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forcefriendspod: This is hands down my favorite message I’ve evert gotten. It’s like poetry, it rhymes. It’s just pure art.

beaumontesme: fun thing about my phd being half about social media poetry is that i can spend an hour scrolling tumblr and call it "research"

terance_fields: Is it just me or did Kendrik’s new album sound like slam poetry?

danielsgoldman: There is no book and there will never be a book. But if there is, it will have no evidence.

anaisninja21: Putting together a poetry collection is tough. Why can't it simply be a collection of your best poetry? I've learned that half the job is gathering poems thematically. Plus, there seems to be more emphasis on how the poem "looks" nowadays more than quality.

jormunghast: its good material, its just less honed. well tbh the poetry is solid, but that is within its own context mostly. the prose gets better as it goes on. i rewrote my first novel (2014-15) almost entirely into something new this year (the one im approaching publishers for)

PoetNotRockStar: “Poetry is not only dream and vision; it is the skeleton architecture of our lives. Our poems formulate ourselves, what we feel within and dare make real. It lays foundations for a future of change, a bridge across our fears of what has never been before.” — Audre Lorde

Ioveisdone: I had a conversation with my friend about this yesterday and we both agreed that poetry is just way too highly talked about which leads to so many people shying away from it, though it actually is just like normal writing, and I think we made some points

KylaNeufeld: This poetry collection is amazing, and it was a joy to interview ky for the article.

NewOhioReview: We're excited to hear about a new poetry press started by our friend Kathleen Lee. It's called Blue Edge Books, and their first collection is "On the Mercy Me Planet" by Maya Janson. Find out more here:

verlainebot: verlaine is really wanting his hat back. aside from poetry, it’s the only tangible thing left of rimbaud.

slampoetbot: to love poetry is to know what it is to be a little tea cup pig in a rain coat and tiny rain boots

priswriter: Thanks to Doc Sigerson and other staff for acceopting my poem into what is the closing issue of The Red Fez! Sea Songs is the title. Go to the below link to see it online!

Micksalt1: Poetry is everything you say to me and all that you don’t as I read it in your eyes.

mobiquotes: It is by faith that poetry as well as devotion soars above this dull earth that imagination breaks through its clouds breathes a purer air and lives in a softer light.

Rational_Quotes: "Financial freedom is not about greed. It is to allow the rule to become true: to be who you are. If you enjoy writing poetry, becoming financially free will allow you to pursue poetry. If you enjoy racing cars, financial freedom allows you to do that." - Pook

followthelamb: “How wonderful God’s timings are. There is such a strange kind of heavenly poetry about them…a strong assurance that His Hand is in it all, working out a purpose worthy of His great thoughts!” — Lilias Trotter

CacalanoCarmen: dont mean to offend. it was just political poetry i think having two parties is a good thing. i love democracy. and i appreciate that we do have one. republicans like in ALL DYMANICS serve as a reminder to the half that thinks.

NatalieGMarino: I recently withdrew from my MFA program after 1 year. Despite having a wonderful mentor, the direct cost is a burden and leaving my young children for a 10-day residency in July is just not feasible. I love poetry and I want to get better at it. Where to look for apprenticeship?

dennynotdeeny: 66. Benediction (2021, Terence Davies) - 4.5/5 stars The juxtaposition of photography and poetry as attempts to preserve what is lost, in a film about a man whose life is littered with moved me.

CONSCIOUSBEATS8: “It is always fatal to have music or poetry interrupted.”

akiraX989: mother i sober is one of the deepest songs I've heard in a while it tackles the trauma that he has been through so well the art of poetry in this song is really something else

tmchrlbs: Dionne Brand is, without a doubt, one of the most absolutely sensational living poets and writers, so it’s incredible to see Duke UP collecting and issuing 600+ pages (!!) of her otherwise hard-to-find poetry, and I’m excited for new readers to be able to discover her!!

coopstah: “Revere what is in front of you. Hope for nothing. Delight in what crops up. Have faith in poetry. Be content with the world. Fight for it to remain.” - From "The Velvet Queen"

Mr___Bone: Kama la is gonna start reading us poetry And you'll like it

mister_10_below: Bloom writes that all poetry and life is a continual misreading. Misreading, the mirrors of influence. Fractal illusions. We still have to work through it, if our conclusions are at first wrong or off-base. I believe all the events in our lives are the objective events of History

stephanuscoombs: It strikes me that perhaps what distinguishes (true) poetry from other word-stuff is simply care, more care, still more care and so on all the way down, as they say. Nothing else. I tend to think it can never be improvised.

Waterdragonn: The Grande Chartreuse, by J. R. Cozens. Gray said of the scenery en route, Not a precipice, not a torrent, not a cliff, but it is pregnant with religion and poetry'

BetteAStevens: Get away from it all without leaving home… 5✰s

coldyswift: "this is what 22 feels like" is a poem i wrote after i... well, turned 22. unfortunately it hasn't been like that Taylor Swift song. it's quite a mess and quite upsetting. this and other angry poems are available on my poetry album "in denial" on Wattpad:

sanarelle: It is a sad night, all I have to offer is poetry.

HashUrTag: If you want to see poetry in motion, this is it! Mohammad Asif was a magician and the personification of the greatest Pakistani paradox: کھاتا ہے تو لگاتا بھی تو ہے! Flipping genius!

michaeltavon: I hope you all aren’t tired of my poetry yet, bc a new collection is coming…when it comes

TheaEnriquez5: my stab at poetry as horrible as it is

miss__shah__: You sent me a bouquet of flowers full of hope serenity and joy, along with your love. Take me to your soul by wrapping yourself in my thinking. How lovely it is when love sings and turns each beat into poetry.

rocksta_da_emo: cc: “Poetry Session.” “All she know is white dick. When she hop on the black dick, she ain’t ever hopping off it. I’m just a Mexican bean. I’m dreaming a dream.” “Poetry Session over sir.”

_teatimewithsis: It’s a movement, because I’m Chosen. My gift of poetry is also a gift of divine love.

imzainswhore: my life is like a rupi kaur poetry at this point i do not get it at all

his_poetry: Academia is not merely about studying or research. It is also about developing a thick skin.

LEKRUFFTYLER: there is a sublime poetry that narrates my life thats so personal and layered i could never begin to explain it, but it’s beautiful

23idiocracy: The US Anti-War Left is Dead. The Squad's $40b War Vote Just Killed It.

jvnggkuk: "us is just a plural form of u, perhaps i wasn’t there at all from the beginning" is what real poetry looks like

SmokingSelina: I like mindless party music like everyone but my heart will always be with lyrical poetry. To hear wordsmiths craft songs that speak to a different part of you every time you hear it is a beautiful.

mccartyscurve: Is poetry a break from reality? Or an extent of it? — more and more it's an extension of reality

FelicPlunkett: Poetry is danced language which means, when you're writing it or reading it, you mustn't rush to the end to find out what it means, but every line, every phrase, every word is an end in itself. ~ Alice Oswald

Shujaat_Mirza: Hindi poetry, especially the one that is liked by most people is very dialogic and almost is like a straightforward narration of things, events, happenings, surroundings, closely akin to a monologue. It is the favorite style of most popular poets more so spoken word poets.

MAR_cookies: Or at the very least, the themes of connections. Anyway I feel like the japanese feels so much more of the poetry. It's just is it so deep? It already touches you surface level but to see it in it's cultural level really do be different

stoneman_claire: Reading a lot of poetry currently. I think reading poems aloud is so important. Sometimes I don’t think we really ‘get’ a poem until it’s read aloud. Never read this before until today. It’s by the wonderful Robert Frost.

Sana12Velvet: My fave piece of Poetry: Now, I just think about who else is kissing her. I can’t breathe because he only kisses her once — he doesn’t care if it’s perfect! I want her back so bad… I leave the door unlocked. I leave the lights on. - Neil Hilborn, OCD

h10_n3: To design is much more than simply to assemble, to order, or even to edit: it is to add value and meaning, to illuminate, to simplify, to clarify, to modify, to dignify, to dramatize, to persuade, and perhaps even to amuse. To design is to transform prose into poetry.

bjork_bot_kr: On the surface simplicity/But the darkest pit in me/It is pagan poetry/Pagan poetry (Pagan poetry)

ingo_don: — "If I read a book & it makes my whole body so cold no fire can warm me, I know that is poetry. If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry. These are the only ways I know it. Is there any other way?" - Emily Dickinson —

YAHWEHGOLD: So my poetry is me composing music but not giving it tune or rhythm. Wanna see my poems? Go to Yahwehgold on Instagram.

rowletsister: sharing poetry is so scary its like giving someone a jittery heart and being like here hold it

nineserene: genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood t.s.eliot * will

lumpenqueeer: yes . i hate poetry . it is that simple .

vakibs: I guess the best we can settle for amongst Muslim kings in India is if they had (very rarely) a love for poetry or literary scholarship. That is it. They had no pretenses towards science or understanding the cosmos. India lost several centuries of scientific edge under this rule!

practicingmarx: "The imagery in these books, called [The US Constitution], appertains altogether to poetry. It is fictitious, and often extravagant, and not admissible in any other kind of writing than poetry." -thomas paine, the age of reason

matthewjorda: Poetry was the canary in the coal mine. For decades there have been far more poets than readers of poetry. Then far more critics than readers of criticism. Soon everyone's going to be a Physicist or something, + then it really is shit or bust.

bhardwaj_toshit: Only reason I can't write poetry about you is because it's too hard for me to put you into words.....

Cinleen: They say if you split a sentence to multiple ones, then you got a poetry. I always try to assemble the sentences in a poetry to understand it. But I guess the aura generated by the poetry is the key to understand it. Good way to learn more words.

vtrinhn: “…Even though poetry is by and large the preferred genre of Pacific Islanders, [...] when judged in terms of publishing and distribution within the US, it may seem as though we just aren't writing.”

DanMulhall: Poetry is a weapon,& should be used, though not in the crudity of violence. It is a prayer before an unknown altar, a spell to bless the silence. There is music beyond all this, beyond all forms of grievance, where anger lays its muzzle down into the lap of silence John Montague

PleasureEthics: Poetry is dead without life. It's also dead within an institution.

Ace__Ace01: Poetry 02 Looking for the home "Home is a place Where my heart feels safe I wonder if it exist Or if it's just a place in my dream I'll keep looking for the place That they call home Maybe one day I can find that place The place where I belong"

theRaiBoyy: It's very sad Ghanaians think being a good rapper is about punching hard. No poetry, no story telling no lyricism just class one word plays and insha Allah. That's why I rate Kwesi Arthur and Omar sterling over all these noise makers.

Jc__Miracle: Festival Of Gospel Arts (FOGA) is a vision with the mission of giving young Christians an opportunity to showcase their God-given wits and prowess in acts such as drama, music, poetry, dance, comedy, creative innovation etc. It aims at promoting African talents, skills...

InadeBree: ‘Reality only reveals itself when it is illuminated by a ray of poetry.’ - Georges Braque

aliwood1596: New poetry class alert!!! :) The best part is that it’s online, so you can take it from ANYWHERE. Whoa. If you want to sign up or donate so others can, visit:

MazeDaMouth: Good writing is often philosophical, observant, and clear. As an aside: I don't like prose that thinks it's poetry.

WCTA_Chicago: Made this a while ago after learning the guy who did the poetry was found dead in a trash bin. He was a really nice guy, his death was one of hundreds that never get reported. I had to split it to fit twitter, this is part 3

DearestDr: It's a crying shame that the posts of mine that are most liked are angry ones about how shit the ANC is and the ones about how beautiful music and illustration and poetry is get almost no attention. We should all stop our hate at 5pm and then go into gratitude mode until bedtime.

Great_Katzby: There is no Darth Maul without George Lucas’ excellent character design and Darth Maul doesn’t leave such an immense impact without Dave Filoni’s touching character development. It’s like poetry. It rhymes.

pmistafuss: this Kendrick album is poetry. kinda bummed it wasn't bops but it's real and deep as shit and a powerful statement that he needed to say. man's been goin through it for sure. power to the goat for breaking through all that generational trauma.

GalanZJ1: What is Music? How do you define it? Music is a calm moonlit night, the rustle of leaves in Summer. Music is the far off peal of bells at dusk! Music comes straight from the heart and talks only to the heart: it is Love! Music is the Sister of Poetry and her Mother is sorrow!

pilgrimrose: This is how it is for them the horizon shrinking They seek a place to 'be' but do not fit The nesting instinct frustrates at every turn They sense a new horizon their eye cannot behold...

WillieKinardIII: Like, maybe I've watched too much Avatar but in my head, I treat rap like a bending style, where masters are folks that do phenomenal things with language & sound in really intricate constraints. When I type it all out, it sounds like poetry &, naturally, I argue it is.

jonlschwartz: Don Koharski is absolutely useless on the TNT hockey broadcasts. It’s like he’s talking in magnet poetry.

sapphic_siren: Siren's Desire (my debut poetry book) takes the myth of the Siren and spins it on it's head - centering not the desire of the men, but the desire of Siren semself. What does Siren want? What is in ser way?

MedCharki: “Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood.” — T.S. Eliot

parisreview: “Virginia Woolf was the novelist who meant the most to me when I was learning. But she is a dangerous mentor from the technical point of view because she can't be imitated. It's too much her own genius.” —May Sarton

elizmccracken: It is her FOURTH BOOK. Novel writing is not harder than memoir & poetry; it isn't significant that she's at last done it.

PATTYGOTCAKE: I love Kendrick because he’s a story teller… this album is interesting to listen to but it’s no “hits” on it. It’s more like great poetry…

aliner: It is—insomnia’s husks - Anna Akhmatova, “Concerning Poetry” (Trans. by Judith Hemschemeyer)

ltyexos: that interview being full of phrases like "nct's taeyong is a rose in bloom" "the more you learn ab him the more these petals unfurl" is how i know a tyongf is behind it like they were writing poetry

didjesusdrop: This album is as much poetry as it is music. Kendrick was always a poet, but this album feels like exact 50/50 split.

red_pill_music: One day I realized that some art poetry topics I write on are NOT fit for any genre..... but METAL. This is my solo classical blackened doom metal project that warned about this time but 10 Years ago. It is a good vs evil concept album for metal pros only.

___mryuk___: the only writing i have done for my game so far is just what i would argue is poetry based off legitimate random number generation ie the i ching. i dont use the i ching its just similar. it doesn't surprise me terry davis was fixated on this too.

SERAPHIM2001: I have been writing poetry on paper in a note book to avoid it getting lost in my phone somewhere .... getting lost in real life is much easier.

chrisjtse: "I’m charmed by the sounds of words, which I guess is why I like lush OTT poetry – where it’s permissible to load up the adjectives just because they’re delicious, and make subtle music in that way." Rebecca Hawkes talks to Paula Green:

lefetsuku: Kare Kano is almost like poetry to me. I love the way the characters disintegrate with each other and yet their true self still shines through. It is such an artistic presentation of genuine human sentiments.

haokezichuanre1: Ancient Beautiful Inkstone, Desk Style Inkstone Culture 2022-05-13 07:00 Poetry expresses ambition, singing words, inkstone inscribes heart. Every inkstone is an eternal textbook. It is the deep and meticulous reverie of the inkstone owner.

spiritual_jny: Tagore: Now it is time to sit quiet, face to face with thee, and to...

holatombola: P.P.S. For example, Pampa praises his own work saying "Pampa's poetry is that endowed with rigour and sweetness, conforming to the appropriate style, and written in the pithy Kannada of that Puligeṟe endowed with a dazzling king". It's pertinent to note that Pampa was a Jaina.

nachodawggie: Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers is poetry and storytelling at it’s finest degree

IamTheyungKing: So far this album is an instresting auditory experince. It sounds like music but not music at the same time. That probably makes no sense lol but it's poetry for sure im not connecting the theme/ideas rn but I'm not good at that anyway

solarshami: “poetry is a language that says, ‘stay alive, do not die on me, do not move away from life.’ Because poetry is life, and it keeps people alive.” - Sonia Sanchez

starlingmag: “I don't understand the line between poetry and prose. If there is one, I suppose it's about gaps (I think this is not very good and I’m talking past you) I’m not reading anything at the moment.” - Sarah Lawrence & Josiah Morgan

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