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Henry Vaughan (17 April 1621 – 23 April 1695) was a Welsh metaphysical poet, author and translator writing in English, and a medical physician. His religious poetry appeared in Silex Scintillans in 1650, with a second part in 1655. In 1646 his Poems, with the Tenth Satire of Juvenal Englished was published. Meanwhile he had been persuaded by reading the religious poet George Herbert to renounce "idle verse". The prose Mount of Olives and Solitary Devotions (1652) show his authenticity and depth of convictions. Two more volumes of secular verse followed, ostensibly without his sanction, but it is his religious verse that has been acclaimed. He also translated short moral and religious works and two medical works in prose. In the 1650s he began a lifelong medical practice.

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Henry Vaughan Poems

  • Anguish
    My God and King! to Thee
    I bow my knee;
    I bow my troubled soul, and greet
    With my foul heart thy holy feet. ...
  • The Dwelling-place
    John 1:38-39

    What happy secret fountain,
    Fair shade or mountain, ...
  • Son-days

    Bright shadows of true Rest! some shoots of bliss,
    Heaven once a week; ...
  • Childhood
    I cannot reach it; and my striving eye
    Dazzles at it, as at eternity.
    Were now that chronicle alive,
    Those white designs which children drive, ...
  • I Walk'd The Other Day
    1 I walk'd the other day, to spend my hour,
    2 Into a field,
    3 Where I sometimes had seen the soil to yield
    4 A gallant flow'r; ...
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Contentmo: writers inspirational quotes caesar had perished from the world of men had not his sword been rescued by his pen. - henry vaughan
Allonfire: writers inspirational quotes caesar had perished from the world of men had not his sword been rescued by his pen. - henry vaughan
Burlhorniachek: book iii ode xxiii by maciej kazimierz sarbiewski, translated by henry vaughan. a different sarbiewski poem translated by vaughan appears in my recent anthology of world christian poetry.
Welfordwrites: the retreat, a poem by henry vaughan. a look at a 17th-century "metaphysical" poem that sees the soul as having existed before one is born and survives after one's death. click the link!
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Professor Joan Ray: The portrait above is of John Donne, NOT Henry Vaughan!

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