Hilda Doolittle White Poems

  • 1.
    I should have thought
    in a dream you would have brought
    some lovely, perilous thing,
    orchids piled in a great sheath,
  • 2.
    White, O white faceâ??
    from disenchanted days
    wither alike dark rose
    and fiery bays:
  • 3.
    Silver dust
    lifted from the earth,
    higher than my arms reach,
    you have mounted.
  • 4.
    The light passes
    from ridge to ridge,
    from flower to flowerâ??
    the hepaticas, wide-spread
  • 5.

    So you have swept me back,
    I who could have walked with the live souls
  • 6.
    All Greece hates
    the still eyes in the white face,
    the lustre as of olives
    where she stands,
  • 7.
    O Hymen king.

    Hymen, O Hymen king,
    what bitter thing is this?
  • 8.
    YOU are as gold
    as the half-ripe grain
    that merges to gold again,
    as white as the white rain
Total 8 White Poems by Hilda Doolittle

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