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Harold Edward Monro Harold Edward Monro (14 March 1879 – 16 March 1932) was an English poet born in Brussels and proprietor of the Poetry Bookshop in London, which helped many poets bring their work before the public.

Life and career Monro was born at 137 chaussée de Charleroi, Saint-Gilles/St Gillis, Brussels, on 14 March 1879, as the youngest of three surviving chi...
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Harold Monro Poems

  • Thistledown
    This might have been a place for sleep,
    But, as from that small hollow there
    Hosts of bright thistledown begin
    Their dazzling journey through the air, ...
  • Real Property
    Tell me about that harvest field.
    Oh! Fifty acres of living bread.
    The colour has painted itself in my heart;
    The form is patterned in my head. ...
  • Living
    Slow bleak awakening from the morning dream
    Brings me in contact with the sudden day.
    I am alive â?? this I.
    I let my fingers move along my body. ...
  • Suburb
    Dull and hard the low wind creaks
    Among the rustling pampas plumes.
    Drearily the year consumes
    Its fifty-two insipid weeks. ...
  • Man Carrying Bale
    The tough hand closes gently on the load;
    Out of the mind, a voice
    Calls 'Lift!' and the arms, remembering well their work,
    Lengthen and pause for help. ...
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  • Fordmadoxfordie: ‘i have got something else in my head, but i like a month or so to fiddle away at things and make them look really careless.’ —ford promises a poem to harold monro, in a letter of 9 june 1920
  • Fordmadoxfordie: ‘of course i am a poet: only, as i once wrote in a poem i never published: “when other bards sing mortal loud, like swearing, like poor dan robin, grateful for your crumb, if the wind lulls i try to get a hearing.”’ ford publishes a poem in a letter to harold monro, 30 may 1920
  • Hptuition: we asked our tutors to identify one poem that means a lot to them personally… former primary school teacher and hpe tutor tom shares his. ‘overheard on a saltmarsh’ by harold monro. to find out more about our tutors please click here:
  • O_franco_aleman: harold monro
  • Plastic_bio: o cool glad pasture; living tree, tall corn,great cliff, or languid sloping sand, cold sea,waves: river curving; you, eternal flowers,give me content, while i can think of you:give me your living breath!back to your rampart, death! - harold monro
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