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  • Wrasslebot: the ministry of darkness is on here on all american wrestling, jesse 'the body' ventura! and they don't look too happy with the iron sheik!
  • Iamandhito: wwe hall of fame class of 2004: big john studd, don muraco, greg valentine, harley race, jesse ventura, junkyard dog, sgt. slaughter, -c-
  • Wrasslebot: good evening folks! it's jim ross here, alongside jesse 'the body' ventura, coming to you live from double or nothing at little caesars arena, only on pay-per-view. our main event tonight: mikey whipwreck vs. ice train!
  • Brainmage: take this, this is my body *gently puts jesse ventura in yr mouth*
  • Larrythesequel: if you count wwf (i consider it a gray area), i'd put bobby heenan after dickerson, gorilla monsoon between heenan and blaha, and jim ross between uecker and fowler. and perhaps jesse ventura after madden.
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SANDALWOOD, you say, and in your thoughts it chimes
With Tyre and Solomon; to me it rhymes
With places bare upon Pacific mountains,
With spaces empty in the minds of men.

The Kings of Hawaii call out their men,
The men go up the mountains in files;

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