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Johan Herman Wessel (6 October 1742 – 29 December 1785) was an 18th-century Danish-Norwegian poet, satirist and playwright. His written work was characterized by the use of parody and satiric wit.


Wessel was born and raised at Vestby in Akershus, Norway. He was the son of Jonas Wessel (1707-1785) and Helene Maria Schumacher (1715-1789). His father was a parish priest. He was one of thirteen children in a family. His younger brothers included mathematician Caspar Wessel (1745-1818) and jurist Ole Christopher Wessel (1744–1794) His sister-in-law was landowner Maren Juel (1749–1815) and naval hero Peter Tordenskjold (1690-1720) was his grand uncle.

He entered attended Oslo Cathedral School in 1757 followed by the University of Copenhagen i...
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Johan Herman Wessel Poems

  • Kierlighed Og Smørrebrød
    At Smørrebrød er ikke Mad,
    Og Kierlighed er ikke Had,
    Det er for Tiden hvad jeg veed
    Om Smørrebrød og Kierlighed....
  • Smeden Og Bageren
    Der var en liden Bye, i Byen var en Smed,
    Som farlig var, naar han blev vred.
    Han sig en Fiende fik; (dem kan man altid faae,
    Jeg ingen har, det gaae...
  • The Poet-s Epitaph Upon Himself
    He ate and drank, was never glad,
    His boot heels he wore down one side;
    Ambition â?? that he never had,
    And finally just upped and died....
  • Lyksalighed
    Lad Andre tænke, sige,
    Guld giør os lykkelige;
    Jeg fandt mit Himmerige,
    Min Pige! i dit Skiød....
  • Epitaph
    I, the late Owe Gierløv Meyer,
    Did stupid things my life entire,
    Though this time I did five of them,
    The last of which was quite a gem;...
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