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Ionel Elena Mihaela

Ionel Elena Mihaela Poems

  • 1.  
    Freeze the dawn
    For just an instant
    Catch the highs
    I know..
  • 2.  
    In a blink of ash and tears
    I’m ressembling you with I
    Undistinguished brezees of spring
    You’re wrapped into world I hide.
  • 3.  
    Walking in your flesh and pray
    Humanity brutally, strive: do not obey!
    It's a trap with no other way
    You'll be caught up, by a chimera fay.
  • 4.  
    With a tremble of your whisper
    Now I wonder my inner flicker.
    If you roll me in your dirt
    Would we sparkle in the dust?
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