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tsumuhomabot: Homare: I think this book is a great choice for those who have never read classic Japanese poetry. Tsumugi: Yes, I think so too! I feel like she will like it since this one is easy to read. I’ll buy this.

abloopslife: Idk how the travellers do it but I'd be like freaking annoyed that this lady is making me do her job so she can write poetry

gwgoodwin77: Strange what it is that you find endearing. Just simple things that many would never notice. A woman pointing at something and her arm and hand are the epitome of feminine poetry.

thehedgepress: Tom's ROPES OF FLINT AND STARS poetry workshop is today, Sunday, at 8pm GMT+1. It's a pay-what-you-like affair and promises to be a wild ride. Here he talks a little about what might be in store:

moses_brian: New blog page: Welcome to Lucy Strange who is guest writer on my blog. "Poetry isn't just in can be found in all sorts of writing." Read about the author of 'The Ghost of Gosswater' here:

anna_blume_hh: "Elements of poetry are letters, syllables, words, sentences. Poetry arises from the interaction of those elements. Meaning is important only if it employed as one such factor. I play off sense against nonsense. I prefer nonsense, but that is a purely personal matter." Schwitters

BurgerNyaman: now it's just 'a piece of poetry' ??? You have about almost 10k followers and this is how you wish to influence them? Neutrality? Disregarding the oppressor and making them as equal to the oppressed? Nah that's not just a piece of poetry

slavica_loboda: The truth of scripture is trans historical and it manages this by taking the form of myth, story, parable, and poetry. The historical setting is far more setting than history. (..)

moses_brian: New blog page: Welcome to Lucy Strange who is guest writer on my blog. "Poetry isn't just in can be found in all sorts of writing." Read about the author of 'The Ghost of Gosswater' here:

bjork_bot_kr: On the surface simplicity/But the darkest pit in me/It is pagan poetry/Pagan poetry (Pagan poetry)

TweetHeike_Dino: I need your honest opinions folks. Does this look classy and professional and is it easy to read? I'm using a graphic design website to present my poetry in a beautiful format. I would appreciate your comments.

authorjanjansen: Life is a puzzle, all the pieces must exactly in place traps to make it complete: Life is a puzzle, all the pieces must exactly in place traps to make it complete.   Our life consists o

DonJoe05787972: Well, people write songs and poetry about loneliness. They have to remember the world is not going to give a " hoot" about it.The meaning of loneliness is to understand peace and tranquility. Appreciate that. You are no more with hypocrites.

matsudai43: Poetry is free thought. What is your reason for monitoring it?

CultGenerator: Reggaebeat is a suburban music genre that started in Ukraine in the first years of the 2000's. It's characterized by steampunk poetry and chopped chiptunes.

melodysmom2: Watching Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. Norm MacDonald: My son writes poetry. Jerry Seinfeld: Poetry is bad comedy. It's a bunch of carefully chosen words that don't end in laughter.

thdollasign: Is it Thea X performing slam poetry or is it Yoko Ono signing Lady Gaga’s pokerface? Hard to tell.

dailydeltie: Translations in games are complicated. Sometimes the writing has puns or poetry that are hard to replicate, especially since in poetry you need to find the right stress patterns / the correct wording or else it'll sound.. not poetic. This is why you have translator notes.

littorallines: When you see all the agony in the world, all the avarice it springs from, what worth poetry if all it does is tell easy stories?

maxquotebot: It is not really poetry, but the lyrics to songs whose music is lost.

GratefulnessOrg: "call it our craziness even, call it anything. it is the life thing in us," writes poet, Lucille Clifton. Read the full poem:

nikolatosic: Consulting should be done in the poetry format I actually do not understand why poetry is used only for poetry. It should be added to anything. It is a format which gets closest to the truth and everything needs that

vdquotesbot: Not all poetry is pretty. But it can help us validate the ugly, I think. To say ‘this is what I am experiencing, other people have felt this kind of ugly before, and other people have lived to write about it.’

authorjanjansen: It is never an dead end process to acquire knowledge: It is never an dead end process to acquire knowledge   But to learn it there is not always a royal road. We can not be intellige

LiveCanon: It’s actually because I’m putting together prizes for our children’s poetry competition and we’ve nailed ks1,2&4 but ks3 is that tricky time of transition from child to young adult

HMasihuddin: Farroq Qaiser sahb Marhoom was also an accomplished poet with a deep sense of social justice. His book MERAY PYARAY ALLAH MIAN is a book with heart wrenching poetry . It really should be a part of our curriculum and a must parent - child bedtime book . Sharing some poems from it.

sparklingbolts: idk but ‘falling for a stranger good gracious I might even fly out of vegas’ is peak poetry even if it makes zero sense

OlutosinFashusi: “Honey, check it out, you got me mesmerized with your black hair and your fat-ass thighs street poetry is my everyday but yo, I gotta stop when you trot my way If I was working at the club you would not pay ayo, my man Phife Diggy, he got something to say” - Q-Tip

Abrii_cuerva: “I have been used to consider poetry as "the food of love" said Darcy. "Of a fine, stout, healthy love it may. Everything nourishes what is strong already. But if it be only a slight, thin sort of inclination, I am convinced that one good sonnet will starve it entirely away.”

theaterclouds: Thanks for the pats, penguins and poetry. The waterfall was so pretty yesterday. Here it is for you.

jenn_loeb: How to produce a grammar in which existence might be the thought and not the unthought? That's what Dionne Brand says poetics, or the task of poetry, is. What does it mean that I must learn this through a YouTube video and that I've never met the poet herself?

AmandaAskell: It took me a while To realize it. To come to terms with the fact That poetry Is just a name for regular text That's written like this.

Magicknegro: For me, this is sometimes less true for poetry than it is for fiction. But this is a word.

upstartgod: having the latin text of catullus’ poetry available is such an exciting experience. it’s so nice to read aloud and really hear the cadence properly. latin always sounds so pretty. ah, languages. ah, poetry. the staples of life.

WendyESlater: "It is in the healing of self-blame & judgement, that the self is liberated from the constraints of binding emotions & you come to remember your true authentic self." ©2015 W.E.Slater Mystical poetry.

TensaiMalek: Tl sleep? minimalism is underrated on this app. Yeah there are horrible examples of it but I really do like when less is more in art. Any artform whether it be music, movies, poetry or paintings.

authorjanjansen: Wealthy of a person is depending on the way they rendered it back to the society:   Wealthy of a person is depending on the way they rendered it back to the society   Wealth i

brunt3n: Do we realize how gorgeous every body is? If they were all under the same light there would be such beauty in the way they each bend and break it. Curves and muscles alike, Poetry written in shaded hues

abentleywrites: Entered my first Challenge on Vocal: 'Color is Pride: True Colors'. It's sponsored by Moleskine and I absolutely love writing in their notebooks, so I figured let's give it a shot. Read the full poem here:

deadpoet______: your softness is never a weakness, it requires courage to feel everyone's pain

authorjanjansen: It is never an dead end process to acquire knowledge: It is never an dead end process to acquire knowledge   But to learn it there is not always a royal road. We can not be intellige

authorjanjansen: Everyone has to deal with Scars in his life, it is important how we cured this and not let our Life be Influenced because of it:   Everyone has to deal with Scars in his life, it is i

SusanBruck: The poetry of self-compassion: revealing what is hidden as a gift to others--I've been taking this lovely course offered by David Whyte, and it has been a balm for my weary self!

boisosmoov: Not tryna slander trap music but it’s so far away from the original definition of rap which is “rhythm and poetry”, no trap rapper will ever be better than a regular rapper

GPWriter: Each day the gap between have and have-nots is growing into an enormous abyss and we’re on the edge sliding into the darkness Think your money and pride will hide that you’re already dead inside? You let it slide again

Zohadtweets: so strange & mesmerizing how our interests change with our company. they mold us as we mold them & it happens so discreetly that none is aware of it. until one day those friends leave & you realize you were never addicted to chaye or ghazals or poetry before you met them.

Moyo_Mickey: I really think that our existence is marked by the most relevant Nicki bar at each temporal interval —— it almost feels like one truly has not lived until they experience themselves through the poetry of Barbism

joshuaseawell: The reviews are mostly positive and you can see all the writers think St. Vincent is super talented. But TheAtlantic said it was moments of poetry that add up to emotional beige lol and I think that's right

yinkanubi: 2. The word ‘workmanship’ comes from the Greek word poiéma from which we get the word poetry. And poetry is a diversified and creative thing; it comes in many forms. That’s why the Bible says God works through different people in different ways (see 1 Corinthians 12:6).

error_asdfghjkl: I have been struggling to finish Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass by Lana Del Rey. Her poetries are, well, unique I guess? While poetry is very subjective, I find this particular poetry book rather frustrating. I’ve read half of it and tbh, I don’t understand any of it.

MichellBasler: When I'm not ok, music or poetry usually make it better. Or puns and memes. Sometimes shitposting. If that doesn't work then having tea or coffee with someone is nice. It would be nice.

StoryboardThat: Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai is a semi-autobiographical book written in free verse poetry. Set in Vietnam and the U.S., it is about Há and her family, who become refugees during the Vietnam War. Engage students with plot, vocabulary, & more:

HolaMoonchild: Found a new way to interpret Don't by eAeon. It's what I love about art (music and poetry specifically) it is versatile, you can interpret it however you want to and be comforted by it.

azcontour: Make your prayers poetic for them to be louder and more effective. Poetry is for God. This is why it usually gets sent through the gate of a woman by the poet (yes, love letters are esoteric)

EgyptsBeer: Students also enjoyed the wine poetry, poetic jousts, silly commercials, etc. But I felt I must always ground it with, frankly, dry historiography. Names and dates, and all that jazz that is immediately forgotten after the exam and can be accessed from a wiki.12/19

heatherchristle: I need to make friends with a person in the UK who owns a boat. They did not teach me how to do this at poetry school. Do you own a boat? Can we be friends? Is this how you do it?

SorayaMcDonald: "Black poetry, for me, does both. It refuses to give in, but it also doesn’t truck in platitudes. It isn’t interesting to then just say, ‘Everything’s fine,’ but it is interesting to say, ‘Been down so long, it looks like up to me.’" ❤️❤️❤️

jgrantaddison: Little known fact: "I don't like sand" is actually the shortest sentence in the English language that can qualify as poetry. It is the John 11:35 of movie quotes.

AJ_TheSecond: Are you a lover of poetry? Do you want to listen to words that’d melt your heart in their fire or make adrenaline rush lose its meaning in your body? Have a date with us tomorrow in Kano. It’s a FREE event. Yes, PW is five, & we’re that generous. Please RT.

KristopherJans: Some student feedback for the ages: "for the love of god stop teaching poetry, it is useless"

Toure: Toure Show x Tracy K Smith “I’m A Poet.” Tracy is one of the great poets in America today. We talk about how to write poetry and what it means to be the poet laureate.

johannaxtaylor: A great opportunity here for someone who is super organised and loves theatre, music, poetry, writing and raving. All the good stuff. If it's not you, please share!

hawyysachiiii: HEART BREAK IS NOT BEAUTIFUL It is not Poetry, it is not staying up till 4 AM listening to sad Songs. It's Breaking out in the middle of people. It's seeing their face in All the People you Pass by. It's feeling Ok for weeks at a time and then all of a sudden you are crying.

mike_b_griffith: Reading my stupid little poetry again tonight bc: The world is not pretty to me :) I don’t know if it ever has been :) But I want it to be :) I want the world to exist :) I think it could :) So I’m drinking a bourbon :) And trying on new eyes :)

KatzenworldBlog: Our latest post (Purrsday Poetry: Ava) is now live! Please check it out on

UselRay1500: We know it's about a weird abandoned house. We know it's about using poetry to build a house. We really want to use Rae's zine making experience to build this. And that's around when I realise we're not making a role playing game, this is a good game.

thespanglemaker: this is so awful it sounds like soft boy poetry at an open mic night

addieomo: i feel like posting my poetry here... but i also like keeping it a secret,, it’s also really raw so some of it is sad

UselRay1500: In form, Architype looks more like magnetic fridge poetry than a zine. But it's design and manufacturer (in its physical form) is heavily influenced by zine making. It's sheets of folded paper, hand cut index cards, and guillotined little bits of paper with words on them.

davekjokay: it’s the revised standard version, catholic edition, and it’s...too literal and readable in a way? which like, sure I’m going thru it cos I sort of wanted to understand the content, and the priest doing the reading is a youth pastor, but when you reduce all the poetry of say-

authorjanjansen: Eyes are Useless if our Heart is into Blindness: Eyes are Useless if our Heart is into Blindness It is so nice to be in love with a person who no longer disappear from our thoughts and by eye

authorjanjansen: Sometimes it takes longer to achieve our dream, but the time is not important if we really want to fulfill something: Sometimes it takes longer to achieve our dream, but the time is not import

typode: Christian Wiman on poetry readings: It's not a lie, this performance. Crucial human communication and consolation can occur in these exchanges. But it's not not a lie, either. The self that intones the poem is not the soul that received it.

chinabookschina: Solitude is the soil of poetry, the opportunity of creation, and it causes deep thinking about the existence of life and self-awakening.

mitamabot: Heeheehee, so it is your fault that I'm so in love with poetry and verse.

JarodAnderson: Write poetry because you need to. Because it’s hard. Because language is broken, But if you brave the sharp edges, You might make something Worth having.

FKittlerbot: When it comes to mounted and exhibited skeletons Rilke is fascinated by that utmost poetry.

cyndi_celeste: One of the things I love about my regional spoken word poetry fam is that we really do be sharing opportunities. Collaboration beating competition and I love to see it! We win together outchea

TristanErKul: I think that the phrase: "crying is just emotional sweating from your eyes." Could be great in some sort of slam poetry. Mabey it already exists.

livslakes: i love that moment in paterson where he meets that little girl and acknowledges her as a poet, tells her that her poem is beautiful. it’s so meaningful because he never calls himself a poet, he never prides himself on writing beautiful poetry but he acknowledges-

Tina69911364: Among the basic characteristics of poetry, is that it knows itself to be exposed to misunderstanding. Paul Celan

Writingandothe1: Books, poetry, magical and captivating!!! Rapted in pages it is and you will enjoy it indeed!

yasmin_khan: Support Palestinian culture – music, dance, literature, poetry, food – there is so much beauty and joy Palestinians have to offer! Engage with and enjoy their cultural offerings and (importantly!) share it with others to help connect to our common, wider, humanity.(13)

Crowesq: While I am in favor of an increase in aspiration toward poetry, just reading terse prose with a cadence doesn't really make it poetry. I'm not trying to be a gatekeeping snob. But poetry is in word choice and composition. Performance should be an enhancement, not the backbone.

DCNATV: Quote "Reality only reveals itself when it is illuminated by a ray of poetry." — Georges Braque (May 13, 1882)


SerpilK44: -It is the cradle of Christ! - Palestine is greater than a historic piece and place! - It is more valuable than being poetry lyrics! -It is creed/faith. It is a verse in Allah (C.C)'s Holly Book !

h0pelesslvr: ok i really need to rant about this, if a person is creating art, be it in the form of music, poetry, painting, sketching, etc and they might not be as good as other artists or maybe they are a cliché, who gives u the right to pull them down? (1/n)

Isabelwriter: Only 6 spaces left for Fri 11 June's Poetry Salon on sonnets. I'm going. It's online and free. Kathryn is starting something great here - have a look at the link.

drpri15: Is it necessary to have a heartbreak to become a good poet?? well, i think definitely NOT! Poetry comes from heart and what all things you can feel or imagine. If you have sense of feeling every situation or incident that happens in this world, you can write well.

AyCaramba15: Hermosa Hermosa is the path to becoming one's own home. A thread pulled when Salgado thinks about who she is & who she has been. Hermosa lives in the small moments hidden beneath it all!

katieemorann: Working on a longer form poetry piece than I usually write and it’s taking a lot of commitment and thought. Also, it is bringing up past pain. How do other poets manage writing poems that bring up past pain? Any tips? Any response is appreciated.

rmdrk: I wrote a children's poetry book a few years ago. I think I am finally going to release it. Only 2000 units will be available. Small run. I love this book. It's beyond special to me. Here is a sneak peak of the cover and title. Love you all.

jmjafrx: This essay makes me miss Chicago poetry workshops. It also reminds me there is a difference between criticism and critique. I came to critique late and honestly wish I'd never really learned of it and the (Black) theorists I'm attracted to most are critiquing critique constantly.

beezybubb: no honestly i don’t know what this tweet is but it’s poetry

earthmamiii: love is when they hold your hand but it’s the freest you’ve ever felt

PhillyDinkers: The best film QT has ever made (with JB and OUATIH just behind it). Watching it removed from years of rewatching and it’s swallowing up by the culture of the time, it remains absolutely electrifying. The script is pure poetry, a work of real art.

authorjanjansen: Eyes are Useless if our Heart is into Blindness: Eyes are Useless if our Heart is into Blindness It is so nice to be in love with a person who no longer disappear from our thoughts and by eye

authorjanjansen: Every day is a precious gift try to use it wisely: Every day is a precious gift, try to use it wisely.   The big problem on this earth is that many do not understand that every day we

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