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John Milton Hay (October 8, 1838 – July 1, 1905) was an American statesman and official whose career in government stretched over almost half a century. Beginning as a private secretary and assistant to Abraham Lincoln, Hay's highest office was United States Secretary of State under Presidents William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt. Hay was also an author and biographer and wrote poetry and other literature throughout much of his life.

Born in Indiana to an anti-slavery family that moved to Illinois when he was young, Hay showed great potential, and his family sent him to Brown University. After graduation in 1858, Hay read law in his uncle's office in Springfield, Illinois, adjacent to that of Lincoln. Hay worked for Lincoln's successful presidential ca...
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John Hay Poems

  • Words
    When violets were springing
    And sunshine filled the day,
    And happy birds were singing
    The praises of the May,...
  • When The Boys Come Home
    There's a happy time coming,
    When the boys come home.
    There's a glorious day coming,
    When the boys come home....
  • Una
    In the whole wide world there was but one,
    Others for others, but she was mine,
    The one fair woman beneath the sun.
  • Too Late
    Had we but met in other days,
    Had we but loved in other ways,
    Another light and hope had shone
    On your life and my own....
  • To The Young
    After Heine.

    Let your feet not falter, your course not alter...
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  • Mikedorr77: we were in off the record, the basement bar at the hay adams, and in strolls john legere and a deputy. i’d done business w t-mo in the past so i made a bit of small talk with them. (2/x)
  • Mikedorr77: anyway, i turn in and that’s that. in the lobby the next morning i see john legere checking out of the hay adams. he ditched trump’s hotel once the meetings were over. he left fake luxury for real luxury once he got what he wanted (4/x)
  • Historyncl: an important report by commonwealth war graves commission has been published. co-authored by hca's dr john burke & cwgc official historian george hay the report highlights inequalities in the way the organisation commemorated the dead of the british empire from the two world wars
  • Criteriondaily: happy 75th, john waters!
  • Johnhaybaseball: today’s varsity matchup against lincoln west has been postponed. we picked up a quick opponent from across the gym versus john hay softball in our first varsity gold indoor exhibition.
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That makes black clouds most beautiful with grace.
Unto the saints' sweet incense, or their prayer,
These smoky curdled clouds I do compare.
For as these clouds seem edged, or laced with gold,
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