Ballad Of The Moon Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


i translated by Will Kirkland iA
The moon came into the forgeB
in her bustle of flowering nardC
The little boy stares at her staresD
The boy is staring hardC
In the shaken airE
the moon moves her amrsD
and shows lubricious and pureF
her breasts of hard tinG
Moon moon moon runH
If the gypsies comeI
they will use your heartJ
to make white necklaces and ringsD
Let me dance my little oneH
When the gypsies comeI
they'll find you on the anvilK
with your lively eyes closed tightL
Moon moon moon runH
I can feelheir horses comeI
Let me be my little oneH
don't step on me all starched and whiteL
Closer comes the the horsemanH
drumming on the plainM
The boy is in the forgeB
his eyes are closedN
Through the olive groveO
come the gypsies dream and bronzeD
their heads held highA
their hooded eyesD
Oh how the night owl callsD
calling calling from its treeP
The moon is climbing through the skyA
with the child by the handQ
They are crying in the forgeB
all the gypsies shouting cryingR
The air is veiwing all views allS
The air is at the viewingR

Federico Garca-a Lorca


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