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  • Daffodils
    She doesn't mind the great length
    or the girth of it.
    Bushes without leaves
    are not green as he kisses it. ...
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  • Kitt_masters: this book is amazing... get it! it's about all the real-life science badassery behind the wild shit ppl have done to see stars. astronomers will stab a bitch to get telescope time but then they'll read you romantic poetry afterwards a++
  • Stanleyliveson: idk if it's just me but writing and especially poetry is such a cringe thing...
  • Atthetop17: watching messi playing futbol is art.. it is poetry.
  • Sunsandships: i forget where i first read this poem but i fell in love with the elegant simplicity and melancholy of it, and it sent me down a spiral of reading through tang dynasty poetry, so seeing it in gg’s pic is really quite something :’)
  • Valzhynamort: “i’m interested only in nonsense, only in whatever makes no practical sense. i’m interested in life only in its absurd manifestations.” “poetry is when you throw a poem into the window and it breaks the glass.” daniil kharms
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Upon The Sun's Reflection Upon The Clouds In A Fair Morning
 by John Bunyan

Look yonder, ah! methinks mine eyes do see
Clouds edged with silver, as fine garments be;
They look as if they saw that golden face
That makes black clouds most beautiful with grace.
Unto the saints' sweet incense, or their prayer,
These smoky curdled clouds I do compare.
For as these clouds seem edged, or laced with gold,
Their prayers return with blessings manifold.

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