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benja_zen: i look like Harvey Weinstein and a capybara had a baby.

motomvmii: If Harvey Weinstein was aa popular actor in 2003 they would’ve drawn things like this for him too

bingbangbaga: Harvey Weinstein felt free to groom & abuse women. Institutions & others in the industry enabled him, covered for him & sometimes actually provided him with women to abuse. They did this because they wanted a slice of that money and power. This is still happening in Hollywood

RadyQuill: Brad’s PR team (also Depp’s and formerly Harvey Weinstein’s) are dumb thinking they can get the public to turn on Angelina.

mckrodney: up at 5:28 am thinking about how harvey weinstein wrote the polanski petition and woody allen + dozens signed it

bessbell: Absolutely. Would be terrible if the award’s honor were tainted by anyone morally inferior to recipients like Roman Polanski, Harvey Weinstein, Mel Gibson, Casey Affleck, Woody Allen, and Kevin Spacey.

generationloss: If I cared enough I’d check to see whether that Weinstein tv hit was before or after Lena Dunham emailed Hillary’s top campaign staff and told them, verbatim, “Harvey is a rapist”, but regardless they kept him in the inner circle of the campaign after that, so it doesn’t matter..

DavidCranmerUn1: media mogul and New York Daily News publisher Mortimer Zuckerman, and film producer Harvey Weinstein. The ultimate buyer was Bruce Wasserstein. Bruce married Angela Chao in 2009, she is the sister of Elaine Chao, who is married to U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell.

MikeFranchise: one day folks gonna have to sit back and really unpack who Oprah brought around and sit around other than Gayle. Dr. Oz, Rachel Ray (crimes against pasta) and being pals with Harvey Weinstein. I got questions...

rjcalico: Alvin Bragg must be bought and paid for. It is the NY District Attorney's Office after all. His predecessor let Harvey Weinstein slide and then ran his term out to the last minute, passed off Trump to Alvin Bragg, who then dropped it like a hot potato. What is going on?

SherliaAziz: outside of their marriage Harvey Weinstein is an example but his wife was also a fashion designer though he was older and probably a lot richer though I am don't know exactly how much.

F4ckTheseThings: Harvey Weinstein shouldn't exist.

sarahkendzior: Let's review what Cy Vance did while in the DA's office. He protected criminal elites and their offspring, including but not limited to: * Harvey Weinstein * Jeffrey Epstein * Dominque Strauss-Kahn * Ivanka and Don Jr * Paul Manafort * Steve Bannon

JuanRoris: Asking Peter Strzok about FBI integrity is like getting tips on how to treat a woman from Harvey Weinstein

sybilsdad: If the DOJ does it’s job, he won’t be running, because one charge based upon an act passed by himself in 2018, bans candidacy. It’s astonishing that none of the 5 have a single thing to offer America. Harvey Weinstein is better qualifications.

thoughtShopper: Not a word about 2022 ballot profiling. Trump/Mercer funded 5,000 data points in 2016. 100s of millions of voter families are influence targets. Profile vendors collect information about a user, including activity, interests, demographics, location...

lacourlance1: Trump claiming that he wants to help us like OJ Simpson saying that he was looking for Nicole's real killer. Or, better yet, like Harvey Weinstein opening up a rape crisis shelter for Hollywood actresses.

donald45561106: Democrat Heroes George Soros Jussie Smollett George Floyd Harvey Weinstein Anthony Fauci Harry Reid Maxine Waters Merrick Garland Eric Holder Loretta Lynch Crooked Nancy Pelosi Hunter Biden Quid Pro Joe Peter Stroczk Andrew McCabe Lois Lerner

duchace: Guys, women are people too. Andrew Tate has a rap sheet longer than the Nile. He said he moved to Eastern Europe coz it’s easier to be absolved of r*pe. He was on video beating a woman with a belt, he’s been associated with human trafficking rings, he defended Harvey Weinstein…

SuperShaun80: She was friends with and had Harvey Weinstein campaign for her in 2016 and she’s married to serial predator, rapist and pig Bill Clinton, so who would listen to anything her trash ass self says about anyone and how they treat women.

JulieJonas18: Does anyone else care that Oprah, Streep, Hillary and hundreds of others were closely connected to Harvey Weinstein?

Abraan81335174: Kaja Sokola, who? Pictures from Wikipedia’s Youngest Accuser of Harvey Weinstein Old versus Now – TimesProNews

Ms_S0i: "Judge sets October 10 start date for Harvey Weinstein trial - CBS Los Angeles"

CrashAgneta: I wonder what Harvey Weinstein is up to these days?

DoliaEstevez: ‘She Said’, noviembre 2022. Imperdible.

cinetamaris: and get away it. Being able to control and dominate women because his wealth and power is protects him. Why do you think so many male actors continued to work with Harvey Weinstein? Why do you think these actors were more concerned about women accusing them than women being safe?

revdaddybyaugs: I think we should hear her out. given her husband and friends, she's probably an expect on respecting women now to take a nice big sip of coffee and read the Wikipedia articles for Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein and Jeffery Epstein

EnglishJaun: Harvey Weinstein denies his youngest accuser’s claim that he attacked her when she was only 16

USBreaking24: Harvey Weinstein denies his youngest accuser’s claim that he attacked her when she was only 16

NixOlympiaNews: Harvey Weinstein denies his youngest accuser’s claim that he attacked her when she was only 16

dhindustannews: Harvey Weinstein denies his youngest accuser’s claim that he attacked her when she was only 16

Cerespost: Harvey Weinstein denies his youngest accuser’s claim that he attacked her when she was only 16

9breakingn: Harvey Weinstein denies his youngest accuser’s claim that he attacked her when she was only 16

ny_breaking: Harvey Weinstein denies his youngest accuser’s claim that he attacked her when she was only 16

worldnewstweet_: Harvey Weinstein denies his youngest accuser's claim that he attacked her when she was only 16

NewsCinemain: Harvey Weinstein denies his youngest accuser’s claim that he attacked her when she was only 16

CKing0709b: It was an open secret at Disney, huh? You're lying. I worked at DisneyWorld during that time, for three years. 5 days a week, walked through those tunnels, and not once did I overhear, or have a discussion about Harvey Weinstein.

DailyMail: Disney faces reckoning as heiress says Harvey Weinstein abuse was no secret

DreadfuryDK: The Dan Schneider rabbit hole goes so deep that when and if the truth comes out about him I have a feeling it's going to rock the entertainment industry to the same extent as Harvey Weinstein getting exposed did. I really hope Jennette McCurdy's book causes that bubble to burst.

RollingStone: Kaja Sokola was just 16 when she says Harvey Weinstein attacked her. Now, she’s suing him and his alleged enablers — and telling her story.

TheBrowneesHR: And the Oscar for Best Actress goes to Harvey Weinstein.

HealingSpirit77: Anne Heche who came out against Harvey Weinstein was 'under the influence' when she crashed Do you believe this? If so, why?

StosylSabe: INDIVIDUALS consent Saying that all Americans, by accident of birth, have consented to be governed by D.C. is akin to saying that every female child of every single SAG actor has consented to be governed by Harvey Weinstein It isn't just bullshit, it's downright evil.

TotallyLost4You: "One of the first things Harvey Weinstein ever said to me was, ‘You will never make it in this industry as a gay woman – get a beard.’" (Cara Delevingne)

EmyEjh: Quote: 'I mean, it wasn't even a secret. Everyone knew what Harvey was about’ Abigail Disney says Weinstein's misconduct was an 'open secret' at Disney.

Kaylan_TX: Nuclear negotiations & Trump related attempts to undermine Obama era officials who openly backed the Iran Nuclear Deal appear in the article below Israeli Operatives Who Aided Harvey Weinstein Collected Information on Former Obama Administration Officials

IndyArts: Harvey Weinstein’s youngest known accuser Kaja Sokola speaks out against movie mogul

TheIndyFilm: Harvey Weinstein’s youngest known accuser Kaja Sokola speaks out against movie mogul

L4zick: “In September 2002, Kaja Sokola was a 16-year-old model newly arrived in Manhattan from her native Poland.” Harvey Weinstein's Youngest Alleged Victim Speaks Out

RollingStone: Kaja Sokola is the youngest known Harvey Weinstein accuser. With her lawsuit, she hopes to hold Weinstein and his enablers accountable. Read her story. ⬇️

RieveAlavaix: Just a reminder that Harvey Weinstein and Roman Polanski never had their Oscars rescinded, John Wayne was never expelled, and the Academy never apologized to Hattie McDaniel. Just in case anyone was looking at the Academy as some moral beacon.

cdjohanliy7mai1: it is not only harvey weinstein, and I am so disgusted with their movements, illicit movement, & extremism.

trebillion: Harvey Weinstein’s Youngest Accuser Speaks Out Kaja Sokola was just 16 when she says the movie mogul attacked her.  They note Disney employed and paid the salaries of many of the people who helped facilitate Weinstein’s predatory behavior.

angeImaker: Do you think Harvey Weinstein slept in a garden bed?

Mike_from_PA: You forgot her former client Harvey Weinstein.

realtoriabrooke: Outspoken heiress Abigail Disney claimed in an interview with Rolling Stone that 'Harvey was an open secret' when Disney owned Weinstein's Miramax studio from 1993 to 2010.

tspencer322: It would help the cinema industry greatly if Hollywood celebrities would stop pushing weird agendas every six months. This is why the movies and Hollywood took a nosedive in the first place after Harvey Weinstein. We don't need you telling us to "eat bugs" or "how to vote".

redlianak: If criticizing and insulting Amber Heard is "targeted harassment", then criticizing Kevin Spacy, Harvey Weinstein, and Joss Whedon is also targeted harassment. There aren't separate rules based on gender. A jury found Weinstein guilty. A jury determined Heard lied. Same standard.

TheChelby: So when is Dan Schneider gonna get his Harvey Weinstein moment?

DerangedRadio: Harvey Weinstein’s Youngest Accuser Speaks Out

mrszainbrajpoot: Harvey Weinstein’s Youngest Alleged Victim Speaks Out

ZyiteGadgets: Harvey Weinstein And Chrysler Drop Cases Against Each Another Over Jeep Rollover Crash

RollingStone: “It was the company's car, chauffeur, the phones, the assistants, all of that,” Kaja Sokola says of her particular case. As for Disney’s complicity, she notes wryly: “Mickey Mouse stopped being the Mickey Mouse that [I loved].”

LawDog323E: Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton, and Harvey Weinstein. Birds of a feather.

LawDog323E: Harvey Weinstein with one of his best friends Matt Damon. Birds of a feather.

LawDog323E: Birds of a feather. Been Affleck, Harvey Weinstein and Matt Damon.

LawDog323E: Jennifer Lawrence with Harvey Weinstein. Hollywood’s God

LawDog323E: Let's see how things ended for Harvey Weinstein. ⚖️

ChuckRossDC: Cameo from Harvey Weinstein's fixer!

RollingStone: Kaja Sokola was just 16 when she says convicted rapist and ex-movie mogul Harvey Weinstein attacked her. The youngest known Weinstein accuser tells her story for the first time at length to Rolling Stone.

drivingdotca: Chrysler, Harvey Weinstein end dueling lawsuits over 2019 Jeep crash

LawDog323E: The Rolling Stones grew a set.

TheReal_KDubb: Harvey Weinstein’s Youngest Accuser Speaks Out

deseret_brat: remember when andrew tate was caught on video beating a woman w a belt and telling her to count her bruises. and then defended harvey weinstein. and then ran away to romania to escape 11 criminal charges in the U.K.

LawDog323E: Franco has been laying low until recently. Let's take a look at who James associates with. James Franco and Harvey Weinstein. How amazing huh?

NoahShachtman: NEW: Kaja Sokola was just 16 when she says Harvey Weinstein attacked her. Now, she’s suing him and his alleged enablers — and telling her story

lisatozzi: Kaja Sokola was just 16 when she says Harvey Weinstein attacked her. Now, she’s suing him and his alleged enablers — and telling her story

TabuVous: “you gotta earn my respect if you don’t want to be misgendered” - people who use the correct pronouns when referring to harvey weinstein and adolf hitler

politicalthinkr: He’s going to show up like Harvey Weinstein. On a Walker with O2 and frail. He knows he’s done.

breakleftbill: The studios and financial structuring of entertainment media should either be broken up or torn down. Out the contract and corrupt crime families. It’s not just Harvey Weinstein that’s nasty and corrupt. The whole town and industry are.

NOlympicsLA: It’s hard to imagine anyone slimier than Tom Barrack, who is another billionaire with direct ties to Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, and Michael Jackson

silkypatio1: Did anybody think of calling Harvey Weinstein diabetes dick or was that too far?

HKBelvedere: Imagine leaning into Harvey Weinstein. Only a guy like Micheal Moore would do this.

MaulofAmerica: "I'm going to make a documentary exposing Harvey Weinstein's horrible behavior toward women during the twenty years I personally knew him," George Clooney never said.

colettefahy_: “How long could Brad Pitt’s sh-t list possibly be if even Harvey f-cking Weinstein couldn’t make it on there?!”

kylefarq: If you want to defend eroding consent through coercion in a given situation, own that argument. But to obscure the coercer's responsibility is gaslighting. We'd have ample reason to disdain the machinations of Harvey Weinstein even if he'd never used physical violence.

KirbySommers: With the horrific car accident Anne Heche just had, leaving her on a ventilator & w/severe burns, I wonder how many other Harvey Weinstein victims continue to suffer. Heche, like others, would have been a top star. One of her most recent performances was Dancing w/the Stars.

temposkillz: Local Harvey Weinstein

hereiampt4578: this monster is quite literally the harvey weinstein of nickelodeon

Millie54992212: Unprecedented! Sure! What Pinocchio did was unprecedented! No other President has disrespected oaths like he has! This traitor needs to be in prison - cell mates Alex Jones, Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby

KirbySommers: David Boies is the same attorney who hired a group of former Mossad agents to terrify Rose McGowan, Ronan Farrow and any other woman who wanted to expose Harvey Weinstein. Boies even negotiated the NDA with Ambra Battilana Gutierrez in 2015 giving her $1 million to keep quiet.

QuelleVousNo2: Interested in learning how the entertainment industry is corrupt? Here is a great podcast about Harvey Weinstein's scandal and how far he's willing to go to cover up his crimes.

LukeRodriguez75: If they can do it to Harvey Weinstein, they can do it to you! That’s how this works, right?

CarloCielo: Harvey Weinstein is a liberal

elizaskinner: Remember, ladies - the standard of beauty many of us grew up with was literally set by Harvey Weinstein, and his type is “too weak to fight me off”.

moistegg: dan schneider needs to have a harvey weinstein moment where he goes to jail

RealDonalDrumpf: Al Capone, Bernie Madoff and Harvey Weinstein were all treated better than this!

Niahshortnsweet: Wonder if she feels that way about Harvey Weinstein movies

VirginaWoolf6: Fact is that Depp supported Roman Polsanki and Harvey Weinstein. He also is friends with a Nazi.

MissMe_X0: She would never mock the victims of Harvey Weinstein but is okay telling these jokes about R'Kellys underage victims.

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