Fragment Of 'the Castle Builder.' Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


To night I'll have my friar let me thinkA
About my room I'll have it in the pinkA
It should be rich and sombre and the moonB
Just in its mid life in the midst of JuneB
Should look thro' four large windows and displayC
Clear but for gold fish vases in the wayC
Their glassy diamonding on Turkish floorD
The tapers keep aside an hour and moreD
To see what else the moon alone can showE
While the night breeze doth softly let us knowE
My terrace is well bower'd with orangesF
Upon the floor the dullest spirit seesG
A guitar ribband and a lady's gloveH
Beside a crumple leaved tale of loveH
A tambour frame with Venus sleeping thereI
All finish'd but some ringlets of her hairI
A viol bow strings torn cross wise uponJ
A glorious folio of AnacreonJ
A skull upon a mat of roses lyingK
Ink'd purple with a song concerning dyingK
An hour glass on the turn amid the trailsL
Of passion flower just in time there sailsL
A cloud across the moon the lights bring inJ
And see what more my phantasy can winJ
It is a gorgeous room but somewhat sadM
The draperies are so as tho' they hadM
Been made for Cleopatra's winding sheetN
And opposite the stedfast eye doth meetN
A spacious looking glass upon whose faceO
In letters raven sombre you may traceO
Old 'Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin 'P
Greek busts and statuary have ever beenJ
Held by the finest spirits fitter farQ
Than vase grotesque and Siamesian jarQ
Therefore 'tis sure a want of Attic tasteR
That I should rather love a Gothic wasteR
Of eyesight on cinque coloured potter's clayC
Than on the marble fairness of old GreeceS
My table coverlits of Jason's fleeceS
And black Numidian sheep wool should be wroughtT
Gold black and heavy from the Lama broughtT
My ebon sofas should delicious beU
With down from Leda's cygnet progenyU
My pictures all Salvator's save a fewV
Of Titian's portraiture and one though newV
Of Haydon's in its fresh magnificenceS
My wine O good 'tis here at my desireW
And I must sit to supper with my friarW

John Keats


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