Who is James Clarence Mangan

This article is about the poet. For the baseball player, see Jim Mangan. Memorial bust of Mangan in St. Stephen's Green, sculpted by Oliver Sheppard James Clarence Mangan, born James Mangan (Irish: Séamus Ó Mangáin; 1 May 1803, Dublin – 20 June 1849), was an Irish poet.

Early life Mangan was the son of James Mangan, a former hedge school teacher and native of Shanagolden, C...
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James Clarence Mangan Poems

  • O'hussey's Ode To The Maguire
    Where is my chief, my master, this bleak night, mavrone?
    O cold, cold, miserably cold is this bleak night for Hugh!
    Its showery, arrowy, speary sleet pierceth one thro' and thro',
    Pierceth one to the very bone....
  • Lament For Banba
    O my land! O my love!
    What a woe, and how deep,
    Is thy death to my long mourning soul!
    God alone, God above,...
  • King Cahal Mór Of The Wine-red Hand
    I walked entranced
    Through a land of Morn:
    The sun, with wondrous excess of light,
    Shone down and glanced...
  • Kincora
    Ah, where, Kincora! is Brian the Great?
    And where is the beauty that once was thine?
    Oh, where are the princes and nobles that sate
    At the feasts in thy halls, and drank the red wine,...
  • Kathleen-ni-houlahan
    Long they pine in weary woe, the nobles of our land,
    Long they wander to and fro, proscribed, alas! and banned;
    Feastless, houseless, altarless, they bear the exile's brand,
    But their hope is in the coming-to of Kathleen-Ni-Houla-han!...
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Red 6 Night 6 Alone 6 Light 6 Long 5 Soul 5 Deep 5 High 5 Hope 5 Earth 5

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  • Anchartlann: "it was by the stream of the castled maine, one autumn eve, in the teuton’s land, that i dreamed this dream of the time and reign of cáhal mór of the wine red hand!"
  • Book_addict: happy birthday to irish poet james clarence mangan (may 1,1803), author of the poem “woman of three cows” et al.
  • Pad_ban: easter rising 1916 – the aftermath: arrests and executions
  • Tomdouglas95: james clarence mangan, a poet, was born in dublin in 1803 - the son of a grocer. he died in the cholera epidemic of the 1840s after a short life of poverty. 'dark rosaleen' has been named in the irish times favorites.
  • Dubdecodedtours: discussion includes everything from the publishers and booksellers of castle st in the 1600' and 1700s; theatre culture of the restoration and georgian eras; to fascinating figures like james clarence mangan, john ogilsby and lady sydney morgan.
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