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Ezea Ikenna precious is a graduate of pharmacy from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He hails from Nsukka in Enugu state, Nigeria. He has flare for writing, reading and teaching....
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Ezea Ikenna Precious Poems

  • The Ugly Politics Of Love
    Love was once a natural inclination
    For something
    Lately this innate urge has been sent
    To the grave of lusts ...
  • The Burden Of Freedom
    The society kissed freedom
    And turned free orchard
    Deliquency takes hold
    Children know no norms ...
  • The Agony Of The Powerless
    The Society is a slave to the
    And a tormentor to the Powerless
    The Powerless dine and wine in agony ...
  • The African Child
    A stranger in his mother land
    In search of the meaning of life
    But to no avail
  • The African Child
    A stranger in his motherland
    In search of the meaning of life
    But to no avail
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  • Keeping wrong company is the greatest source of frustration.
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Nkemjika Chisom ogechi: Amazingly beautiful. More wins dear

Ezeah Monday: Surely
Associating with friendly foe is a huge disaster
Ezeah Monday: This is really instructive and didactic
It depicts the paradox of life
Pharm. Nestor: Pharmacist Ezea Ikenna is a great guy. Super intelligent and very creative.

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