To the Editor of The Albany Observer

Dear Sir,
Smarting from the effects of a neat back-hander administered to it by the Sydney Bulletin, the W.A. Bulletin prints the following:--Says the S. Bulletin--The talented Henry Lawson has left Sydney for Western Australia.- Who-s Henry Lawson?� The W.A. Bulletin might reasonably ask this question, but it is not right that an unknown writer should be used as a weapon of spite by one paper against another, and this mysterious individual in question, who might be a German, could easily relieve his injured feelings as follows:

O my prow vas plack mit curses,
Ven I dries to write dose verses;
Ven I dries to write dot boem,
Dot de best was effer been.
All in vain my peer I guzzles,
But I gannod solve dot broblem,
-Who-s dot Western Pulleteen?�

Und I swear mit pleets and dvonder,
Und I ferry often wonder,
Would dot paber-s cirgulation
Shusta little pigger been,
If dey toog deir seissor-pinchers,
Shust to cut some leetle inches
From that smarty-smarty writer
Of dot Western Pulleeteen.

-Let dose mountains fall and hide us�
Gry benighded odersiders,
Shame come round and woe betide us,
Und our fellow men deride us
If we effer yet can find oud
-Who-s dot Western Pull-it-in?�


I remain, Yours etc.,