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James Elroy Flecker (5 November 1884 – 3 January 1915) was a British novelist and playwright. As a poet, he was most influenced by the Parnassian poets.


Herman Elroy Flecker was born on 5 November 1884 in Lewisham, London, to William Herman Flecker (d. 1941), headmaster of Dean Close School, Cheltenham, and his wife Sarah. His much younger brother was the educationalist Henry Lael Oswald Flecker (1896–1958), who became Headmaster of Christ's Hospital.Flecker later chose to use the first name "James", either because he disliked the name "Herman" or to avoid confusion with his father. "Roy", as his family called him. was educated at Dean Close School, and then at Uppingham. He subsequently studied at Trinity College, Oxford, and at Gonville and Caius Co...
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James Elroy Flecker Poems

  • Litany To Satan (from Baudelaire.)
    O grandest of the Angels, and most wise,
    O fallen God, fate-driven from the skies,
    Satan, at last take pity on our pain.
  • The Ballad Of Zacho
    (a Greek Legend.)

  • The Dying Patriot
    Day breaks on England down the Kentish hills,
    Singing in the silence of the meadow-footing rills,
    Day of my dreams, O day!
    I saw them march from Dover, long ago, ...
  • Santorin
    (A Legend of the ëgean)

    'Who are you, Sea Lady,
    And where in the seas are we? ...
  • The Old Ships
    I have seen old ships sail like swans asleep
    Beyond the village which men still call Tyre,
    With leaden age o'ercargoed, dipping deep
    For Famagusta and the hidden sun ...
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Asayounts: just saw a picture of james elroy flecker and it looks like a posed corpse, which seems in poor taste to say the least
Johnstonglenn: poet and dramatist james elroy flecker was born in lewisham, london otd in 1884. sylvia beach carried several books by and about him at shakespeare and company, including his verse drama hassan and geraldine hodgson's biography.
Maccocktail: "the poet's business is not to save the soul of man but to make it worth saving." ― james elroy flecker (born this day, november 5, 1884)
Authordlewis: col. mayne would carry a book of poetry, other men’s flowers, into battle. it includes james elroy flecker’s the golden road to samarkand, the opening lines of which are: 'we are the pilgrims, master; we shall go / always a little further ...' as told in
Cressbrook_sed: attaboy bertie, first ‘long block’ notched-up this morning. ‘we are the pilgrims, master; we shall go always a little further; it may be beyond that last blue mountain barred with snow across that angry or that glimmering sea…’ james elroy flecker
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