I’ve been stuck in a prison
An illusion that freedom was taken
Choices were too grand and unimaginable
I was driven by bad thoughts
Fear, fear of self-harm
Loving myself truly unheard of
I swear, I know the tips and tools
Unable to work with them without feeling like a fool

I’ve created my own boundaries
Protection from wild animals in my mind
Realized, they are so unnecessary
In hindsight, I was truly kind
I am made of diamonds and pearls
Every touch, become so velvety
Gold reflection bounce from my curls
Am I truly royalty?

Hard to believe my opinions
Programmed to question my surroundings
Every thought, lethal as a sting of scorpions
Disturbing thoughts creep in my head
I’m not sure what to believe
If only I can press reset
Restart to appreciate my achievements
Know the difference between overthinking and reality

Complexity is life's best friend
I’ve taken you too seriously
Estimation, calculation will never end
Believe things work out differently
This guy is not chasing me
Only choices and randomness becomes reality
Allow yourself to demand happiness
Not because I am deserving of it
But because I’ve put my sweat and tears to be where I am today