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NazratatReig06: Traspigut Quartet - Watermelon Man (Herbie Hancock Cover) [Live Session]

falsebinary: give me all the music that the mannequin parts from Herbie Hancock's "Rockit" video listen to when relaxing

GraffitiNowPlay: HERBIE HANCOCK - wiggle waggle

dinaus7: Tribute to Miles Davis - From the Klaviersommer in Munich, 1992 Personnel: Herbie Hancock – piano, calliope Wayne Shorter – saxophone Wallace Roney – trumpet Ron Carter – bass Tony Williams – drums

dinaus7: · Composer - Titlelist: 0:00 Miles Davis - So What 12:12 Ron Carter - R.J. 19:43 Herbie Hancock - Little One 32:43 Wayne Shorter - Pinoccio 40:05 Miles Davis - All Blues 55:23 Tony Williams - Elegy 1:09:35 Wayne Shorter - Orbits/Paraphernalia 1:26:36

radiodotsydney: Now playing on

wzumradio: Herbie Hancock - The Man I Love

Pubmusic11: Herbie Hancock␣-␣The Man I Love

stevekemple_inc: On page 52 of 352 of Herbie Hancock, by Herbie Hancock.

barneyhurley1: Herbie Hancock at Wally Heider Studios, San Francisco, California during the recording sessions of his 1974 Fusion classic, 'Thrust'

ConcertToday: Herbie Hancock concert memory

WZRDPlaylist: Forever live and die--orchestral maneuvers in the dark the peacocks--herbie hancock and friends The Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue--Frank Zappa Metallic Side Orb/David Gilmour

WZRDPlaylist: The Peacocks by Herbie Hancock

stevekemple_inc: Fuoort lev ooff leebrery sceeence-a: On page 112 of 352 of Herbie Hancock, by Herbie Hancock.

finland52: Jack DeJohnette, Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock and Dave Holland - Shadow D...

lopezepol: SotD: Chant, Donald Byrd,

901JazzPlaylist: Now Playing: Herbie Hancock - Vein Melter - on Jazz90.1 | Listen Now ->

KOJH1047: Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man

lasvegasstepper: Herbie Hancock - Making Love

ccooke6685: Hosting Last Call 9-11pm on

WZRDPlaylist: Lacquer--the Miyumi Project Invitation to a jam session--eugene chadbourne Fair Weather--Herbie hancock

BrettEclectic: Herbie Hancock Thrust 1974

WZRDPlaylist: Fair Weather by Herbie Hancock

WindowsMemphis: legends will be listening to herbie hancock while losers will be smoking herb with their hand on their cock...

divaradiofunk: Now Playing Herbie Hancock - Saturday Night on Diva Radio FUNK

FunkyParadise: ON Diva Funk : Herbie Hancock - Saturday Night

paulreiners: A Herbie Hancock Primer

DiscoRhythm: Now Playing: You Bet Your Love - Herbie Hancock Listen Live:

onkan_session: 08:Herbie Hancock - Cantaloupe Island:

LuizSantosdrums: Herbie Hancock Headhunters 1974

RadioTopCharts: Herbie Hancock - Rock It [remix]

DGribble_kurt: Doesn’t matter! What does matter is Herbie Hancock signed it.

901JazzPlaylist: Now Playing: Herbie Hancock - Palm Grease - on Jazz90.1 | Listen Now ->

Norita_71_: Herbie Hancock - When Love Comes To Town Feat. Jonny Lang & Joss Stone

MrSpreadLove: “Butterfly” - Herbie Hancock

JazzConClass: Herbie Hancock - 'Round Midnight

imusicmarketer: "Music happens to be an art form that transcends language" - Herbie Hancock

KAMP_RadioPlays: Just played: Cantaloupe Island - Herbie Hancock - The Essential Herbie Hanc (Sony)

KAOSplaylist: Vibe Alive by Herbie Hancock

OgTheArtist: Another of my favorite Pete Gabriel covers - Don't Give Up from Herbie Hancock (feat. P!nk and John Legend)

nytimesmusic: In 1969, Albert Heath recorded four modal, Afrocentric jazz compositions by James Mtume on his album “Kawaida,” featuring Mtume on congas alongside Herbie Hancock on piano, Don Cherry on trumpet and Jimmy Heath on saxophones.

TheJazzvnu: Herbie Hancock - Survival Of The Fittest

KUAAnowplaying: Now Playing Hang Up Your Hang Ups (Album Version),by Herbie Hancock 6:12pm

TheJazzvnu: Herbie Hancock - Tell Everybody


WZRDPlaylist: Spank-A-Lee (Album Version) by Herbie Hancock

onkan_session: 13:Herbie Hancock&Vinnie Colaiuta - Actual Proof full ver.:

annettefb: Kiddo just showed all the appreciation for Herbie Hancock and I'm totally going to send in some thank you gifts to her music teacher.

NikHunder: Herbie Hancock really knows how to drop the beat hard

musicperti1: Herbie Hancock - Saturday Night (1980)

pf_aki: Herbie Hancock Maiden Voyage (Full Album)

ADLWebRadio: Now Playing: Herbie Hancock - I Thought It Was You Listen Live:

onkan_session: 08:Herbie Hancock - Cantaloupe Island:

KUAAnowplaying: Now Playing Cantaloupe Island,by Herbie Hancock 12:27am

stevekemple_inc: On page 151 of 352 of Herbie Hancock, by Herbie Hancock + live stream.

stevekemple_inc: On page 112 of 352 of Herbie Hancock, by Herbie Hancock.

wzumradio: Herbie Hancock - The Man I Love

Pubmusic11: Herbie Hancock␣-␣The Man I Love

WZRDPlaylist: Watermelon Man by Herbie Hancock

ysy448: Herbie Hancock - Rockit (Live)

misifm: Herbie Hancock - St. Louis Blues

phatsizzle: I be wanting to start pimping When I listen to CHAMELEON by HERBIE HANCOCK

TruvybeR: Now Playing Herbie Hancock - Jessica TruVybe Radio

WZRDPlaylist: Rough by Herbie Hancock

BrukeFasil: Herbie Hancock this am.

KCCKWhatsPlayin: Herbie Hancock—Palm Grease

noahunleashed1: Earth wind n fire, smokey robinson, bill withers, gil scott heron, bobby womack... that's not even including like afrobeat n jazz-funk n all that, cause then we can throw Herbie Hancock n Fela Kuti n goddamn Miles Davis in there too

AsapJimmy_: 326. Head Hunters - Herbie Hancock (1973)

WRUVplaystream: "Watermelon Man" - Herbie Hancock

dickie_thon: Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Dave Holland, Brian Blade - JazzBaltica 2004

Braziliz: Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea Duo - Leap In

kfaiplaylist: "Rain Dance" by Herbie Hancock Across The Board at 5:09am

85_5Radio: Herbie Hancock - Rockit [November 1983]

antiquebrocante: Check out The New Standard by Herbie Hancock (CD, Verve, 1996)(NEVER OPENED)

Braziliz: Herbie Hancock VSOP II. Sound Stage Chicago 1982. Part 2.

TruvybeR: Now Playing Herbie Hancock - Sun Touch TruVybe Radio

imagegardentrax: Matt Hancock is Herbie Hancock’s son

vivs1man: Herbie Hancock ~ Maiden Voyage (Full Album)

ohheysimone: herbie hancock... greg phillinganes... rod temperton... syreeta wright AND patti austin... this album is the avengers of studio musicians

editaurus: DJ tip: Herbie Hancock's “Fat Mama” >>> Terry Riley & John Cale's “Church Of Anthrax”

ADLWebRadio: Now Playing: Herbie Hancock - Rockit Listen Live:

JazzConClass: Herbie Hancock - Jack Rabbit (1988 Digital Remaster)

Be_Bop_Bot: Chameleon by Herbie Hancock:

KOJH1047: Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man

Tonyadamo: Legendary drummer Mike Clark of Herbie Hancock and The Headhunters Fame. Has produced the music and played drums on three of my Music CDs. Mike Clark has played drums on my songs for a total of 40 songs. WoW, R U kidding me? Who loves ya baby?

TheJazzSoul: Sonny Rollins “Round Midnight” Composer: Thelonious Monk Herbie Hancock-Piano Ron Carter-Bass

mischamarcks: Paul Simon, Herbie Hancock, Randy Brecker What do these three artists have in common? -

studio_cascade: Self-care Friday is a success. Haircut ✅ Brows done ✅ New Jazz from the shop down the street ✅ Brubeck on the table now, some Herbie Hancock next, followed up with Coltrane and Davis to round it out.

RR45s: Herbie Hancock - Succotash (Remastered)

AnthonyGuide1: Cantaloupe Island featuring Herbie Hancock / Blue Note Concert Live - HD

lasvegasstepper: Herbie Hancock - Making Love

DiscoRhythm: Now Playing: Rockit - Herbie Hancock Listen Live:

SticktricksDE: Herbie Hancock Avo Session 2006 Music Night Lionel Loueke, Nathan East, Vinnie Colaiuta

WZRDPlaylist: Autodrive by Herbie Hancock

BBC6MusicBot: Now Playing Herbie Hancock - Rockit herbiehancock

LuizSantosdrums: Chick Corea/Herbie Hancock: Maiden Voyage 1978

misifm: Herbie Hancock - St. Louis Blues

Braziliz: Herbie Hancock Headhunters 1974

LuizSantosMusic: Herbie Hancock Headhunters 1974

normwilner: Herbie Hancock's "Rockit" is on the radio, and it's as great ever but also makes me appreciate how unapologetically WEIRD pop music could be in the '80s

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