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HarumiIkeda10: Even Anne Frank in Amsterdam was founded by Napoleon. Because of this Jewish Queen may die if other French refugee were found by German.

RadioGenova: Two million French in Paris to oust Macron who deploys 15,000 police officers to repress protests.

ricwe123: Necessity is always the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants.... (French policeforce in full swing)

boneysoups: It’s easy to empathize with Marie because details of her life are readily available and often romanticized. it’s harder to empathize with millions of French women and girls, her contemporaries, who were ground into the dirt and whose names and stories we won’t ever know.

Voegizug: 2/3 Tracklist: 00:00 Frank and Jesse James 04:33 Mama Couldn't Be Pursuaded 07:26 Backs Turned Looking Down the Path 09:53 Hasten Down the Wind 12:51 Poor Poor Pitiful Me 15:55 The French Inhaler 19:39 Mohammed's Radio 23:19 I'II Sleep When I'm Dead 26:15 Carmelita

sumlenny: Few understand Russia. Most of these few are Ukrainians, Estonians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Poles, or Czechs. Almost none of these few are Germans, French, or else. Those Germans etc who studied only Russia, don’t understand Russia at all, even if they are professors etc.…

TakoyTy: Craving french fries with grilled sauerkraut on top and Frank’s red hot sauce, miss working in a diner, this would be one eyelash bat away…

lor_lor_lor_: btw idk why but frank just reminds me of that french men i met in paris so much??? even that “a flash of his younger self” thing hmm

BigSurfDon: “Ah nuts! It’s boring reading French newspapers in New York as if I were a Colonial waiting for my gin” ~Frank O’Hara, Les Luths

BladeoftheS: This is Lord Rothermere the Daily Mail Owner. He lives in a mansion in Monaco, he pays tax in France and identifies as French. The Daily Mail is registered in Bermuda and it pays no tax anywhere. That is his ‘Patriotism’.

GraphicW5: Ukraine is quoted to use 5000 to 6000 155mm shells a day. What good is 2000 a month going to them. It isn't even a full day of shells... France intends to increase the supply of 155 mm shells to Kyiv, French Minister of the Armed Forces Sebastien Lecornu said in an interview…

its_maria012: New protests against the pension reform have begun in major French cities. Barricades are burning in Rennes and Guingand, workers have blocked the railroad tracks of the Gare de Lyon, and they are demonstrating on the square in Marseille.

Guerlain: Combining peerless savoir-faire with a pioneering approach to the art of wellness, the Guerlain Institut at 68, Avenue des Champs-Élysées embodies French art de vivre as only Guerlain can.​ Originally designed in the sumptuous Art Deco style by Jean-Michel Frank, with artwork…

BillGates: More than a century before computers were even invented, Ada Lovelace became the world’s first computer programmer.

0xgaut: the french before and after you tell them they will have to work an extra 2 years

ToyHok: These French people just love their president, don't they?

EddieDelange1: France etymology is frank = FREE. Are you getting why the French fight so hard against tyranny. THEY NAMED THEIR COUNTRY FREE. THEY ARE SETTING THE TONE FOR THE WORLD. FREE

sahouraxo: French voices rise in opposition to NATO today in Paris, but where is Western media? The sound of silence is deafening. "Biden, we don't want your war!"

Stef_Frank: Lol I will never understand french people

cqd_sos: To be frank, since then, I have this suspicion that we can't really entrust the French with all the good stuff that's standing on their land, and rely on them taking care of it responsibly.

GonzaloLira1968: Notice the ethnicity of the French protesters. I have said before, I believe that the real powder keg of social unrest in Europe is the immigrants from Africa and the Third World. They were promised a land of milk and honey—but now Europe is going broke.

BubblesToBurst: This is what a workers’ revolution looks like. The French citizenry know their strength is in numbers and taking to the streets en masse.

ricwe123: The French know when to call time on faux democracy that ignores the will of the people....

actualadultjd: Let's be frank: Macron needs to sit down. We know what the French do with the rich.

718Ricardo: Having french fries and frank with Heinz tomato ketchup and is slamming.

Trollstoy88: Maria Zakharova: "When will Macron start supplying weapons to French citizens to maintain the country's democracy and sovereignty?"

leithliterary: Imagine Frank Reynolds with a bad French accent. Zo eniweh, I started blas-TEENG!

nguyenbryan2016: Holy s***. People still talk about the French Laundry topic? Oh, come on now. That's three years ago. How did your recall election work out for you Frank? By the way, he's not a captain. He's a governor.

Frank_McG: French citizens who oppose the increase in the retirement age hold nightly protests marked by vandalism, and say it is the only way to make their voices heard.

thatdayin1992: You have to give it to the French though. They sure know how to protest. This is Le Havre, France.

HadiNasrallah: French protesters are burning down city halls. Similar footages in Syria, Iran, Russia or China would’ve been broadcasted 24/7 on western media with calls for regime change and military intervention.

KejiaJura: "During interviews at his home in the Wiltshire countryside, Naipaul could be astonishingly frank. He told Mr. French that during a fit of jealousy, he beat Gooding over the course of two days, to the point that “she couldn’t really appear in public.” Reflecting on Pat’s death

russembkenya: Have you heard anything about more than a million of French people protesting against their government?

Frank_Stones: “China looks forward to France and other European countries to also play their due role,” Wang told Emmanuel Bonne, a diplomatic advisor to the French president, in a phone call Thursday.

fasc1nate: A French artist in Lyon called "the Pavement Surgeon" repairs sidewalks with colorful mosaics.

unusual_whales: The French President has raised the pension age from 62 to 64 without a vote. The citizens have been protesting. For example:

bennyjohnson: The sum of all fears for globalist technocrats is happening RIGHT NOW in France. The French firefighters and riot police have now JOINED the protesters to stand against tyrant World Economic Forum muppet Emanuel Macron. Globalists on life support. Coming to your city soon…

ricwe123: The French demonstrators sing the Russian protest song "Katyusha" The song symbolized the resistance against the Nazi,'s...

FCTwenteBenson: Young French people dragging out guillotines over something that won't affect them for 40 years. You'd wonder what they'd do over the ending of an eviction ban affecting them next week?

thatdayin1992: The level of police brutality in France is beyond shame. Why is western media silent on this? French police violently beat up protesters.

GraphicW5: Things are still cooking in French cities even in the morning. The city is full of smoke from all the fires.

mbinglogilles: Having a frank talk on the constraints of collaboration between Journalists and Medical Doctors. Available on the sisterspeak237 website in English and French.*

SeanMcCarthyCom: If you’re American you should absolutely be hoping the French protestors succeed because if they raise the retirement age to 64 in France they’re raising it to 70 here

KimDotcom: Over a million protesters call for “Macron the Dictator” to be removed. Why? Macron used an emergency law to impose reform without input from the Senate / Parliament. Macron used this tool 11 times in a year. The French are fed up with this abuse of power.

AfricaFactsZone: Africa's Best President Ever In 4 years, Thomas Sankara Built 350 schools, roads, railways without foreign aid Increased the literacy rate by 60% Banned forced marriages Gave poor people land Vaccinated 2.5 million kids Planted 10 million trees Stopped French imperialism

ronin19217435: French fishermen: Tractor vs water cannon

monde_singulier: Jean-Michel Frank, regarded as the undeniable mastermind of Modernism French design, is most remembered for his elegant, minimalist aesthetic.

thatdayin1992: It seems that brutally attacking peaceful protesters is part of the West's "democratic values" these days. French police brutally attack protesters.


mazzenilsson: Blockades of Toulouse and Chambéry's beltways this morning by French freedom protests.

TariqApollo: The real Frank Abagnale Jr. appears in Catch Me If You Can as the French policeman who arrests Leo!

realstewpeters: Celine Dion exposed for taking adrenochrome LIVE on French TV.

RobertaEaton17: murray river (time)

thepopquote: frank ocean / chanel

FairfaxRfx: Now Playing French Foreign Legion by Frank Sinatra on Simply Sinatra

2econd_crossing: "During the crossing of the Elbe by boat, Khrapovitsky had his eyes blindfolded with a handkerchief...He was led by the arm to the quarters of the French general and the negotiation process began," wrote Davydov. Durutte, Frank, and Lecoq were at the negotiation table.

RandomNovember: Nothing gets me more excited like French Scout songs they make me feel like a great & ancient medieval Frank lord/ knight (I am a Middle Eastern girl)

thatdayin1992: Why is western media silent on police brutality in France? French police violently beat up protesters.

chelsEdoll: French n Frank are the best of friends. I wish dogs could live forever.

IASIPPlotBot: Frank executes the french revolution

Frank_McG: today 1907: Canadian novelist Hugh MacLennan is born in Glace Bay, N.S. He won the Governor General's award three times for fiction and twice for non-fiction. He is perhaps best known for his 1945 novel Two Solitudes, which explores English-French tensions in Quebec.

LeslynLewis: On this International Francophonie Day, we celebrate the beautiful French populations across Canada, who add to the deeply vibrant culture of our country, linguistically and otherwise.

NormanGYoung: The ideology of Frank Zappa in 1986 and David French in 2023 are virtually indistinguishable.

Slauts1: Mr French & Frank >

MasterFo2012: Freedom French Fries Frank!!! Getn 3s n Stops!!

Slauts1: REST IN PEACE Frank Costello Billy Costigan Mr French Captain Queenan I have tears in my eyes!

lvnarboymusic: frank ocean: “wish I was there, wish we’d grown up on the same advice” me:

travelweekly: business:pm top stories • Frank Del Rio to step down as head of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings • Ryanair starts petition against French air traffic control strikes • Club Med to undergo rebrand • Premier Holidays appoints product manager Subscribe:

RueDaungier: PARIS BURNING: “We beheaded Louis XVI and we can do it again with Macron,” chant protesters at the Place de La Concorde in Paris, where the King was guillotined during the French Revolution.

0xgaut: people hate how little it takes to keep french people happy: - monthly strikes - cigarettes - 3 months vacation a year - yelling at american tourists - 400 types of cheeses - free healthcare and education - endless job security

AuschwitzMuseum: 20 March 1933 | A French Jewish girl, Freda Rojzner, was born in Paris. She was deported to Auschwitz in February 1944 and murdered in a gas chamber.

MikeSington: “I’m a captain.” Police Captain James French with the Oklahoma City Police Department is arrested for drunk driving. Three times he whispers to the arresting officer, “turn your camera off”.

Voegizug: Monk Quintet VL

nickbreezus: You heard it here first folks Mountain Dew is sizzling alien jizzum Mountain Dew and hotdogs is THE recipe for a real Frank Tanana kinda afternoon in Trenton with two french tips and a pocket full of bad advice

Britain_People: FRENCH government is on brink of COLLAPSE because it's raising age of retirement to 64: • In the UK, the age of retirement is rising to 68 & there isn’t so much as a murmur RETWEET if you think we should be protesting. Disclaimer: That is civil & peaceful protest

DanielJMath1: Just a reminder that the French are out in the streets because of a raise in pension age by 2 years. Meanwhile in the UK…

TheThe1776: Violent protests in France over French President Emmanuel Macron's push to raise the retirement age without a vote in the National Assembly.

AfricaFactsZone: Morocco generated $8 billion from tourism in the first 11 months of 2022. Marrakech, Morocco was the most popular tourist destination for French tourists in 2021 and 2022 according to data from search engine, Liligo.

torriangray: I’m no fan of French, I think he’s often naive on purpose, but let’s be frank here: he would beat this sack of rancid pudding with his own shoes.

WarMonitors: ⚡️A number of AMX-10RC have arrived in Ukraine — French MoD

ggb4christ_fan1: i can’t believe frank ocean put a cheating french man in my ear

stevenchase: Landmark 2021 report from French think tank put it well: "The problem, according to historian Frank Dikötter, is the 'Chinese Communist Party remains, structurally, a Leninist one-party state that tries to undermine anything and everything opposed to it at home and abroad'.”

s_m_marandi: The video reveals how Iranians despise their corrupt regime. However, it's not quite clear why they all speak in French or why the Eiffel Tower appears in the background.

LarsHano: more french restaurants and the first presidential debate will follow the schedule outlined by the commission on presidential debates as long as Kenny and Frank and Janet and the rest of the gang stays here in the united states and yet more to be said later on in the dais.

musictakesbot: Frank Ocean in essence, is French crooners for people who think MF Doom is good

josephs82020552: Why the banking criss? Proximate reasons: 1. Republicans eviscerated the Dodd-Frank restrictions 2. Tech spent like crazy 3. The crypto collapse. Basic reason: Wealth disparity. It's worse now than in 1929. It always causes economic calamity. It caused the French revolution.

malmagnifico: Why the banking criss? Proximate reasons: 1. Republicans eviscerated the Dodd-Frank restrictions 2. Tech spent like crazy 3. The crypto collapse. Basic reason: Wealth disparity. It's worse now than in 1929. It always causes economic calamity. It caused the French revolution.

thatdayin1992: "Western values'' at their best in Josep Borrell's European garden. French police violently beat up protesters.

EuromaidanPress: French Minister of the Armed Forces Sébastien Lecornu, said that the AMX-10 RC reconnaissance armored vehicles “have just arrived in Ukraine” - Le Figaro "Some have already gone to the front line," he said, not specifying the number of vehicles delivered

TheMarvel91: today I learnt that Frank Sinatra bought 'My Way' from a french artist. The french version is brilliant

CFCdruw: Wesley Fofana is the best French center-back in world football

Frank__Grand: We? Y’all Niggas speaking French now?

Schopppe: Why didn’t the French guy from that one Frank Ocean song not just add his girlfriend on Facebook?

MHartleyJones: “In total, on a very quiet day, I wasted four hours waiting in queues at the UK and French customs offices. A trip that would, pre-Brexit, have been easily achievable in one day now requires three days to account for the unquantifiable queues at each of the four customs offices.”

NewVoiceUkraine: Auchan claims that it is not opening new retail space in Russia and has no plans to increase the number of stores in the country.

DailyLoud: French Montana & Rubi Rose on a date in Beverly Hills

Frank_A_Quiller: The French have just sold him a bridge

corporal_frank: BS what persecution? how do you know they are fleeing anything other than ‘fleeing’ to benefits and hotels as opposed to French tents? The great majority are economic chancers

thatdayin1992: "Western values" are again on full display. French police violently beat up protesters.

SanderRegter: French ex-deputy commander of NATO forces in Europe, General Michel Yakovleff: NATO needs to prepare for the collapse of Russia. Yakovleff says the collapse of Russia is inevitable and will be much bloodier than the collapse of the USSR.

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