I thought you and I swore to bond?
"Forever" you said and I too
But you turned out to be a James bond
My trust you blew away in two
Now my heart dearly crave for breath
This pain can't be measured in breadth.

Why "Yes" when I sought your consent?
You turned me on just to go off like Nepa
Your sight then was nothing but decent
Till suddenly you left my tension hyper
Clearly it has been unveiled and apparent
You only seduced me with your apparel.

A cunning life you chose like Lucifer
Probably I was naive like eve
Your forbidden apple made me suffer
Had I know, if and only if!
Like monkey under lock and key
I cant leap in this solitary cage your betrayal built.

If I had wings I would fly away
Away for one thousand and one reasons
Reasons best known to me personally
Personally now I desire to live my life
Life has fought and thought me lessons
Lessons decades cum century can't erase.
Erase I badly want your memory!