nurtur'd to such bursting forthL3
While Fate seem'd strangled in my nervous graspM3
But it is so and I am smother'd upK2
And buried from all godlike exerciseV2
Of influence benign on planets paleB
Of admonitions to the winds and seasV2
Of peaceful sway above man's harvestingQ2
And all those acts which Deity supremeN3
Doth ease its heart of love in I am goneG3
Away from my own bosom I have leftQ
My strong identity my real selfF2
Somewhere between the throne and where I sitQ
Here on this spot of earth Search Thea searchO3
Open thine eyes eterne and sphere them roundQ
Upon all space space starr'd and lorn of lightQ
Space region'd with life air and barren voidQ
Spaces of fire and all the yawn of hellP3
Search Thea search and tell me if thou seestQ
A certain shape or shadow making wayH
With wings or chariot fierce to repossessV2
A heaven he lost erewhile it must it mustQ
Be of ripe progress Saturn must be KingQ2
Yes there must be a golden victoryQ
There must be Gods thrown down and trumpets blownE
Of triumph calm and hymns of festivalQ3
Upon the gold clouds metropolitanH2
Voices of soft proclaim and silver stirB3
Of strings in hollow shells and there shall beQ
Beautiful things made new for the surpriseV2
Of the sky children I will give commandQ
Thea Thea Thea where is SaturnF3
This passion lifted him upon his feetQ
And made his hands to struggle in the airF
His Druid locks to shake and ooze with sweatQ
His eyes to fever out his voice to ceaseV2
He stood and heard not Thea's sobbing deepZ2
A little time and then again he snatch'dQ
Utterance thus But cannot I createQ
Cannot I form Cannot I fashion forthL3
Another world another universeV2
To overbear and crumble this to noughtQ
Where is another Chaos Where That wordQ
Found way unto Olympus and made quakeN2
The rebel three Thea was startled upK2
And in her bearing was a sort of hopeR3
As thus she quick voic'd spake yet full of aweS3
This cheers our fallen house come to our friendsV2
O Saturn come away and give them heartQ
I know the covert for thence came I hitherB3
Thus brief then with beseeching eyes she wentQ
With backward footing through the shade a spaceV2
He follow'd and she turn'd to lead the wayH
Through aged boughs that yielded like the mistQ
Which eagles cleave upmounting from their nestQ
Meanwhile in other realms big tears were shedQ
More sorrow like to this and such like woeW
Too huge for mortal tongue or pen of scribeT3
The Titans fierce self hid or prison boundQ
Groan'd for the old allegiance once moreK
And listen'd in sharp pain for Saturn's voiceV2
But one of the whole mammoth brood still keptQ
His sov'reigny and rule and majesyV2
Blazing Hyperion on his orbed fireB3
Still sat still snuff'd the incense teeming upK2
From man to the sun's God yet unsecureB3
For as among us mortals omens drearB3
Fright and perplex so also shuddered heQ
Not at dog's howl or gloom bird's hated screechU3
Or the familiar visiting of oneH2
Upon the first toll of his passing bellP3
Or prophesyings of the midnight lampV3
But horrors portion'd to a giant nerveW3
Oft made Hyperion ache His palace brightQ
Bastion'd with pyramids of glowing goldQ
And touch'd with shade of bronzed obelisksV2
Glar'd a blood red through all its thousand courtsV2
Arches and domes and fiery galleriesV2
And all its curtains of Aurorian cloudsV2
Flush'd angerly while sometimes eagles' wingsV2
Unseen before by Gods or wondering menA2
Darken'd the place and neighing steeds were heardQ
Not heard before by Gods or wondering menA2
Also when he would taste the spicy wreB3

John Keats


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