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  • Don't Worry
    As you rise today morning
    The sun too will rise to
    As a warning
  • In A Time
    Ohh! sheets so warm
    Everything else comfortable
    Let the eye lids shut
    To open to a beautiful world ...
  • Irreplaceable
    Shall I compare you my friend
    With a flower:
    You would smell better than a rose
    From you, one drop of honey ...
  • Miss You
    I speak of a friend
    Who I can't detaste
    Life's upbringing of me
    I found someone to turn to for comfort ...
  • For You
    Let the clouds clear the sky
    And the sun to shine soon
    With all of earth breathing
    into a new day ...
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[email protected]: Nice poems
Amyner kuya: I really love ur poems so much they bring a great feeling

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