The Prostitute Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Woman of weeping eye ah for thy wretched lotA
Putting on smiles to lure the lewd passengerB
Smiling while anguish gnaws at thy heavy heartC
Sad is thy chance thou daughter of miseryD
Vice and disease are wearing thee fast awayE
While the unfeeling ones sport with thy sufferingsF
Destined to pamper the vicious one's appetiteG
Spurned by the beings who lured thee from innocenceH
Sinking unnoticed in sorrow and indigenceH
Thou hast no friends for they with thy virtue fledI
Thou art an outcast from house and from happinessH
Wandering alone on the wide world's unfeeling stageJ
Daughter of misery sad is thy prospect hereK
Thou hast no friend to soothe down the bed of deathL
None after thee inquires with solicitudeM
Famine and fell disease shortly will wear thee downN
Yet thou hast still to brave often the winter's windO
Loathsome to those thou wouldst court with thine hollow eyesH
Soon thou wilt sink into death's silent slumberingP
And not a tear shall fall on thy early graveQ
Nor shall a single stone tell where thy bones are laidR
Once wert thou happy thou wert once innocentS
But the seducer beguiled thee in artlessnessH
Then he abandoned thee unto thine infamyD
Now he perhaps is reclined on a bed of downN
But if a wretch like him sleeps in securityD
God of the red right arm where is thy thunder boltT

Henry Kirk White


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