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SomeB1tchIKnow: Remember when Randi Weingarten and Harvey Weinstein teamed up to "take down the NRA?" The L Archive does. lmao

maberrie: Predators like him are still lurking in Hollywood, in case people think it's all roses now with Harvey Weinstein in jail.

Oldglorycries: Why did Obama send his daughter to intern for Harvey Weinstein? Surely, the Secret Service knew all about Weinstein. Obama was in on the cover up.

G0THAMSS: Meryl streep calling Harvey Weinstein her "godfather"

AVirgil51: Zion in Shiksa-Land: Harvey Weinstein – First Major Jewish Pedophile Domino in the USA (Trump Revolution) PGSXXI1

Xx17965797N: Reminder‼️ 'HE HAS NO TESTICLES'  Harvey Weinstein’s genitals looked like they’d been amputated and sewn back on, model Lauren Marie Young tells trial

TheCharlesDowns: I will never forget Michelle Obama praising Harvey Weinstein with Whoopi Goldberg sitting in the background. Why did so many lame individuals get invited to the Obama White House?

DrAwesome_x: So by that same logic Ben Affleck is definitely just as bad as Harvey Weinstein, right?

The_Westernist: Hollywood rapists like Harvey Weinstein, Eric Weinberg, Roman Polanski and others aren't ethnic European Whites, like the vast majority of their victims. They are ethnic Jews. They promote the 'antisemitism' myth in film & TV, then commit antiwhite hate crimes.

ChilternsJane: The Harvey Weinstein strategy is active in US universities.

Darren_Mooney: It’s fascinating how Tom Wambsgans completely and immediately changed Matthew Macfadyen’s screen persona. It’s insane that he went from the lead of “Spooks” and Mr. Darcy to Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer and that wifeguy who cheated at “Who Wants to a Millionaire?”

2020Allegations: 1.

SusJokesAreGood: in 2005, after many disagreements with Disney, Bob & Harvey Weinstein left Miramax and founded The Weinstein Company. and they bought the rights to Dimension from Disney. however, Disney/Miramax would still own all Dimension releases from 1992 to 2005.

kishor_nr: Steve Hutensky, who helped secure NDAs with Harvey Weinstein’s victims, is an executive producer of a Binge series based on Mia Freedman’s memoir

DororoHawk: No clue why he's still dragging his ass on that when he blatantly knows Feige is a wannabe Harvey Weinstein that's easily manipulated by ego & clout chasing.

2020Allegations: 1.

WeeWheaton: Never, ever fails. Always remember, Harvey Weinstein was a diehard Democrat and loyal liberal. Women are never in more danger than when they're around "male feminists".

Toxic_Web: Could be worse... she could have pimped you to Harvey Weinstein...

LesiaLVD: I'm working on a doc right now that was translated by a professional agency, and they deemed this sentence "It is also important not to abuse personal meetings (even if they are online) as they require more time" ok. Stop harassing meetings please. Let Harvey Weinstein do that.

LawyersAnd: Joe Tapioca is looking very Harvey Weinstein. Wtf?

LadyJazzington: When Princess Mononoke was given to Miramax for English dubbing, sentient pile of shit Harvey Weinstein wanted go cut out scenes in order to secure a PG rating. In response, a Studio Ghibli producer sent him a katana with a note attached: "No cuts."

TheOrlandoFairb: Girl you're not Jada Pinkett Smith you're Harvey Weinstein

Ingorion: hear me out: a movie, starring Jared Leto, Gina Carano, Johnathan Majors, Steven Seagal, and Kevin Spacey. let Harvey Weinstein produce and Bryan Singer to direct. watch the box office explode

artisbrutal2021: "Farrow wrote the explosive article Harvey Weinstein’s Army of Spies for the New Yorker magazine in late 2017

garlichands: 50 women came out an accused Harvey Weinstein and 50 about Bill Cosby. People were still yelling it was a setup and claiming the women were liars or “wanted it”. So excuse me if I doubt any evidence produced about Jonathan Majors is enough for people who want to defend abusers

Deshola_a: Then had her Boyfriend, Anthony Bourdain, pay the victim almost 400k to stay silent, so she can go on her MeToo run and stay a victim in the eyes of the media, whole time she was just as evil as Harvey Weinstein

PunishedMach: WHy DoNt pEoPle CoMe fOrwARd sOOnEr I dunno. Ask Bill Cosby. Or Johnny Depp. Or Josh Whedon. Or Woody Allen. Or Harvey Weinstein. Or Deshaun Watson. Or Ezra Miller. Or T.I. and Tiny. Or Kodak Black. Or R Kelly. I can keep going.

sushiboyMEXICO: Think it’s a Harvey Weinstein flick no? If so, we know how

BiekerJosh: I have no desire to watch Leslie Headland’s The Acolyte. Mostly because she was Harvey Weinstein’s personal assistant. I’m pretty sure she knows more than a few things that went down during his reign over Hollywood. Lol

MrsBundrige: R. Kelly Kodak Black Bill Cosby Johnny Depp Harvey Weinstein OJ Kobe Russell Simmons Chad Johnson Chris Brown Etc. Etc. Etc.

kimho_au: It's 2023 and we're allowing a man who secured NDAs for two of Harvey Weinstein's victims to executive produce a major, female-centred TV series

LongestNameOnTw: It's not just insane how much Hollywood tried to bury the Harvey Weinstein accusations, but it's also insane how much they tried to bury the 2022 Hollywood movie "She Said" that's about Hollywood trying to bury the Harvey Weinstein accusations.

LibertyMutual8: Who remembers Issac Kappy who exposed Hollywood pedos? He said he wasn’t suicidal… John Podesta Jeffrey Epstein Prince Andrew Harvey Weinstein Seth Green James Gunn Dan Scheinder Steven Spielberg Tom Hanks Steven Colbert Jimmy Kimmel Barack Obama Kevin Spacey Kathy Griffin

barstoolsports: Here's The Wild Story Of How James Cameron Nearly Smashed Harvey Weinstein With One Of His 'Titanic' Oscar Statuettes

TheSportsZone__: barstoolsports: Here's The Wild Story Of How James Cameron Nearly Smashed Harvey Weinstein With One Of His 'Titanic' Oscar Statuettes

BraddJaffy: Wow, every word of this.

filmlamet: gwyneth paltrow is not above criticism but the way that a lot of people talk about her is very odd considering that she’s a victim of harvey weinstein.

frontlinepbs: Former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has been tried, convicted and sentenced to nearly four decades in prison on multiple charges in two jurisdictions and faces additional civil lawsuits.

thomasw540: Yeah, and Harvey Weinstein's convictions for rape should be annulled for violated his NDAs

SmokinDMT: I got that Harvey Weinstein rizz

GiftsMining: Pedophiles and traffickers arrested and charged under the Trump administration: Anthony Weiner, Allison Mack, Keith Raniere, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, George Nader, Clare Bronfman, Ed Buck, John of God, George Nader, Jean-Luc Brunel, and Ghislaine Maxwell.

blkn_initiative: Remember how Rose McGowan's home was surveilled by drones and she was intimidated and conned by ex Mossad agents after she exposed Harvey Weinstein and announced a book about her experience

realjimpiddock: When they came for Martha Stewart, I didn't think they were coming for me. When they came for OJ Simpson, I didn't think they were coming for me. When they came for Harvey Weinstein, I didn't think they were coming for me. So guess what I think when they come for Donald Trump?

gynocentral: Really? This is the worse crime you can think of? Not Harvey Weinstein raping women or Ezra Miller beating ppl huh? Interesting.

DoctorRamani: My podcast has a YouTube channel! You can watch today's episode now! Tormented by Harvey Weinstein | Navigating Narcissism with Dr. Ramani Season 2 - episode 2

HeadlessGal: If there ever was an undeserved Oscar, it's hers....however, it was Harvey Weinstein's campaign who ensured her win.

NewClear314: 4. 10/05/2017 Trump: "Calm before the storm" 10/05/2017 Harvey Weinstein allegations kick off "Metoo" movement leads to arrests/firings Notice it's put in context of decertifying the Iran Nuclear Deal.

PettyPetteePete: Harvey Weinstein ✅. RKelly✅ Kevin Samuels✅ DaBaby not being able to sell out a Honda Accord✅

ruggyscruggy: guillermo deltoro, harrison ford, wes anderson, martin scorsese are part of the 38 woody allen and harvey weinstein are also part of the 38 teehee

PamelaDayM: RIP, Erik. Throughout the many years we knew each other as box office reporter-source, we yelled, debated, laughed (your Harvey Weinstein imitation esp got me going). You were a larger-than-life-force, and I shall miss you beyond words.

Lilothestitch16: List of abusers (4/?) 28.Donald Trump 29.Bill O'Reilly 30.Marilyn Manson 31.Matt Lauer 32.Harvey Weinstein 33.Larry Nassar 34.Aydin Coban 35.Nick Carter 36.Drake Bell

SGmymindandme: who has forgiven harvey weinstein

2020Allegations: Harvey Weinstein. Time's Up Healthcare. Time's Up. How many others?

iamalexhawke: This is the same guy who defended OJ Simpson, Harvey Weinstein, and Jeffery Epstein.

JAG_805: Oprah pimping women to people like Harvey Weinstein

MarsStudio1970: Harvey Weinstein one of the most powerful people in Hollywood is in jail, internet darling Johnny Depp endured half a decade of court proceedings to prove he was innocent, and you think Justin Roiland can afford to bribe a judge and get away scot-free? Overnight? Even monetarily?

CrookedMarquee: “It’s unfortunate that when people think of scandalous Academy Award ceremonies, they think of what happened last year with you-know-what,” Craig D. Lindsey writes, “and not about those two-and-a-half-decades of Harvey Weinstein straight-jacking Oscars.”

MKUltraMoney: What if we combined Harvey Weinstein and Jeffery Epstein

Super_Grover: PBS is covering the full spectrum of Good to Evil tonight. Anthony Fauci to Harvey Weinstein.

frontlinepbs: Former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has been tried, convicted and sentenced to nearly four decades in prison on multiple charges in two jurisdictions and faces additional civil lawsuits.

hshLauraJ: Mike Obama thanking that Wonderful,Kind Humanitarian -Harvey Weinstein!!!

PamBowling7: Let's not forget the connection between Chelsey Clinton and Harvey Weinstein to the tune of $250K he gave to the Clinton Foundation.

clutchkilroy: Damn, Harvey Weinstein produced 'David the Gnome' too. Smh.

channelnf: Asif Kapadia on Why He Focused on Documentaries After Harvey Weinstein ‘Killed’ ‘The Warrior’

ye4us: America be like “children can’t work to help support their families unless it’s for Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood.”

gothspiderbitch: There’s a million reasons to hate Harvey Weinstein but the fact that he had the Wayans brothers pitch Scary Movie 3, only offered to pay them their rates from the first film, and then stole the concept when they declined and made it with another company behind their backs is FOUL

HalSparks: “wow if they are going after Harvey Weinstein this hard, his movies must be too good!” “Jeffrey Epstein must be a financial genius if the establishment is going after him this hard!” “The Pigs hate Charlie because Charlie speaks the truth”

soanneoying: I think an Oscar winner next year should thank Harvey Weinstein in their speech in a return to tradition

Clark_Addison: *sips latte* *background laughter* “So what’s this about? Harvey Weinstein’s semen melts steel beams?” “Well they don’t know, because they couldn’t collect enough for a sample, after 73 attempts.” “Or so they say, eh? EH? *background laughter* “Ah! Let’s talk Kardashian now!”

syd_viciously: Remember when all that stuff about Harvey Weinstein started coming out and his response was that he would take down the NRA?

mamasaidenough: Lisa Bloom represented Harvey Weinstein….

MarinaATDSBot: Harvey Weinstein's gone to jail⁣⁣⁣ Me Too went on to unveil⁣⁣⁣ Truth and all its glory⁣⁣ ⁣ The ending of a story

BroBible: "I did defend Guillermo [del Toro] and I called Harvey on his bulls**t, and then he got very loud and verbally abusive and almost potentially physically violent."

GreenlightStra2: Born today: Chicago Cardinal Blase J. Cupich And Disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein

botbeland: every day, another job opportunities. Let them boys around with Harvey Weinstein,

BroBible: If only

Prolotario1: One thing none of the guest liked was Harvey Weinstein molesting the prey which was against the rules. Will & Tom approached Weinstein about his predatory proclivities towards the young children and they threatened bodily harm and expulsion from the club.

CBR: James Cameron recounts how he almost hit Harvey Weinstein with an Academy Award. "I called Harvey on his bullshit and then he got very loud and verbally abusive and almost potentially physically violent. And he was about to get clocked by an Oscar..."

RufusTSuperfly: Continuing to enjoy stories about James Cameron’s close friendship with Guillermo del Toro, especially when it involves Harvey ‘Scissorhands’ Weinstein nearly getting brained by an Oscar statuette for Best Editing…

Kenneth97748083: Amazon Stock / Eating Crap. Why does Jeff Bezos fly girls for Harvey Weinstein? Just curious.. Did he offer her some Octopus that he eats daily because his micro p?

electrocbounce: Why James Cameron Almost Hit Harvey Weinstein,

natienoizy: ive noticed the new genre of storytelling, especially the last year or so, where the most passive and out of touch people on the planet tell blatant lies about how close they came to murdering harvey weinstein

somebadideas: Holy shit James Cameron says he almost clobbered Harvey Weinstein with an Oscar during a brawl over what he’d done to his friend - Guillermo del Toro - at the 1998 Oscars

erik_simp: I am so disconnected from the world of entertainment that just today I learned that Salma was a victim of Harvey Weinstein

Ziggyzoo00: What is modern feminism Harvey Weinstein Defense Lawyer Asks Newsom’s Wife to Fake Orgasm in Court

CrazySellGo: You'd get a kick out of Harvey Weinstein.

fix_newspeak: No Lawyers Want To Represent Harvey Weinstein for Remainder of Legal Woes

LatestWorldNew8: Prominent Attorneys Allegedly Dodging Harvey Weinstein

ShokXoneStudios: "James Cameron nearly clocked Harvey Weinstein with an Oscar over his treatment of Guillermo del Toro" is far more worthy of living on in memory than the Will Smith slap.

Ash_Ketchum132: Man literally worked with Harvey Weinstein lmao

Phil_Gwilliam: This epic battle would have been 3 hours long with them both in motion capture suits... James Cameron Says He Nearly 'Clocked' Harvey Weinstein With An Oscar Over Guillermo Del Toro Treatment

realJacobAirey: "Waaah, waaah!!!! I made million of dollars so I could drunk with Harvey Weinstein but was AWFUL!!!" LOL

thirstyfornews: Harvey Weinstein Struggling To Find Lawyers For Remaining Legal Cases

BradTakei: Would've paid to see that.

48hours: Weinstein attorney Jacqueline Sparagna said he maintains his innocence of the charges.

juliechen: lala kent needs to stay out of grown womens business and worry about that harvey weinstein jr baby daddy of hers .. LITTLE GIRL

VozMediaUSA: The former Hollywood film producer is currently serving a 39-year prison sentence for two rapes committed in Los Angeles and New York.

LewisRourke7: His wife and her boyfriend Harvey Weinstein had money in there what do you think of that Gavin newson

Prolotario1: Harvey Weinstein noticed Bourdain and he wanted him to personally cook his meal. So he asked the manager can Bourdain cook & serve his meal. Anthony had no issues with this request. Weinstein was a known big tipper and Bourdain needed the money. Win-Win for both parties.

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