The Train Misser Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


At Union StationA
'Ll where in the world my eyes has binB
Ef I hain't missed that train ag'inB
Chuff And whistle And toot And ringC
But blast and blister the dasted trainD
How it does it I can't explainD
Git here thirty five minutes beforeE
The durn things due And drat the thingC
It'll manage to git past shoreE
The more I travel around the moreE
I got no sense To stand right hereF
And let it beat me 'Ll ding my meltsG
I got no gumption ner nothin' elseH
Ticket Agent's a dad burned boreE
Sell you a tickets all they keerE
Ticket Agents ort to all beI
Prosecuted and that's jes whatJ
How'd I know which train's fer meI
And how'd I know which train was notK
Goern and comin' and gone astrayE
And backin' and switchin' ever' which wayE
Ef I could jes sneak round behindL
Myse'f where I could git full swingC
I'd lift my coat and kick by jingC
Till I jes got jerked up and finedL
Fer here I stood as a durn fool's aptM
To and let that train jes chuff and chooN
Right apast me and mouth jes gappedM
Like a blamed old sandwitch warped in twoN

James Whitcomb Riley


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