The Gypsy And The Wind Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Playing her parchment moonA
Precosia comesB
along a watery path of laurels and crystal lightsC
The starless silence fleeingD
from her rhythmic tambourineE
falls where the sea whips and singsF
his night filled with silvery swarmsG
High atop the mountain peaksH
the sentinels are weepingD
they guard the tall white towersI
of the English consulateJ
And gypsies of the waterK
for their pleasure erectL
little castles of conch shellsM
and arbors of greening pineN
Playing her parchment moonA
Precosia comesB
The wind sees her and risesO
the wind that never slumbersO
Naked Saint Christopher swellsO
watching the girl as he playsO
with tongues of celestial bellsO
on an invisible bagpipeP
Gypsy let me lift your skirtQ
and have a look at youR
Open in my ancient fingersO
the blue rose of your wombS
Precosia throws the tambourineE
and runs away in terrorK
But the virile wind pursues herK
with his breathing and burning swordT
The sea darkens and roarsO
while the olive trees turn paleU
The flutes of darkness soundV
and a muted gong of the snowW
Precosia run PrecosiaX
Or the green wind will catch youR
Precosia run PrecosiaX
And look how fast he comesO
A satyr of low born starsO
with their long and glistening tonguesO
Precosia filled with fearY
now makes her way to that houseO
beyond the tall green pinesO
where the English consul livesO
Alarmed by the anguished criesO
three riflemen come runningD
their black capes tightly drawnZ
and berets down over their browA2
The Englishman gives the gypsyO
a glass of tepid milkB2
and a shot of Holland ginC2
which Precosia does not drinkD2
And while she tells them weepingD
of her strange adventureK
the wind furiously gnashesO
against the slate roof tilesO

Federico Garca-a Lorca


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