Living on the shreads,The generation with a

previledge to pledge to the revelation. Look but

don't touch we were warned. But fond of the

scorns still we move on. Strong before born,

bartered after they knew it. At this stage the age

lies at the edge. Learning to be comfortable with

the uncomfortable we had to learn. Uprising from

the rising son,inspiring us to be hired but we knew

once were fired were gonna aim higher. The old

claim they choosen but put them in water and see

how they'll be drowning. Time never loads yet still

we remain frozen.Darker scenes behind the

scenes,Hidden Rage in this Age.

Each page caged,Words sentensed to life

ensilentment,Closed to theĀ outside world in a

shell.Ageless since we were born with visions

eager to posses.If they wont let us dream then we

wont let them sleep.Skill plus strong will equals

mission fulfilled.This Hate U Give Little Infants

Fucks Everyone.If your ready for war then you

Must be down for the cause so we rise in riot.

Refuse,Resist,Revolt. There must be a solution.

There must be a Revolution. By the bullet or the

ballot, By the Bible or by the gun,Anyway freedom

must come. The strength of our ancestors in the

grave runs in our veins.Awake in awareness, We

fight sleep for he is the cousin of death.Its a

choice we make not to be another victim.We've

seen them breaking all the rules,so even if they

win they lose.The age set on set ready to

eject.They better retreat because we wont

surrender.My apology to the ecology but the past

must rest in peace in its shallow grave.Big up to

the flowers that grew from concreate and as we

spitt the lies the forced us to swallow,their pride

must be swallowed till their eyes realise that this

generation is the choosen one just as flowers

never pick themselves.