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Yungsnaku_: Jim Carrey Eggman and Agent Stone should’ve been in Fortnite

conspirous: When Tupac Shakur was in jail, famous comedian Jim Carrey would write him funny letters to cheer him up. Tupac was a big fan of Carrey.

Oculin: Actually, kind of surprised Crush 40 didn't show up in the 2nd movie now that I think about it.

RCBAR_Doctor: So much can happen for the 3rd movie and so many directions it can take between will Amy show up or will Jim Carrey do the 3rd movie or leave and then come back for a fourth they talk about all of this

Jermydawn15: "You can fail at what you don't want,so you might as well take a chance doing what you love" -Jim Carrey

campfireburning: Parenthood is an endless Jim Carrey movie you can't leave in case the cinema burns down.

R_Techau: And that is Jim Carrey... ;)

_brainorchestra: lmao nah Jim Carrey the goat

joes_attic: Jim Carrey has never said or done or been a part of anything funny

Mulch05089206: Cold Dead Hand with Jim Carrey

robertsepulved4: Cold Dead Hand with Jim Carrey

vannie2100: The Interview That Made Jim Carrey Pay The Ultimate Price *MUST WATCH*

BokononsProphet: Remake Liar Liar, but this time Jim Carrey is a cop trying to his job without lying

semajxcx: Watch it and see why jim carrey quit acting

JoshuaTheDuck11: watching sonic 2 Jim Carrey really just showed up to set and did whatever

marchickenswagg: Chris light and Jim Carrey have shocking similarities

gilmorescript: jim carrey. he’s just- he’s just— funny

MagickMichelle: Tonight’s movie: Once Bitten Can’t go wrong with Jim Carrey.

maynardbrewer: The youngest said "Wow, Steve Carrey is pretty good in this." Me "Jim Carrey, and he is. Let me show more of his work. You'll love it."

XtremeLazyBum: The Mask (1994) Oscar nominated for....Visual Effects Other considerations? Jim Carrey Editing Score

darrendotexe: If they ever make a biopic about Donald Trump, he has to be played Jim Carrey.

yuxiang69509002: Sergi Did you see last year's Jim Carrey movie?

sludgefeast: not saying it was intentional but do u think that the costume designer for the jim carrey grinch movie maybe SAW a white person w dreadlocks at some point in their life before working on the movie and possibly maybe that image was like, subconsciously,,, rooted? yknow? cause like

ThoddsGame: I had a dream that i was watching spongebob and one of the jokes was that garrys father was jim carrey so they just showed jim carrey in a garry costume for a scene

zaaktd: jim carrey's Eggman is so goddamn good

madeofmistak3: listening to norm macdonald interview jim carrey and he (jim) is accidentally doing an impression of a dumb person who thinks he is ever so wise. just the worst

wsgpaul: Just wow, the concept of memory erasing, the emotion, it all comes together so well. Jim Carrey absolutely crushed the role of Joel, nothing new with him. Mark Ruffalo, Kate Winslet, and Kirsten Dunst were also phenomenal. Tom Wilkinson as well.

ThaFrreshPrince: The Sonic The Hedgehog movies have actually been pretty dope. Minus the cringe ass biracial couple.. ..Jim Carrey as Eggman is also not that great. Glad hes retiring hopefully they cast a better Eggman

SamagameC: a splendid Jim Carrey stars in Peter Weir’s visionary film

Hobhunks: Jim Carrey wanting to come back is nice and all BUT ELEMENTS FROM SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG?!?!?! I’ve never been happier to read a sentence

Cambi4prez: Jim Carrey reminds me that all Capricorns are destined for greatness lol

ASAP_Softy: Yes I can rap exactly like him too Robert Downey Jr. & Jim Carrey Khud ko poocho I WILL KISS YOUUU <33 BULLSHIT BRO

Saul_Derp: Jim Carrey as Plastic Man would kinda slap tbh

THE_Breecher: Jim Carrey as Robotnik is absolutely phenomenal

GoNintendoTweet: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 writers on requests for Amy, Crush 40, and Jim Carrey's return

mattwillywilson: Never seen this before. Jim Carrey - Informer

brendankellol: i remember jim carrey going viral for his real cool speech at a graduation and he has remained totally awesome

aheadofthesun: “Every morning, I wake up saying, ‘I’m still alive, a miracle.’ And so I keep on pushing.” — Jim Carrey

cowboychaos_exe: Loki in Jim Carrey’s The Mask was more in character for Loki than Loki in Marvel’s Loki

yg_primo: My childhood is literally just Jim Carrey & Adam Sandler

murakusai01: R.E.M. & Jim Carrey - This Friendly World

verbum_dayton: Wife out of town, folding laundry, pick up a pair of her underwear, think why not, put them on, turn into Jim Carrey from the Mask from the waist down, eyeing a basket of laundry now, calling on my better angels

susanannmills: Top 20 Funniest Jim Carrey Impressions Ever


donbarbel: jim carrey puto crack

ebonrook_film: The one thing SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2 gave to us as a society, is the knowledge that Idris Elba is funnier than Jim Carrey.


antifa_cleric: Maybe a "hot take" but the only thing bad about the sonic movies is Jim Carrey and how he made Eggman out to be a joke.

SyedTaukir: If you've got a talent, protect it. Jim Carrey MUNAWAR GONNA ACE KKK12

amnesia_god: You may think affirmations are silly. But celebrities like >Jim Carrey >Oprah >Denzel Washington Have used them to get what they wanted. Logan Paul: "I'd look in the mirror and say my goals 10 times in the morning and 10 times at night."

TheAnything_Bot: This image of Jim Carrey makes me happy!

Akumabat: I think it's interesting how the original Mask character in the comics was really dark but they turned the character into a kids cartoon series thanks to a Jim Carrey movie wonder if they would ever make another cartoon for adults that's more comic accurate

JosephK92512982: If you give up on your dreams, what’s left? -Jim Carrey

METALPICSTHATGO: Cannibal Corpse with Jim Carrey while filming Ace Ventura, 1994.

JimCarreyOnline: NEWS | Sonic 2 - Dr. Robotnik Look Featurette New exciting behind the scenes clip about the transformation of Robotnik in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 with Jim Carrey. Read the full news:

agvBruceAdams: Jim Carrey mocks moon landing believers. Mind control in action.

JstRandomMind: Jim Carrey & Cameron Diaz in "The Mask", 1994

Chocobo666: Can't wait till we see a 12 year old with an autoimmune disease get shot in cold blood and a 70 year old grieving man be executed by firing squad in a Jim Carrey kids movie.

shittykino: In Bruce Almighty (2003), Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey) is granted unlimited power by God (Morgan Freeman) and uses that power to affect positive change.

amoviepitchbot: Tom Hardy is in love with Jim Carrey in this Gaspar Noé action flick set on Saturn

gabiskiwi: Jim Carrey vai se aposentar??????

martinMmorrow: I haven’t seen this man make a public appearance in like 4 months. I swear I’ve seen Jim Carrey as Biden more than I’ve seen Biden

TheRetroCritic: About to premiere my new TOP 10 BEST JIM CARREY MOVIES video:

Yamirah7: Oh gods, starting to see the take that the only good think about the Sonic movies is Jim Carrey and that Jim Carrey Eggman is the only good Eggman design.

TheJoshfriend: I saw this sign on my way to work. My thought is, The Mask might not have been Jim Carrey's best work, but it certainly deserves more credit than that.

GameSpot: This early version of the classic '90s film reveals Jim Carrey's wild physical acting before all the visual effects were put in place!

TheAnything_Bot: Jim Carrey Robotnik was pushed off a cliff by Nyannyancosplay

RandomMishaps: I want him to return


MittensMilos: jim carrey eating the popcorn when knuckles and sonic fghit is so finny to me it looks so silly

VicPhant: Sonic 2 is about as good as the first, I think. Not bad at all, but not fantastic. I'm still not really a fan of how this version of Sonic is written and don't care about the human characters. Knuckles is pretty great though, and Jim Carrey's Eggman is still the highlight.

SpaceRanger1995: i think jim carrey plays better villains than protagonists fr

MovieMan995: If Jim Carrey is indeed retiring from acting the last line of his career will have been "later hater!" which is a good ending line for an actor.

Steph40_81: Jeff Foxworthy & maybe Jim Carrey.

stopmrdomino: sonic 2 eggman is even more just jim carrey being jim carrey with a moustache than the first movie

RossWBermanIV: The rest of the movie was complete dogshit but I have no notes for Jim Carrey, he was great

Carnage4907: Liked on YouTube: Jim Carrey shares what he would do for a day if nobody recognized him | Goalcast Shorts

lalisarapture: why is jim carrey such a great actor

World_of_reis: Jim Carrey been playing as sleepy joe

VinceEckert: i saw sonic 2 earlier. it was more fun than the first one, which i never actually finished. just various fun scenarios they can put the hedgehog in, theres no real themes or anything. they let jim carrey do the stupid physical comedy everybody remembers him for

TheDroyd: People always ask what made me want to become a comedian. So here it is: I distinctly remember being hilarious in class as far back as 3rd grade. Nobody taught me. I really wanted to play in the NFL because I didn’t know you could be funny as a profession. Until I saw Jim Carrey

RaceConor: Sonic the hedgehog 2 is a vast improvement on the original, and the best video game movie ever made. So much great fan service . So much heart . Jim Carrey as robotnik and Idris Elba as knuckles are the big standouts. Great action and a killer soundtrack. Grade:8.5/10

VinceEckert: prob the larger import of the movie is that in years to come jim carrey completists will watch this one to see some shit they loved from ace ventura or the mask or whatever. dude got a reputation as a serious actor in latter years & so less of an opportunity to flail around funny

irlydontexist: Starring Jim carrey?

BigGooch183: Jim carrey bodied the egg man role

jaboiwes: Liar liar is a top 5 Jim Carrey movie idc

LucDeFort: Jean Claude Van Damme or Jim Carrey?

HampG6: “Life opens up opportunities to you, and you either take them or you stay afraid of taking them.” -Jim Carrey

HampG6: “Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world. Don’t let anything stand in the way of the light that shines through this form. Risk being seen in all of your glory.” -Jim Carrey

HampG6: “My focus is to forget the pain of life. Forget the pain, mock the pain, reduce it. And laugh.” -Jim Carrey

HampG6: “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.” -Jim Carrey

HampG6: “I feel like I want to take care of everyone and I also feel this terrible guilt if I am unable to. And I have felt this way ever since all this success started.” -Jim Carrey

framefound: Jim Carrey in Fun with Dick and Jane (2005)

MaestroRandy: Now Playing on Q108 Kingston Natural Act Stand by Jim Carrey The Un

esotericanaris: as much as y’all praise jim carrey he just like them otha white ppl

Shi_bal__: Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes. Jim Carrey KDLEX MISTERYO MV

puffpuffpainter: Jim Carrey could pull off that crying snap filter unprovoked


ichwenotchew: Gave it some thought and decided to watch Lemony cause I don't remember it as well as Shrek. Thanks for clearing my mind. Anyways, Jim Carrey is a legend.

FACEisINFINITY: Basically aka anyone older than amber heard that stalked me and then targeted any of the females I found attractive and would force themselves near them aka jim Carrey and elon musk to name a few that aided rapist amber heard in defamation slader and libel against me which was.

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