Hermann Hesse Never Poems

  • 1.
    My Pillow gazes upon me at night
    Empty as a gravestone;
    I never thought it would be so bitter
    To be alone,
  • 2.
    Many thousand glittering motes
    Crowd forward greedily together
    In trembling circles.
    Extravagantly carousing away
  • 3.
    In this evil year, autumn comes early...
    I walk by night in the field, alone, the rain clatters,
    The wind on my hat...And you? And you, my friend?

  • 4.
    Is this everything now, the quick delusions of flowers,
    And the down colors of the bright summer meadow,
    The soft blue spread of heaven, the bees' song,
    Is this everything only a god's
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