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vscoster_poetry: I often dream I am reading, and writing, and never shut up. Which is why I always thought that whole "not reading in your sleep" thing was nonsense. But I guess it isn't.

kellianderson: This came up again. sensory knowledge vs social knowledge (what one can package-up with language/code/math and share with another person) (the Venn diagram overlap between the two tho… ! It exists… and that's what makes art and poetry and delicious food and is the best)

parisreview: “My life is as simple as I can make it.” —Philip Larkin

davidknyc: Poetry in motion. Man, Jordan made basketball look so effortless. The Fadeaway jumper is literally unguardable if done the right way and he’s perfected it. So many similarities in how he and Kobe continued to dominate with finesse over sheer athleticism late in their careers.

sunsetsvmin: making it a mission to go to barnes and noble and buy at least one (1) poetry book once all of this is over

chanceshikongo: Edgar Alen Poe is truly the most important man to me when it comes to poetry. Just a beautiful mind.

nduesel: ❐ a charming princess, able to make people around her happy and love her. she is not good at poetry but will love someone more than poetry. she loves to hear and be heard, she hopes it will happen forever. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

DrSamiSchalk: Students, friendly reminder that not all books are novels. A novel is a type of book, a long-length fictional story. Other types of books include short story collection, book of poetry, non-fiction, memoir, self-help, theory, textbook, etc. When in doubt, just call it a book.

megazeraora: chose to go with the visual art option for my poetry final! not really my usual style, but it'll do. i had to put some text from the poem itself on the image, so there are a few lines from my "selenian sonnet." and yes, it is alanna. it's called love ... look it up ...

GeorgeShiber: ”We especially need imagination in science. It is not all mathematics, nor all logic, but it is somewhat beauty and poetry.” — Maria Mitchell “Science is not only a disciple of reason but also one of romance and passion.” — Stephen Hawking Wonderful Nobel Prize Conversations!

universalpast: I by no means rank poetry or poets high in the scale of intellect—this may look like Affectation—but it is my real opinion—it is the lava of the imagination whose eruption prevents an earth-quake — Lord Byron, November 29 1813.

gayratdemon: lowkey want to put all the leftist poetry i was hoping to get on my christmas wishlist but if my parents ask what it is about i will be screwed

genyassafin: By the shore of the sea stands a green oak tree; Upon the tree is a golden chain: And day and night a learned cat Walks around and around on the chain; When he goes to the right he sings a song, When he goes to the left he tells a tale. english literally killed all poetry in it

smnycntrst: unsaid poetry ~ I lowered my wall and let you in Making me feel like it was a sin Being with you is a contravention Still i stayed with no hesitation Cause baby, i love you and i will always will In this world full of uncertainties, I will keep choosing you and be stand still

MookieSpeak: Tomorrow is the last week of this 52 week poetry challenge. One a week. Thats all I had to find time for. 1 a week. I did it. One more Monday and I'm done with that goal. Just have to stay focused.

lilbratgoth: when you see someone holding a flower bouquet in public it is like poetry is happening

annajwooo: Look at these actresses that is being recognized as top artists in the industry despite of cnetz that keeps on pulling them down because they don't pass their "beauty standards". Zhou Dongyu is a movie queen, she deserved it! Waiting for your Ancient Love Poetry with Xukai!

OldCampfire30: If you actually enjoy poetry (I'm speaking to all 10 people in the world who enjoy poetry), then here is some poetry you can read, listen to, and enjoy for free. I understand you're really not into it. But it is here. And it is my duty to let you know. TY.

andrewsunrp: I also discovered poetry lately. Some of it is really awful. But some of it is rather heart warming.

soopoftheday: I have a ticket for this! You could come too. It is free and it will have excellent words in it.

JanJansenPoetry: The tribulation in life will only improve us, so be not embittered about It:   The tribulation in life will only improve us, so be not embittered about It   Life is full of surp

raethebuilder: Once I get a bigger following with my poetry... I have so many ideas in my head. My writing is where my love & emotions are expressed the most. If I can share it with as much people as I can, I will feel complete with that creative part of me.

raaydedesi: In an agrarian society it is one thing to romanticize the fields of gold in your poetry, another to completely disregard the qualms of the soul of this nation.

agloomykid: it uses direct and simple language to describe clear images and let them convey the ideas. the way it works is literally incorporating visual art into literature, creating a painting through poetry, drawing with words instead of brushes. this could be of some use to him.

MarkBrooks_Poet: 2/3 and each hopefully explaining how amazing and special she is. Princess, this is a poetry collection and its yours, it's dedicated to you. You too can check out Heartbeats and Heartstrings by picking up your copy from Amazon here: -

ZiggyPoet: If you read my work and don’t understand it that is your issue. I will not dumb my work down to appeal to a larger audience. Step up and learn to read poetry.

JanJansenPoetry: Unfeigned love is entrust without preconditions: Unfeigned love is entrust without preconditions Unconditional love is priceless and give endless happiness. Notwithstanding this, it is im

raethebuilder: I have so many creative sides to me. But, I’m going to wait till I develop them more before I share it with the world. Patience is what made me get this far in my poetry. Gotta do the same for the rest of the parts of me.

jrparks321: Ari's Poetics is FREE to download on Amazon (Nov. 29 & Nov. 30). It's a mystery/how-to poetry book for ages 12-15+. It's got an abandoned mansion, a magical notebook, and POETRY. Ideal for a mom and son to read together!

godlovesuglyk: Urdu poetry is so beautiful when it’s read in Urdu. Some translations are better than others, but the beauty is mostly lost in all of them.

tiaralashawna_: i read Angels Speak Of Love like it’s proverbs. Bell Hooks really created such a beautiful collection of poetry and as an author- her books on love have always given me clarity. so hearing her poetic voice is mesmerizing. there’s no other like her.

FinnLongman: The person in question isn't on Twitter, so I think I'm safe asking: they said "I like poetry that is modern and/or sad ond/or nature-oriented. Beats, Sylvia Plath, that kinda thing. Anyone except Rupi Kaur, I just don't get into it". Recommendations?

JanJansenPoetry: It is not possible to fall if we do not climbing, but it will be meaningless as we stand Our whole life on the same level:   It is not possible to fall if we do not climbing, but it wi

PoetNotRockStar: “There is plenty what poetry can’t do, but the miracle is in what it can do.” ⠀ — Mary Szybist

IamStar_gh: thinking in its lower grades is comparable to paper money,and in its higher forms it is a kind of poetry

nandinipundir17: having someone you can share your poetry niché and YT collection of poetries and talk about things that eternal, is a blessin' y'all. if you've that person it's a blessin'.

themoneyiowe: This is also my 36th post, and with it, I've written over 50,000 words on poetry since I started doing this back in June. It's been a source of small joy, to spend a little more time than usual with something I love. I'm grateful that people have been reading along.

amita_nowal: He is a good poet and an amazing teacher. You all should come for the poetry session. It is for a good cause.

Jakujin: This is fun. I became addicted to alliteration translating Beowulf (although have essays where markers note my love of it). Found excuse in the Secret History of the Mongols, as the Mongol Poetry chapter notes. 'Also an embellishment in Mongol prose': which I fear I use overmuch.

theoldgreyghost: Poetry is Tearing off Bits of your Flesh and Feeding it To the birds...

bitchthirdofall: It’s literally just poetry vomit and prose and venting but like even that bullshit

OutlawsPoetic: “The advantage of poetry over life is that poetry, if it is sharp enough, may last.” —Louise Glück

madelynnotmadi: One of my favorite things about poetry is that it makes you realize that others have felt and feel and will feel the same things and have the same thoughts that you have. No one is alone, nothing is new. We are all floundering in emotions and words and it is beautiful

ssinb: Nothing says confidence and glamour like a classic red lipstick. If only the poetry can speak, it's pretty much likely will live as beauty and disaster. For the duende I radiated thru this black outfit is no joke. Indeed, nothing feels better than being in my skin. ✨

ilovekookielove: I was shocked because knowing his taste or music, BTS or Kpop in general is waayyy beyond his liking. Though I've been telling them about the boys getting into different genres. He was telling me of how great the lyrics is and how he sees it as a love letter in a form of poetry.

woobaccu5: I just realized it’s going to be hard coming back to modern sci-fi fantasy after reading the likes of Tolkien’s Silmarillion. The 7th book in the Mercy Thompson series is next in my queue, but I’ll need a detour to ease back into it. Time to find me some poetry and a biography!

heathervmyers: A forgotten note I rediscovered: “Poetry survives because it is tough, strong, cunning.”

WendyESlater: Life is really simple, but men insist on making it complicated. — Confucius Get your journey underway with Into the HEARTH here:

jb061971: It is said that we campaign in poetry and govern in prose. Well, Biden campaigned in prose and now must govern in poetry. We need nothing short of poetry to take the country forward. The last 3 dem presidents governed in prose. JFK ran in poetry and governed in poetry.

ayeelliottmyguy: 12) meter in poetry doesn’t feel right. It feel white. I know it isn’t, but it feels like meter is for the naturally rhythmless trying to dance. To me, the best poets don’t need it.

swamin400: Siribhoovalaya : One of the oldest work on Cryptography in the world 9 CE ,by Kumudendu Muni, a Jain monk from Nandi Village area It employs not alphabets, but composed entirely in Kannada numerals. Saangathya metre of Kannada poetry is employed in the work (Ref: Wiki) 1/2

JanJansenPoetry: Is it unadulterated as we not walk in their shoes and give a judgement?:   Is it unadulterated as we not walk in their shoes and give a judgement?     Giving judgements to

JanJansenPoetry: It is Sometimes Better to go a Conflict out of the Way by so Preserve the Peace: It is Sometimes Better to go a Conflict out of the Way by so Preserve the Peace   Every sane man with

brattyjade__: I'm finally receiving creative messages, my words are coming back to me and I love writing so much. It will never be for the likes, the attention. Always for the visceral reaction I feel from what speaks from my soul..poetry is life. It is is eternal.

Alauddi22396793: Wonder World- Dream: Poetry: Attalika. Writer Poet Md. Alauddin Hossain. The crossover is closed Wherever they go, It started without any effort In the village town building Surrey love work.

AbbyMCarney: but anytime I've ever attempted to nail down something specific about what I like it sounds like bad poetry. Sometimes, I've ambled into those hip brooklyn wine shops and felt so chummy with the recommender. I'm certain we are friends, they get me, THIS is the wine.

BotCarrion: In the new art, a page is the music of the unsung poetry it occurs in a concrete, real, physical space.

HE4RTLESSBLACK: the locket cos it's metal and I could swing it at people uno and threaten to smash them on the head with it also poetry is for stupid romantic pricks

lacallada_: on translation software. can it translate the nuances of the language? can only a poet translate another poet? Borges loved all sorts of translations of his works, he would encourage it all. translating poetry is an art in itself as poetry is not direct in meaning

JanJansenPoetry: Sweet Revenge of Others to Us often Unpack Positive for Ourselves:   Sweet Revenge of Others to Us often Unpack Positive for Ourselves It is sad and at the same time almost unbelievab

justchilaxdude: For those who really want to change it.There is a medicine called "melatonin" take that, it will fix your sleeping cycle ignore ghalib's poetry here

dianabutlerbass: It is Advent at The Cottage -- on each of the next four Sundays, I'm sending out a reflection on the traditional themes of Advent through the poetry of Madeleine L'Engle. Please join me! To receive The Cottage directly to your email, sign up here:

CultGenerator: Ghostfunk is an urban music movement with origins in London in the late 60's. It mainly features consumerist poetry accompanied by harmonic brass.

ArielPoets: Who is working on a poetry book? Tell us about it.

HandTBristol: Some oft-heard myths about comic poetry that irk me: 4. If your poem makes jokes about a serious issue, it is "normalising", "trivialising" or "condoning" it. It can't possibly, you know, be using satire precisely to make the point that the serious issue is bad.

APGRD: And when we say et al. we mean composer Alex Silverman and the impressive list of poets, performers and musicians as well as Professor Nancy Felson who leads the lecture-concert of new music and poetry. The video is up for three weeks: watch it now!

Anthony1983: New book on How To Write is just came through the door. It looks at literature, poetry, education, class, race and how to make a career out of writing. The book is in part a memoir - focusing on my secondary school experiences, lack of confidence and imposter syndrome.

strongsenseof: That starry sky is floating above the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness (‘Blood of Christ’) in south-central Colorado. Read all about it in this week's ENDNOTES, along with our other favorite book- and travel-related links.

Terhysa: What I can approve on the spot is her being Scottish. Imagine it, Meve putting men in their places with that accent - that's what I call poetry.

tedgioia: The new AI system GPT-3 is now giving people advice on ways to be more creative (when it's not tweeting, blogging or writing poetry).

MorrisParkNYPL: Winter is a time for sweaters, coats and hats. When snow falls the world is transformed. The dust on the ground is molded into whatever we choose to make it. Enjoy these works of poetry with a nice cup of hot chocolate.

I_Find_Planets: I have discovered a planet. It is watery and quick-witted. Something hides there, uselessly writing poetry about the past.

garveyschild: well, this is a bit of poetry, isn't it...

sheedemilio: america, MINE by Sasha Banks (one of my FAVORITE poetry books from this year. ) When we talk about imagination as a means to build the world we want, THIS is comes to mind. Also, it’s IMPORTANT that you purchase from THIS link only

Spellcratch11: Is this poetry? Yes it is

etheralogy: since it’s black friday it would mean a lot if you guys retweeted my mom’s business and checked things out. she has a growing beauty brand and she is currently selling vegan magnetic lashes.with every order of lashes comes a glitter bag and lip kit including a liner and lipstick!

EboueurC: "perfect purity is possible if you turn your life into a line of poetry written with a splash of blood" -Yukio Mishima I've had this feeling within me for so long, not being able to capture the essence into a full fledged sentence. This is it. Domo, Sensei.


FindJimClair: Instead, you'll be like a guy who meets a poet and proceeds to tell that poet what their poetry is about. "You deserve to have status!" "You fear not having a job and you fear having a wife who hates you!" "But if you act now and buy, you'll get what you deserve. Isn't it time?"

jolselin: the other two lines are 'freedom is a length of rope. god wants you to hang yourself with it' and 'explaining freedom to angels is a bit like teaching poetry to fish'.

WadjetEyeGames: Unavowed is 40% off on Steam till December 1st! It is a multi-branching, party-based adventure game about magic, hope, and coming together. You can also set stuff on fire, talk to dragons, and do slam poetry with a muse. It was also an IGF finalist!

DIALOGIST: "A bird is all it takes to make him weep, / open-throated and tearing at the sky. / Every desolate twig a promise broken, / every wolf forlorn by the moon it loved, / every sunrise a portent of mountains burned." —Susan O'Dell Underwood

OATMlLKLATTE: hello I’m putting my grad school final project back online if anyone is interested in buying it (it’s cheap) it’s just a poetry book. fun fact: Mark Doty was my prof once and said one of these poems was very moving. Also: one of these poems was in an art exhibit in Brooklyn!

OmairNabeel: My birth mother signed her farmland property away then would constantly remind my birth father how his brothers (my uncles) made her sign it away. Her movement was so strong, that man ate himself to death. Buried that man, now she is holding a book that has lots of poetry of his.

thedavidcrosby: It was for me ...if they disagree with you they generally try too paint you as racist ...doesn’t work with me ...musician’s all ok ...some of it is good poetry and we should try to focus on that ..and some of them absolutely are musicians ?..Kendrick leaps to mind

DomesticMarine: Occurred, NOT occurred, that is NOT the question, according "Equational Poetry," & Shakespeare, YOU see? "DEMONSTRATION" what's TO BE is unimportant to the heart that feels or through its inner door where it is HEARD or seen in dreams & "Picture Paintings!"

eliotfoundation: 'It is not from rules, or by cold-blooded imitation of style, that we learn to write: we learn by imitation indeed, but by a deeper imitation than is achieved by analysis of style.' 'The Music of Poetry' (1942):

pretentioussnob: And poison me, daddy I've got the Jones right through my bones Write it on a piece of stone A beach of drowning three-year olds Rest in peace Lil Peep The poetry is in the streets Jesus save us Modernity has failed us And I'd love it if we made it Yes, I'd love it if we made it

BotCarrion: In the old art, poetry is a sequence of signs it occurs in a concrete, real, physical space.

TheOralBuffet: I wanted to write poetry today but my Mues is on holiday -well it is to get good help nowdsys

Mind2020Inmy: Poetry is a look into a writer’s mind. Word choice, topics, style, grammar placements or lack thereof... together it all tells a story that each reader can see a little differently. It gives readers perspective.

Mind2020Inmy: Poetry is personal. It is a writer being vulnerable in a stylish way. Beautiful.

2020VisionDig: For Fathima Feroz, writing poetry is the equivalent of finding release through the complex emotions she is unable to express in conversations. Her poem, “A Letter of Gratitude to Home,” represents the realization that home lies within people. Check it out


sup_myles: 6. Nas - Arguably the greatest rapper of all time, Nas has an endless amount of hit songs that pack such amazing bars and lyrical techniques. Illmatic and It Was Written have songs that I listen to every day, such as “Memory Lane” and “The World Is Yours”. Poetry.

seeyasuck3r: if i get “the poetry is in the streets” tattooed it kills two birds w one stone

i_cry_potatoes: i don't know if this really counts but one flew over the cuckoo's nest is my favorite book and EVERY SINGLE PERSON i've talked to about it (including my college poetry professor!!!!!!) has said "oh i haven't read the book but the movie was really good"

cindytrimm: How do u eat an elephant? 1 bite at a time! Taking small steps toward making ur dreams a reality is the key 2 success! Success lies n ur routine! Small steps done daily makes a big difference yearly! Decide on ur goals 4 the month & work it each day! Ur future self will thank u!

dwchronic: SUBMIT: deadline 12/20/2020 the only topic is 'truth', so take that and run with it in all directions. include your poetry in the body of the email & a description of your creative process in writing the piece. we accept prose, poetry, short stories no longer than 2,000 words

dwchronic: we all struggle & it's about time we demystify the process of writing & stop commodifying poetry. our aim here at Dialectic Writers Chronicles is to have a platform to promote a writer's truth- let's support & listen to each other

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