It’s what makes the hummingbirds sing
It’s what makes that the inner core of my being grow wings
Grow wings yes and fly to heights never before discovered
Bask in feelings so intense that nothing, no one else mattered
You see it takes over every part of your being
Your warm disposition sends all negative forces packing up and fleeing
You are on a different planet your own planet better yet your own world
All things you once took for granted at this moment , your moment,feels like real gold
Your moment? yes it makes you feel like you are in full control
Control? Yes Your heart, your mind maybe even your soul
Your ear drums stop beating to negative sounds
Reality and common sense disintegrates , it’s remnants hits the ground
It changes you you see and under it’s spell even the rough and tough melt like margarine on a hot summer day
It makes even the hardened criminal look at his next victim and walk away
Once you are in its talons, like Rick Ross it is the Boss
To understand it’s real power it took the creator from his heavenly throne to die for all of us
So even amidst the dark cruel world we see
It is living among us revealing itself in you and me
And whether it is from the lowest valley or the skies up above
Never estimate the unyielding power of the thing called love.