Gacela Of The Dead Child Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Each afternoon in GranadaA
each afternoon a child diesB
Each afternoon the water sits downC
and chats with its companionsD
The dead wear mossy wingsE
The cloudy wind and the clear windF
are two pheasants in flight through the towersG
and the day is a wounded boyH
Not a flicker of lark was left in the airI
when I met you in the caverns of wineJ
Not the crumb of a cloud was left in the groundK
when you were drowned in the riverL
A giant of water fell down over the hillsM
and the valley was tumbling with lilies and dogsN
In my hands' violet shadow your bodyO
dead on the bank was an angel of coldnessP

Federico Garca-a Lorca


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