The Faithless Wife Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


So I took her to the riverA
believing she was a maidenB
but she already had a husbandC
It was on St James nightD
and almost as if I was obliged toE
The lanterns went outF
and the crickets lighted upG
In the farthest street cornersH
I touched her sleeping breastsI
and they opened to me suddenlyJ
like spikes of hyacinthK
The starch of her petticoatL
sounded in my earsM
like a piece of silkN
rent by ten knivesO
Without silver light on their foliageP
the trees had grown largerA
and a horizon of dogsQ
barked very far from the riverA
Past the blackberriesR
the reeds and the hawthorneS
underneath her cluster of hairT
I made a hollow in the earthU
I took off my tieV
she too off her dressW
I my belt with the revolverA
She her four bodicesX
Nor nard nor mother o pearlY
have skin so fineZ
nor does glass with silverA
shine with such brillianceA2
Her thighs slipped away from meJ
like startled fishB2
half full of fireA
half full of coldC2
That night I ranD2
on the best of roadsE2
mounted on a nacre mareT
without bridle stirrupsF2
As a man I won t repeatG2
the things she said to meJ
The light of understandingH2
has made me more discreetG2
Smeared with sand and kissesI2
I took her away from the riverA
The swords of the liliesR
battled with the airT
I behaved like what I amJ2
like a proper gypsyJ
I gave her a large sewing basketK2
of straw colored satinB
but I did not fall in loveL2
for although she had a husbandC
she told me she was a maidenB
when I took her to the riverA

Federico Garca-a Lorca


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