A Draught Of Sunshine Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Hence Burgundy Claret and PortA
Away with old Hock and madeiraB
Too earthly ye are for my sportA
There's a beverage brighter and clearerC
Instead of a piriful rummerC
My wine overbrims a whole summerC
My bowl is the skyD
And I drink at my eyeD
Till I feel in the brainE
A Delphian painE
Then follow my Caius then followF
On the green of the hillG
We will drink our fillG
Of golden sunshineH
Till our brains intertwineH
With the glory and grace of ApolloF
God of the MeridianI
And of the East and WestJ
To thee my soul is flownK
And my body is earthward press'dJ
It is an awful missionI
A terrible divisionI
And leaves a gulph austereC
To be fill'd with worldly fearC
Aye when the soul is fledL
To high above our headL
Affrighted do we gazeM
After its airy mazeM
As doth a mother wildN
When her young infant childN
Is in an eagle's clawsO
And is not this the causeP
Of madness God of SongQ
Thou bearest me alongQ
Through sights I scarce can bearC
O let me let me shareC
With the hot lyre and theeR
The staid PhilosophyR
Temper my lonely hoursS
And let me see thy bowersS
More unalarm'dN

John Keats


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