James Clarence Mangan Hope Poems

  • 1.
    Where is my chief, my master, this bleak night, mavrone?
    O cold, cold, miserably cold is this bleak night for Hugh!
    Its showery, arrowy, speary sleet pierceth one thro' and thro',
    Pierceth one to the very bone.
  • 2.
    Long they pine in weary woe, the nobles of our land,
    Long they wander to and fro, proscribed, alas! and banned;
    Feastless, houseless, altarless, they bear the exile's brand,
    But their hope is in the coming-to of Kathleen-Ni-Houla-han!
  • 3.
    I saw her once, one little while, and then no more:
    'Twas Eden's light on Earth a while, and then no more.
    Amid the throng she passed along the meadow-floor:
    Spring seemed to smile on Earth awhile, and then no more;
  • 4.
    O woman of the piercing wail,
    Who mournest o'er yon mound of clay
    With sigh and groan,
    Would God thou wert among the Gael!
  • 5.
    O my Dark Rosaleen,
    Do not sigh, do not weep!
    The priests are on the ocean green,
    They march along the deep.
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